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NeedmoreINK's Rating

Tried this after taking the original Jack3D. Was disappointed and let down being so used to the original. The taste and mixing was fine, just didn't have the energy.

avastarr075's Rating

I used this preworkout a lot when I first started. I believe there is a new formula out now which I have not tried. I have heard its not as potent now unfortunately. The formula I used worked great and was very concentrated.

BrianDisuza's Rating

I really enjoy the new jack3d micro. I like it much better than the original. Very good clean and real energy. Fantastic pumps and vascularity as well. I knew this even before using it though based on it's legit ingredient profile. Nice Effect. It's also a pleasure to drink. I have purchased this product from www.nutri-verse.com and i got this product on time. Really enjoyed my workout sessions. Will definitely Recommends to other body builders who wish to increase their pumps at the time of workout sessions ... :)

Steron99's Rating

It was one of those times I throught i'd give something a try...and didn't care for it.Got flushed and sweat poured off me,niasin flush big time.

edthebear's Rating

Jack3d is a great preworkout if you can get past the taste, which isn't terrible but I've had better. I'm pretty caffeine insensitive but this alone did a decent job of getting me pumped up. Now, when you combine it with No Xplode, you're in for a good 2+ hour session at the gym. But Jack3d is definitely a good preworkout for the effect. Stim sensitive people may have issues with it. My friend and I experienced the 'tingling' and he didn't care for it and I simply didn't care because its harmless (as far as anyone knows). My rec is to give it a try and if you don't like it, don't buy it again but its definitely worth a shot.

Mikealangelo's Rating

Love this stuff! I work crazy hours and this stuff gives me the pump I need and the flavor is awesome!

mmontalto73's Rating

I really like this product, but the last two times I've ordered it from Body Building.com it was hard as a rock, making it difficult to scoop out from the container. Would of gave a higher rating, if it wasn't for that.

diana0444's Rating

diana0444 did not leave a written review for this product.

khadiyeah's Rating

I used Jack3d for about a month as I worked towards my first bodybuilding competition. I needed a boost of energy during my work outs, as I was carb cycling and got very tired of that. I bought this pre-work out for that. Turns out, this is more than a boost of energy. At first I want to say that I never used pre-work out products before. I used to take a protein shake or bar, sometimes a piece of fruit. So lets get started: I really like the flavor. I dig the fresh - if you put in too little water way too sweet - lime flavor and I have to say this powder quickly mixes with the water. So that is a plus. For me the pre-work out kicks in after 30 minutes, so 30 minutes prior to work out I took 500 ml with 1 scoop. On the big days, like back or legs, I took 2. I noticed that I was even more pumped up about training than I already was and really couldn't wait to move. I felt energetic and cheerful, like I could conquer all over the world and it was like I had to be careful not to break down the gym. As I was training, I broke personal record after record, all because of that energy boost. I had the feeling that I was really awake. No weird things at all. Except for that one time I accidentally took 3 scoops and it was like my eyes fell out of my head. But to put that aside.. I did not crash after my work out; I was not extremely tired of something because the pre-work out stopped working. Friends at the gym warned me for that; pre-work out kicks in but also out. So I guess I am very positive about this product and I really recommend it to anyone who is stuck in a plateau. Because it helped me break mine. (I had to scrape off the powder because it wasn't smooth but more of a block of pre-work out stuff. Don't know how to explain it, but that was not funny. The second time I accidentally took 3 scoops was.)

spacejim67's Rating

So got free samples of this. I used to use Jacked when I started my path and became accustomed to it, this new 3D micro is much better. Mixes quick and complete I did ned the whole packed which is 1 serving I probably could have used 2 servings.

miche77esru's Rating

Great flavor, it tastes good. It just takes a little more than the other pre-workout supps I take to do the trick. I have to take a scoop and a half vs a scoop. It also takes a little longer to kick in than the other pre-workouts Ive used. If you don't want the tingly sensation this is a good suppto take.

unknownsoldier1's Rating

After having tried a number of different pre-workout supplements and having found odd side effects from nearly all of them, I was expecting some sort of odd reaction. With 1MR it was loose bowels. With 1MR Vortex it was rashes and a burning sensation. With C4 it was quick tolerance. With Neurocore I felt nothing. With Jack3d it was quick tolerance as well. But, with Jack3d Micro, the best had been "bettered". No bad side effects. Great drive. Gains to my Max's. Focus was spot on. Flavor and consistency were happily present as well! My favorite, now!

GenesiSantos's Rating

I've never tried the old formula, so i can't say that this is better or worse, but i will tell you my experience. I rate this a 9 because it didn't give me the edge that I was looking for when i drink c4. This however had a great taste and definitely was able to get a decent workout. Would I drink it again, possibly, now though? Not now, maybe when i cycle off c4 and look for less stimulants. Nonetheless a great product and highly recommend to those whom are looking for a less stimulant alternative.

JoeC0's Rating

It's solid: Right amount of caffeine (not too much more than a tall serving of black coffee), good flavor, solid pumps, and lasting energy. It doesn't have creatine, which is a plus, since just about every preworkout supp has creatine in it.

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mitica's Rating

Not as good as it used to be. Average focus, energy, and boost. Still if you are sensitive to caffeine, it will keep you awake.

asoodoofoo's Rating

Tastes great. That's all. I didn't feel anything from it. Maybe I should double the serving size. Sorry USPLabs. Update: I've tripled the serving size and felt NOTHING !! NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING and MORE OF NOTHING!! Why all these tenners peeps?? Save your money and buy some Assault. I wish I could rate this product a zero. Peace.

amazonasage's Rating

Wasn't as good pre workout I thought it would be. There was too much hype for it, didn't deliver as I thought. I bought it cause the hodge twins really seemed to like this product, so I just wanted to try it. I won't buy it again. Not enough scoops per container. Not strong enough. But it wasn't bad, taste was great.

buckybotox's Rating

A lot of people complain about this vs old jacked, I like this a lot. I never used old jacked or I might of and thought it was new jacked. But this item was very intense. I've used this a few times. Love it.

Kevin559's Rating

Not nearly as good as the original. Still works up a sweat but both the micro and the advanced formula are pale in comparison. Great pre-workout but you will find better ones out there. Good pricing though.

yanoshi's Rating

used 2 scoops...... i felt, NOTHING. pretty dissapointed.. however taste wasnt bad, but thats not the point. soo dissapointed.

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