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Supports Fat Loss Via An Amazing 23 Separate Pathways!*

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Sarahjay12's Rating

Great low stimulant fat burner and appetite suppressor !

MikeC305's Rating

Great fat burner! I take this product in the afternoon along with OEP in the morning. I feel that taking OEP in the afternoon keeps me awake but I found the perfect mix with this product. Also, this product is DMAA free which is perfect for athletes trying to lose weight.

uspallday88's Rating

This was the first ever product to come out on the market from USP and it was the last one I actually tried lol but its great. I tried a few months back when I was towards the end of my summer cut. It didnt give me a ton of energy but thats not what its for. It will help burn up that stubborn fat in your lower abs and obliques and also help to keep test levels elevated if at a caloric deficit with forskolin in there.

slaymaker's Rating

A great low-stim fat burner - definitely kicks up the heat (thermogenic) If OEP is too much for you...give Recreate a try! I found better results using 2 caps per serving than 1, but that may be just me.

PAtoVA's Rating

I utilize this once I cycle off Oxyelite. It's just as effective and non-stimulant based. Great for people who want a little less potent fat brurner but great non-the-less. To ensure product is working, make sure your following a proper diet, nutrition and sleep cycle.

EAlbz78's Rating

Curbs appetite temporarily but not too much so you can eat if you want but it will surely stop those deep stomach growls, especially if doing intermittent fasting like I occasionally do, or if on a cut. You don't get all crazy jittery but sometimes can make your hands feel ice cold, like other thermogenics. It seems to be keeping my mid section tight even when over eating although I feel like you can get most of the effects of this product from coffee alone. Not bad as you get 90 caps a bottle and can get by taking 3/day for 30 days of a thermo induced/ turbo boosted metabolism.

shadeline's Rating

You will need to up your water intake when taking this product! I've found that I get a bit dehydrated while on this product, but it is doing as claimed. Its not as intense as Oxy Elite Pro (Thank God!). I prefer Recreate over Oxy Elite Pro, because it works better for me! Plus its not full of Stims, abeit it has a stim in it, but I don't feel those effects.. its like half a can of soda amount of caffeine. Its really little on stims, which makes this product stand out for me. It does bring your temp up, and if you take on empty stomach like it says, and if you burp.. it will taste like green tea and coffee mixed..heh. Good taste. USPLabs isn't my favorite company, but with Recreate, they have scored a point!

Melisza's Rating

This is a miracle product for me! I highly recommend Recreate to anyone. I've heard mixed reviews, obv. not everything is going to work the same on each person. I dislike stimulants so Recreate is great for that. And it honestly just rips fat off of me. Im on my second cycle now, but the first 2 I lost between 15 and 30lbs. Great energy that doesnt make you jittery. ALso great appetite suppressant. THanks, hope you enjoy it!

MelonieyKroft's Rating

I loved this product! It gave me a lot of energy and I lost a few pounds while taking it, and lost 2" off my waist! I would say it works well and I definitely would recommend it.

Brutus17's Rating

Nice appetite suppressent, not too stim heavy. A little pricey, but it does its job well.

Jmb87's Rating

Recreate was a very helpful and long lasting supplement, never seen any negative side effects by this product. Gave a good little boost of energy and kept me clear minded, unlike some products they make you jittery and foggy while you take them. I lost 12lbs and 6% body fat over the process of taking the pills and trying a new diet. Hands down it's a great product and i do recommend it to anybody who does or doesn't workout.

demat89's Rating

demat89 did not leave a written review for this product.

fabbri's Rating

fabbri did not leave a written review for this product.

Stonewall51's Rating

I've tried a couple different thermogenics, and Recreate is the only one that gave me results without the jittery feeling that I got from other stimulants. The results I got with Recreate were not as impressive as OxyElite Pro, but I definitely notice a difference in my body without the 'cracked out' feeling I got with OEP. I take 1 pill before breakfast and one pill before my workouts. I definitely recommend Recreate to anyone looking for a fat burner without a lot of stimulants.

HodgeFitness's Rating

This product may not be a powerful stimulant, but it's the only one I have taken that has made a substantial difference in my bodyfat. It's a staple supplement for my program.

Kato666's Rating

Kato666 did not leave a written review for this product.

eczajac's Rating

The subject of this posting comes from a company that I have grown to love because of their high quality products that seem to magically work in one way or another, and that company is USPlabs. The subject of this posting will be USPlabs’ Recreate. According to, Recreate receives an 8.3/10, or an Excellent rating. I tend to strongly disagree with this rating after taking this product. Let’s take a look at the ingredients of Recreate first before I offer my official reasoning for my rating. The first ingredient under the Proprietary Blend is Succulent Cactus, or Caralluma Fimbriata. Succulent Cactus is known to suppress appetite while also providing a boost in stamina. The next ingredient is Arabian Coffee. Arabian Coffee contains very little Caffeine, which may boost energy, but other than that there are relatively few or no other health benefits. The next ingredient we have is Olive Leaf, which may help strengthen bones while also acting as an all-natural anti-inflammatory. Next is Caffeine, which can provide large amounts of energy to the body while also increasing mental alertness while also fighting off muscle fatigue. The next ingredient listed is Indian Colchicum, which helps the body deal with pain. Next we have Weak Jumby Pepper or Microtea Debilis, which can help the body breakdown fats. And the last ingredient on the label is Finger Cactus or Coryphantha Speciosa, which after searching long and hard for any such benefits, I was unable to find any. After reading through all of the ingredients listed here, you would tend to believe that Recreate was a wonderful product that you should run out of the door right away and go buy. Right? Wrong! My reasoning is as follows, USPlabs has one of the best fat burners on the market today on the shelf, and no it isn’t this product, but the better of the two is OxyElite Pro. On OxyElite Pro I lost an unimaginable amount of weight in a short period of time, whereas with Recreate, I lost maybe a pound or two over the course of a bottle, while keeping my workouts and eating habits the same as they were while taking OxyElite Pro. USPlabs makes the product sound great by billing it as a product that “Supports Fat Loss!” and it also “Supports Fat Loss Via an Amazing 23 Different Pathways!” This all sounds fine and dandy, but it provided me with little to no energy, did no suppress my appetite in the least, and absolutely did not work. I wish I could go back in time and get my $40 back, but I can’t. So based on my experiences with the product I give it a 1/10. Don’t waste your money, go get OxyElite Pro if you want a fat burner by USPlabs.

lfwest's Rating

This has absolutely got to be the worst fat burner on the market. I started taking the minimum dosage and almost immediately after became sick with flu like or food poisoning symptoms. Thought it was something I ate. Then after continuing to take for a few days began vomiting and feeling worse. I stopped taking it to see if that was the problem afterwhich the sickness stopped. I was going to take it back to GNC so I held on to it for about 1 week. I Decided to try it again and the vomiting and light headedness returned. This time I flushed this crap down the drain. I dont want my money back, I just want to get rid of this.

getmoneyallstar's Rating


Gladiator32's Rating

I love this product, I can see the fat melting away and no jitters or trouble sleeping. I'm taking the minimum dose, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

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