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Time Released Mass Gainer Formula With Complex Carbohydrates!

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I must say that I've only had this product for 5 days and can't wait till I finish it so I can revert to the product I usually use. The reason I say this is because the taste is awful and mixability is very, very poor. As for results, I can't comment as I haven't been using for long.

worst protein i ever used ... it will *** ur digestive system ... neva use it ... i just used tht **** 1 week then my digestive and bloating problem started now its almost 4 moth my treatment is going on but still i have digestive and bloating problem becuz of tht bullshitt ISO MASS .. becarefull guys... and pray for my digestive and bloating problem :(( thnx

lukefields24's Rating

I gained 10lbs by using this product. I know others who gained up to 16lbs! The chocolate mile flavor is kind of nasty though. Tastes like old nasty brownie batter. If you buy this get the vanilla, I heard its not as bad. If you can stomach it, then it will work great!

This is the best supplement have had yet for results. Doesn't mix that well, but is still pretty good.

Been on my 3rd tub of this protein and is basically the only one who pushes this ectomorph to gain some weight. I trully recommend it. Imo i prefer chocolate flavor which i believe ,it is very underrated based on vanilla flavor. THIS PROTEIN DOES THE JOB!!

Probably the greatest mass gainer on the market.

moneyteamlouis's Rating

i started taking this product 2 weeks ago and i gain 6 pounds and the taste is great.

Don't offer better result compare to other cheaper mass gainers and completely immiscible even when mixing one scoop with 600ml of water. Extremely sweet and make me bloated.

1st of all, the gainer is pure great, what i really hate is the flavour. oh come on guys, its a "you-must-drink-everyday" stuff and its tasted like sh**...?? i prefer truemass for the flavour, its really like difference between heaven and hell my comments for other users who also tried the strawberry taste. lol: hahaha 100% agree the strawberry one taste like real sh** . i just came here to read others opinion and not only me then LOL. i even give it to my friend i couldnt drink it no more

Gangstalips's Rating

AWESOME. Best stuff ive ever used, hands down. The key is that its fish protein (read the ingredients). It sounds nasty, and it does taste a tiny bit funky, but buy it and drink it fast and youll see that its worth it. Its amazing stuff. Imagine being able to drink a bunch of tuna and salmon, but with a pretty good taste...thats this stuff. Best gainer out there!

paxtonoglesby's Rating

I took this product for the caloric surplus required to be at a pass-rushing defensive weight at my college (Carson-Newman #16 in the country D2). I originally was taking BSN's True Mass but ran out and had to keep the surplus going as the workload was just overbearing to the normal, or even natural bodybuilding diet. (I was bodybuilding before and after football.) As far as the overall results, I would say that this product definetly does it's job very well and efficiently. It keeps your calories high, and the creatine keeps you topped off and saturated (I would think.) I gained 15lbs in my 3 months taking it (fighting against INTENSE HIIT training every other day paired with Olympic full body lifts 3 times a week). Very high-end results. The issue with this gainer is the taste. While I am concerned with results first, I feel as if I dreaded drinking my shake. I use to drink true mass and feel like I was drinking Ice cream. The smell is very similar to dry wall. The mixing of this takes a lot of effort, and if I am to pay this amount, id like the best of both worlds. OVERALL: if you don't mind drinking chalk to make some serious gains, GO FOR IT. If you want to get married to this product to drink daily, prepare to dread dealing with it. Hope this helps and good luck on your continued gains in the weight room and/or in the sport.

High protein gainer. Excellent product with awesome taste if fresh mixed! I recommend it.

I love this stuff. I love the flavor, not fishy for me!

Ramichm did not leave a written review for this product.

I love this product! I've experimented with a lot of different proteins and this one takes Gold for sure! When using Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer I was RARELY sore and I packed on mass very quickly. But even more importantly to me, I grew stronger! And, not a little stronger, but I was hitting PRs on a regular basis. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to grow and grow stronger.

E4Electric94's Rating

Product is great. Has everything you want in a protein and has 7 different types of creatine as well as good essential vitamins that are a bonus. You're paying for quality, the taste is just a bonus. Tastes and mixes fine with cold water or skim milk. Has given good lean muscle gains, nearly finished my first container and will probably buy again.

dustin31995's Rating

I have used 6 10lb tubs so far and can truly say it's been a staple in my diet. This isn't just a weight gainer, it's a stack. It's a multi-vitamin, creatine source, CLA/omega-3 source, N.O precursor supplement, ontop of having a well rounded protein and carb profile. Keep in mind each serving is about 60g of protein (20 per scoop), it has 30 servings (90 scoops). That's comparable to most protein supplements alone, without adding in the cost of creatine, multi-vitamins, etc. I'm using chocolate and have not gotten sick about the taste yet, although it does clump if you don't shake vigorously enough. I mix 750-900mL of skim milk with 3 scoops (full serving) and find it tastes great. I personally think the taste rating on the chocolate flavor is a little underrated but that's just my opinion. Good choice for those who want an all-in-one supplement with no excessive sugars, fats, carbs, etc or simply want a good protein:

All around great product. Despite being lactose intollerent I still take this dailyas recommended. Immediately I gained great results. I am up 30lbs after taking it for a year and working out 6 days a week. The after taste sucks on most flavors. But mixing them with almond milk seems to help a ton.

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