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Thorn3's Rating

I am not entirely sure what this product was supposed to do at this point. I have a handful of tablets left of the 180 tablet bottle and have had absolutely no effect. I really wish i spent my money on alcohol instead because it would have had more of a positive effect on my bodybuilding progress (sarcasm). I used this product with their other product "prime".

tha shredda's Rating

Not sure this did much of anything, didnt even feel like finishing a whole bottle.

Tavon13's Rating

I only took half the bottle and im seeing results already. added 15pounds on max and my chest and arms are getting broader and bigger i would deff recommend.

alecn05's Rating

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pricejosh's Rating

I took the Pink Magic, along with Prime, and Anabolic Pump. Ya its alot of pills to take in one day, but if i could change anything, i would have added the PowerFull into the mix just to get the complete effect. Realistically,, my bodyweight went up 2 lb, and BF% dropped a little, but i deffinitely was throwing weight around like it was goin outa style. went from 240-275 on my bench press in roughly 5 weeks. but doing this required a rediculous routine, and about 12 hours a week in the gym. I didnt Feel any effect from taking These sups.. except for getting wayy stronger. they simply gave results, so no rage, no crazy high heartrate, and i was able to get plenty of cardio and not lose my gains

Krakhedz's Rating

Just started the usp ultimate stack today which includes prime, anabolic pump, jack3d, pink magic, and powerfull. I'll update my review once ive finished my first cycle. But one thing i do gotta say i had a BJJ session tonight and man, ive never felt this good before, im not sure what exactly made me feel this way but i need to say this WOW!!! -phil

VietBrawler07's Rating

Overall this is an Alright product im 3/4 way through my first bottle and my strength increased pretty fast. I would reccomend it to starters though i know their are better products in this catagory for sure.

jd_valley's Rating

Just starting a cycle.

zamor1ar's Rating

I tried one 1-month cycle of PM in the past and wasn't impressed. However, I decided to give it another chance and I'm glad I did. The first two weeks I didn't see any noticeable results, but as the 3rd and 4th weeks came around I noticed a major increase in strength, vascularity and hardness. I've had people in the gym come up to me and whisper "what kind of cycle are you on?" and "where are you ordering from?" I'm now on my 2nd 30 day cycle and in addition to strength and muscle gains, my sex drive is through the roof and the end result has been commented on quite a few times.

Calebdude's Rating

Used a full cycle of this product and saw no results from it. With most Test boost products I know to wait a few weeks before I can expect to see anything, but 4 straight weeks on Pink Magic produced no intensity in my emotions, no change in body comp, nothing. After I finished the bottle I took a month off and just to straight trib for 4 weeks and saw high emotions (anger, aggression, and anxiety) and toward the end developed some boils on my back. I'm pretty much done with Test Boosters, but at least now I know what works and what doesn't.

AVL71's Rating

I must have missed the boat on this one. Absolutely a waste of money. Sorry if others feel differently but I just received nothing in the way of strength gain.

AJ0004's Rating

I started Pink Magic back in October and did two months worth (2 bottles). Currently I'm off the stuff but I definitely noticed an increase in vascularity as well as strength. I've been working out for quite awhile and I'd never quite had the visible veins when not working out. After using Pink Magic veins began to make more of an appearance outside of the gym. As far as strength I noticed I was able to push deeper on several workouts. I recommend giving this product a chance. Remember, people react to supplements differently; what works for one may not for another. Sample sizes are a bit hard with test-boosters since they take time to naturally raise your test levels. Best advice I can give is do your research and find what works best for you. Goodluck!

ucslayer's Rating

A great Natty test booster...I rate it 2nd of the 4 i have tried...Thing I liked most about this particular test booster was fact it kept my body fat levels really low (without cardio and eating Junk food for wht little clories i consumed on product) and it helped me sustain strength on cut cycle (cut calorie intake to less then 1800 kcals a day at 6'7 210lbs wow! *btw I know junk food on cut cycle WTF lol but i took in summer working in factory 12 hours dy u eat what u can when you have time) I also enjoyed the Muscle Hardness (7.5/10) best I hve experienced outside of PHs (I used 2 PHS at an early age unknowingly just stupid 20yr old kid with no knowledge of the harm i ws doing to body) and expensive creatines...For price its is def BEST natural test booster for the price..**** good price for results!!...Unfortuntely on cutting cycle my strength and weight gains were minimal but that is to be expected (its simple no positive caloric intke no weight gains, but body fat went down as weight styed same so ws some lean mss built) but I also did not have muscle soreness or overtrain with so little calories..Recovery was great..pill size and amount perfect..great product and I do not see any harm in the ingridients and do not suspect any borderline "illegal" ingredients (i sy this because my joints did not dry out and I did not experience man boobs or a high increase of estrogen levels during or after use)...Great solid product good for any goal (mass or cutting cycle) but I will say as for any natural test booster results def go away quickly after use nd I suggest for best results use as mass building product to add solid muscle gains to skeletal muscle frame (id guess u could prob add good 5lbs of skeletal muscle to frame if used with proper bulking phase)hope this helps nd btw the hype nd **** on bottle bout this **** going off market soon BULLS&%# (only thing i hate USPlabs always does is overmarket and overhype s**t)

Meest00gt's Rating

This supplement had me extremely skeptical when I first decided to try. In all honesty, I'm not sure I noticed anything big when I was on the on cycle of this. There's not much to say. While everyone reacts different, and someone else's experience could be much more significant, mine was so bland it's tough for me to really recommend or encourage against.

griff7's Rating

griff7 did not leave a written review for this product.

kineticmuscle's Rating
5/10 even if the other two ingredients work. its a waste of $$$$$$

journey4me2day's Rating

journey4me2day did not leave a written review for this product.

550's Rating

Pink Magic is a great muscle building product and it great to stack it with Prime. This too together will take your muscle mass to the next level.

surferman619's Rating

This product was a good MINOR test boosters. I dont think its as good as other test boosters. Definatly noticed some weird mood swings. Kind of a lot of cash too. Got some strength results but not any physical results. i stacked this with jack3d and a protein gainer.

1-20 of 253 Reviews