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Increase Power, Pump, Vascularity, Mood, Focus, and Motivation*

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fenrizwolf's Rating

Top secret Nutrition offered a free shaker for a review of this product. After I posted a review they emailed me and asked me to raise my rating. I declined. They never sent me the shaker, months later I inquired about the shaker and they said they will resend it. I still do not have the shaker. Do not deal with this company, bad ethics, products overpriced as well.

kylegtheassman's Rating

Love this pre-workout every time I take it hits me the same I never get use to it. Only thing I would like is for it to be a little stronger pumps Taste 10 out of 10. Pumps 7 out of 10 Energy 10 out of 10 Focus 10 out of 10

Johnny0utlaw's Rating

This is a great pre is my second favorite just after bullnox.....Top Secret always does it right with their products.

bigiron15's Rating

This is definitely one of the Very Best pre-workouts out there and for the price, I would rank it #1. It gives you a solid dose of good energy and liquid motivation and it stays with you for several hours. If you are looking for a good product at an excellent price, look no further. This product WAY outshines most of the other pre-workouts out there. Look no further. The Cardio Ignitor is a good product as well.

Incanzio's Rating

Flavour is phenomenal, they nailed the Cherry Limeade. Mood Altering Nootropics - Definitely made me feel a lot more alert, more happy as well it seemed, quite powerful. Energy - The energy is full on, 1 scoop I think is all you'll need... I am a full on caffeine kind of guy, 300mg of anhydrous caffeine is a good hit, I think 2 scoops would KO most people. Pump - Not sure on how much more pump I could get out on this, but I fatigued far slower and ended the workout on a high buzz, so I would say that the pump increase is noticeable but not the seller of this product. Motivation - Whoa, just as I'm writing this I am still feeling so buzzy and ready to go, it's incredible. The beta alinine dose is great and leaves you feeling amped to go! 9/10. One of the best pre-workout's I've tried, but I haven't tried original Jack3d, so that's a factor I would consider when buying this product.

hustondm's Rating

Pump Igniter was recommended to me by a friend, and it was a great suggestion! I had to move my workouts from afternoon to VERY early morning. Pump Igniter is the only pre-workout that I can trust to get me awake quickly, power me through my workouts with really strong focus, and keep me going for hours afterwards. I have noticed a fairly decent crash after it wears off sometimes, but that also depends on my activity level post-workout. Taste is pretty good for a pre-workout, not overly acidic or intense. It is a well-balanced and powerful supplement. I highly recommend it if you are looking to add a heavy intensity and major energy to your workouts.

MidnightHawk's Rating

I practically loved this TSN Pump igniter for the pump and energy it gave me. It put me in the perfect mood to lift some heavy weight every time used it so the added motivation was a plus. No jittery feelings at all. Mixed up really easy for me. The cherry limeade is the only flavor I have tried and it was delicious tasting. I would recommend this as a pre-wo supplement if you want a good product worth the money.

ebrunworth's Rating

This is my favorite pre-workout. It really is liquid motivation! It doesn't matter how crappy/lazy/tired I am feeling, if I down a shot of this stuff I feel like I can kick some iron *** about 15 minutes later. It's never let me down! Disolveability is a little lacking, sometimes I see small clumps that are hanging out at the bottom of my shaker after I've already mixed it up. That's really no big deal to me, though. I've tried both red raspberry and cherry limeade flavors (not available through Cherry limeade is my absolute favorite and the one I keep buying. Red raspberry tastes.... gross. It doesn't have a true raspberry flavor, more just like an bowl of berries that has been sitting out in the heat for days and has gone bad. Not good. However, for everything red raspberry lacks cherry limeade makes up for. I think it tastes like a Sonic drink (Midwestern thing, I know) and that makes me a happy girl! I don't buy anything else anymore.

Lapique's Rating

Lapique did not leave a written review for this product.

PylesStyle's Rating

I gotta say this is now in my top five pw's. Great focus, good pump and no crash. Only bad thing is if you're sensitive to beta alanine thus may not be for you. Other than that I highly recommend giving it a try you will not be disappointed!

superpal08's Rating

This is a great pre-workout within 15mins I can already feel the beta alanine kicking in and the pump and focus to just workout. It gets me really pumped up for the gym. I feel I am able to push myself a lot farther and squeeze one more rep out. It does also increase my mood and really gets me in the mood to want to workout. It does have 300mg of caffeine but since I use a lot of stims I get no jitterness at all. Tastes great,mixes fast, acts fast and is an all around great pre-workout!

justh8me's Rating

First off thanks to the Top Secret reps for hooking me up with a tub of Pump Igniter to try out! ****ght, so I have used this on 5 different workouts now and have a pretty good idea of how good this stuff is. Taste: 9.5/10 (I got the Pink Lemonade, and this stuff is amazing. Every time I drink it I think of Bazooka Bubble Gum. Awesome.) Energy: 8.0/10 (Solid energy, not to much on the jittery side, get a little shakey but nothing major) Focus: 8.5/10 (Focus has been really good. I have been able to keep the intensity up pretty well through most of the workouts) Pump: 9.5/10 (OK, its is called Pump Igniter, and for good reason. This stuff will leave you feeling swole for sure!) Overall: 8.88/10 Again, this pump is crazy. I did some n

Samsdaddy0525's Rating

I had the privilege of receiving a free 30 serving tub of TSN's Pump Igniter and I wanted to get several workouts under my belt before giving it a review. From a pure energy standpoint, this product always delivered and delivered in a timely manner. Granted it has 300 mg of caffeine per serving, but I often took only half a serving and had more than enough energy to spare. The focus was there and I never crashed on it. What I did with Pump Igniter was really mix it up. I would take a third to half scoop first thing in the morning at times for a near instant energy kick. Sometimes I would stack some creatine with it pre workout. I would even take a third of a scoop as a mid afternoon pick me up. Each time, it delivered clean, quick energy and I did receive a solid pump with this which I was surprised considering the small serving size. Pump Igniter mixed easily with little need to add more water. I do prefer complete, pre workout products, and that is why I would give this a 9 and not a 10. But, there is no denying the clean energy and focus you get from this product each and every time.

SLynn46's Rating

Overall a good preworkout at a great price. In my opinion, it delivers more in terms of energy than pump, but it still elicits an adequate pump as well. I had the Cherry Limeade flavor and my impression was that the flavor was good, but not great. I've had better tasting pres and I've had much worse. The flavor gets the job done. The mixability is great with no foam and few if any floaters/sinkers. Overall this is a great value when it comes to preworkout options.

tommydec02's Rating

I got to try this preworkout courtesy of TSN. I used this product for a lil over a week and i really enjoyed this preworkout. The pink lemonade flavor tastes amazing. Tastes just like a lemon bar, sweet with a lil tart to it. This preworkout gave me great focus and the nootropics kept me in a great mood. I would def recommend this prewworkout.

KBoss302's Rating

I received 9 samples packets of Pump Igniter from TSN to try out, and I gotta say, I’m pretty frickin’ impressed. For me, the energy is PERFECT. 300mg of caffeine per serving + a host of other nootropic ingredients hit that sweet spot of mental and physical stimulation for me. Lots of energy, motivation flowing freely on tap, and incredible focus that stayed with me throughout the entire workout. I felt like a BEAST :) Regarding the pumps...I took a look at this prop blend and I didn’t expect too much. Holy hell was I wrong! I’m naturally a vascular guy and I get some pretty wicked pumps on my own. But this product really took my vascularity and pump to that next level of craziness. Regarding the taste and flavoring, the flavors are lighter in taste and not overly strong. This I actually prefer because I don’t feel like I’m ingesting a massive amount of artificial sweeteners. Light, sweet, and just right, IMO. Of the flavors I tried, Cherry Limeade is my favorite. It’s a lighter Cherry Limeade flavor, but in a cold glass of water, it’s abso-frickin-lutely incredible. Love it! Fruit Punch, too, is great, and so too is the Pink Lemonade. Overall, I think TSN has done an exceptional job with the flavoring. My only knock against this product is the prop blend. I’d like to see them move away from this. But to their credit, TSN does list the total amount of caffeine per serving so you can easily and responsibly manage your caffeine intake throughout the day. Other than that, Pump Igniter has delivered an incredible pre-workout experience every time I’ve used it, and if you’re on the fence about it, I think you’ll really like the experience it has to offer.

TreatnHerRight's Rating

Based on 9 Sample Packets: This pre-workout was definitely better than I had expected! The ENERGY was definitely top notch with 300 grams of caffeine, i would rate this as a 10/10! The FOCUS was pretty good as well, helped my keep my mind on my workout and felt easier to get my supersets in! The PUMP(8/10) with this was also great, was soon as i touched the weights my veins definitely came out of my body! The TASTE was great for the Cherry Limeade(9/10) and the Pink Lemonade(10/10), but i didn't like the Fruit Punch(6.5/10). The flavors weren't too strong, but they actually tasted like the name of them! The MIXABILITY of all of these were 10/10 easily mixed into the suggested 8-12oz of water with no residue left anywhere. The only thing i would like would be to have a fully transparent ingredient label! Would i recommend this: I 100% would, especially the Pink lemonade flavor!

Deluz's Rating

Pink Lemonade Pump Igniter was an awesome preworkout. Not only is this a great tasting product but it does exactly what it states. Serious Pumps, quality energy, and long lasting energy. Even if I worked out late at night I had a pump in the post-workout period and even when I got home. I found this to hit me hard right away, provide incredible energy, and continue to stream energy for a long lasting time. The amount of caffeine is high as this is not a low stimulated product. If you are going to take this product be cautious as it is powerful. I would highly suggest this product if you are a stimulant junkie, need a kick in the butt and want to push your workouts to another level.

Alaskaaa's Rating

Got this off a BOGO deal so I couldn't pass it up. Offers a solid dosage of caffeine to get you going, being pretty stim tolerant I can still feel a good energy kick so it gives a good smooth energy in my opinion without cracking you out. Focus, can't say too much as I don't really pay attention to focus factors in preworkouts other than what I experienced with craze. Offers decent pumps and vascularity, don't know the dosages due to prop blend but I can get some pretty good blood flow going while using this. Tastes great and refreshing, overall a solid preworkout that I would recommend to somebody.

Tspeng8's Rating

Great preworkout!!! Tastes great, gave me an intense energized pump! Solid product! Would recommend it to anyone who is serious about throwing some weight!

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