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Support Extended Muscle Pump And Promote Increased Strength!*

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rkassim1's Rating

I stack this with my pre-workout for that extended PUSH & PUMP! you can definitely take by itself as a pre workout! this is my daily "go-to"!

osborn1128's Rating

Love this added to my preworkout stack. Good pump and added strength during lifts! Perfect for those long competition prep workouts.

yourcelebrity's Rating

This is one my favorite supplements love the pump and strength you get from this product

gclausen55's Rating

I use this as my pre-workout when I don't want any caffeine. The pumps I get from this are outstanding and I can lengthen my workouts! It still has beta-alanine in it, so you will get a slight tingle.

papi93's Rating

A pre-workout option for those looking to get off stimulants. You get a full dose of Beta-Alanine with the six tablets and can take as many as 9 tablets! With the mixture of beta alanine and creatine, I was able to either increase resistance and/or repetitions throughout my entire run of Nitric Fuel. Nitric Fuel helped me get through some very difficult, high volume workouts...and provided some decent pumps. Not only can this pre-workout be used alone, it can be stacked with another pre-workout that has stimulants in it.

showjo1josh's Rating

I thought the pump and vascularity when taking this product were amazing! It really got my veins popping out of my skin. Im already a veiny person but when taking this im extremely veiny! And my muscle looked and felt full. Its that feeling when your traing to wash your hair in the shower and ur biceps still have that pump. I had that even into the night. Twin labs Nitric Fuel is no joke. If you want crazy vascularity great long lasting pump and veins bulging i suggest you give nitric fuel a shot. It really will"fuel" you through your workouts and then some with the nitric oxide! Great product here and really recommend it! 10/10.

silvrmoos's Rating

Decent Stim free preworkout. Beta alanine is definitely dosed appropriately. Vasodilation is markedly improved but could be better. Expect the same as from other arginine based products. You can definitely feel some of the glycerol pump (awesome) and I think that a dose and a half makes this pretty solid. It does stack really well with other preworkouts I.e. Superpump max to yield some absolutely amazing results. The fact that it doesn't have stims makes this possible and makes this a valuable product, as does it's versatility.

Markx3's Rating

I was very happy with this product, the muscles pump feels great just wished it lasted a little longer and it also gives me great focus. I Dont actually feel it kick in until i start hitting the weights which is about 40 minutes after i take it. I got a great deal and i am satisified with nitric fuel

jimmyx007's Rating

Wonderful product! I consistently order and use this product. The pumps are phenomenal! I feel strong and energized during workouts and can workout forever! I will definitely order again!

bendm16's Rating

Hello guys this was great product. This really helped through my intense work outs I do. It gave me a tingly feeling. When it kick in mostly when I running cause it's the first thing I do. It really opens the veins. Overall it was really good. I would recommend it.

AllenRay's Rating

If you aren't using this then your missing out on the strongest and longest lasting pumps available. I have tried quite a few muscle pump or nitric oxide boosters supplements and this is the best I've ever had! You will not be disappointed at all!i am completely sold on this product and will now try all of twinlabs product line. Thank you twinlabs for an incredible product!!

RH709's Rating

I am a believer in Nitric Fuel. I won't sit and preach about insane pumps cause I honestly did not feel them. I did have a good pump but it wasn't some astronomically different pump then my pumps without Nitric Fuel. What I will say is, you can FEEL it working. The tingles set in and they last close to 2 hours. Even without any caffeine this product will give you some added energy or motivation to murder your workout. I am convinced (after trying to test it and be objective) that Nitric Fuel will help you squeeze out an extra rep, maybe even 2 in each set. Be WARNED though, I think this product can help you push yourself PAST your natural limit. That can be good and bad. I mention this cause if you aren't careful, you could get injured pushing yourself too far. So be careful. If you want that extra rep and extra motivation, this product WORKS.

usafmsgt1's Rating

I got nothing out of this product.

bigfish18q's Rating

Pro's - I had a really good experience with this product. It stacks extremely well with just about any caffeine product. When stacked with pure caffeine, it's honestly the perfect preworkout mix for me. My pump was amazing, and really felt like it gave me a nice endurance boost! Con's - My only gripe is the delivery method. The serving size is 6 tablets, and the are BIG tablets. If they could convert this to powder form, that would be ideal for me I think. All in all I would definitely recommend this product to others! Final rating is 8/10.

hlsextonjr's Rating

This has helped to increase my energy levels though I've not taken it all that often. I'm cycling through some other things first.

ala12uk's Rating

I have tried so many products before This one is different It simply works, even when i took only 3 tablets not 6 If you take 6 or go wild to 9 tablets, then expect to have the BEAT MODE ON

Wenworth's Rating

First time i have bought this product and is excellent i was skeptical after the first dose cause i didn't feel it in my body or veins seem any different , but after my warm up and the first set , i can assure you will feel the difference , i was able to handle more weight while keeping a strict form from first to last set ,It just felt so natural . Very good i highly recommended this product.

nidog99's Rating

Gave me that EXTRA PUMP I needed! Love the energy.

jwheat54's Rating

This is my go to product before my workout. Since I've been taking Nitric fuel I have been getting the best pumps and workouts. I like taking this when Im cycling off my preworkout drinks. Great product!!

1-20 of 36 Reviews