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akkiboy99's Rating

no words! i am a customer of bodybuilding.com as you are and got this email from bb.com this product has been pulled of shelves and recalled ..i am shocked to see the amount of liver failures listed by fda studies. i cannot copy paste the fda link due to spam filter but if you are a bb.com customer you should have got the email i am referring to please read it.

josephmaxwell's Rating

I am still using this product and result can be observed by me. Every alternate Friday I used to measure my progress, although little changes can be seen, but that is the positive thing to me, I am dam sure that within six month I can fully reduce my fat from the body.

jasonbrown7's Rating

By using this product I can maintain my body fitness easily. This product is really effective. Every morning I used to take this supplement either with milk or with juice.

elenamaccoy's Rating

I love this product!! This product helps me to remain fit and fine, so I used to take one time every day after lunch.

georgeflenery's Rating

This product helps in reducing the fat not only from the abdominal reason but from every part of the body. As we all know that no muscle formation can be happening unless and until fat is reduced. It effect can be seen sooner as compare to any other food stuffs. It is necessary to take advice with the doctors or your train, because sometime it happens that your body is not capable to handle any kind of supplement and as you take in bulk amount and you get ill because of carelessness.

alyssacatherine's Rating

I like this supplements, because this supplements helps me to reduce my belly fat. The use of addition food stuffs or supplements, is no doubt demanding in these days because a lot of people are attracted towards the only reason is that its effects.

franksandher's Rating

The only thing I want to say 'wow', Literally within six month, I have lose too much of fat from my body. Now whenever I look in the mirror i feel proud. Thanks to OxyELITE supplementary product.

kevindennis87's Rating

The only one thing I want to say is "awesome". This is the best product I ever used for fat loss. The most important thing is that it can be taken even with the milk and juice, I used to take every alternate days before and after workout. I will prefer this product to my friend for fat loss.

mikewelsh87's Rating

Personally, I love this product because through this supplementary products , I have loses most of the fat from my body, specially from the abdominal region. It is fact that no one can build muscles unless and until he/ she has reduces their fat from the body. This is my first real fat loss supplements that I have used. And I have to say I really like the product, actually this product really useful as fat loss supplements.

Johnflenery's Rating

This product is really beneficial for losing the fat from the body. I have tried it. One of the best things I did notice about this product is it burn the fat within the body more rapidly than any other supplements.

andrewmac1's Rating

Actually most of us have the ultimate goal that is losing belly fat and in this OxyELITE pro product is very useful. OxyELITE pro is such kind of product which is used for reduction of fat from the body. These product contains useful ingredient which is helpful in burning the fat from the body. Actually I love this product, I have reduces almost 30 pound of my weight in three month. The only thing I want to say "wow".

jasonsmith90's Rating

Normally I hesitate to buy a new product just from the reviews but because OxyELITE Pro was so good, that I have tried it to reduce my belly fat. Honestly, all I can say is 'awesome'. I have never had losses the fat from my body even from proper diet and exercise; this product helps me to reduce the fat faster than any other method.

markmaccoy's Rating

I personally love this product as you see, I have lose too much of fat from my body, we all know that taking anything in over dose can harm you, we have read this quote too many time “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but over taking apple can create toothache problem, so to take any kind of food or the supplement is beneficial until and unless you are not over dosing it.

MikeRippedRun's Rating

Word of Caution ----> Product Recall ----> If you are using the fat burner OxyELITE Pro, just know that it has now been pulled from the shelves due to a high amount of reports of liver failure. This is the same company that had it's pre-work supplement, Jack3d, removed from the shelves in 2011 because a few US Army soldiers died after taking it. Take care, be careful and know exactly what you are putting in your body. huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/08/oxyelite-pro-hawaii-liver-failure_n_4066158.html

keeseya's Rating

I am currently taking this with CLK. I love this product and I have seen a huge boost in my fat loss. I sweat a lot more in the gym which in turn makes me want to push myself harder. I would recommend this to anyone

NeNe92's Rating

Personally didn't like this product. It does make me sweat a lot but not much fat loss. Disappointed....

MarathonerTiff's Rating

Normally I stayed away from therms and lost my excess weight through honest hard work and strict diet, but finishing college and work had me living on vending machine garbage. I gained 20 lbs in 6 months. OEP has honestly done wonders for me! My energy is up 1000% and after a week with moderate gym time and 1200 CAD diet I'm already back in my skinny jeans. Drink lots of water, follow the directions strictly and keep your system clean and I think you'll get good results. Side note: I used the original formula,had to special request it and vitamin shoppe! G'luck!

mandirose17's Rating

I love this product. I haven't necessarily noticed that it helps burn more fat. But it gives me energy and controls my appetite, which is a big thing for me. Doesn't make me feel jittery or nauseous at all.

weathersteve's Rating

User beware. The main ingredient to this product is caffeine. If you workout (even moderately) - you will SWEAT profusely and the shakes are insane. However, if you simply want an appetite suppresant that makes you shake like a crackhead going through withdrawals, then this product may work for you... Just don't work out (at least not cardio) while using it - as you may sweat faster than you can hydrate. I run marathons and lift weights... train at least 5 hours (intensely) per day. Needless to say, I would like my money back. I think USP labs had the couch potatoe in mind when the created this drug... I fell for the marketing lines that touted this drugs ability to highten my FOCUS and mental accuity. This drug does not do that whatsoever. The only noticable difference is the feeling as though I just guzzled 5 cups of coffee.

riobennett13's Rating

Worked well and burned the fat like it was supposed too. Drink a lot of water and maintain a lean diet and it works.

1-20 of 22 Reviews