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Helps Encourage Protein Synthesis, Increased Energy Levels, and Support Sexual Health*

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Bigsef77's Rating

First off, I am a HUGE fan of Top Secret. I believe they are one of the most underrated supplement companies. With that said, this stuff works. I went through a 90 ct body of this stuff. When I cycled the first time (4 weeks), I was taking J****ernaut at my PWO and my gains were incredible (180 on bench to 225). I almost felt like a teenager again in the gym ( and in the bedroom). I am very skeptical of Test Boosters but let me tell you, this one does work.

chilly79's Rating

It was good for me. I'm ectomorph and it helps me for a wrestling training who was very hard.

censored's Rating

It makes me very sad that I can no longer order this product. I am not sure how much of the gains I've made while on this have been a result of my training/diet and how much have been a boost of test, but I feel stronger and more alert on this product. My sex drive is a lot better too... just saying.

bjmusa's Rating

with this product i have noticed a big gain in strenght and a loss in body fat percentage by 3% it also has an estrogen blocker so there has been no moody swings lately at all .

adrian9017's Rating

hey, this is my first time that i use this product, I want to ask in what moment is better to take the capsules thanks :)

williamp8974's Rating

Fantastic product! Ive taken 2 other test boosters and so far this one I felt in a couple hours a sense of well being. Which is extremely rare in these things .I also did feel an increase in strength and stamina. My compound exercises went up in weight noticeably. Defiantly will try again, and recommend.

vickiedhillon's Rating

First test booster I 've used. I bought 120 caps bottle and I have finished just 24 caps while I am writing this review, so far the rating is 8 but with the results its producing may increase its rating when I ll be finished with the whole 120 caps. Till now.....I am experiencing a very stable mood,nice strength gain,stable energy,muscle gain is also there too (even with just 24 caps) and no side effects. Worth buying...

iceninja82's Rating

You know, I keep reading a lot of reviews from people that have no pictures on their profile or they have ugly pictures with them. Fat people. skinny people and so on. Don't get me wrong guys, but why you posting reviews on supplements??? You have other problems, there is nothing wrong with your supplements. EAT RIGHT , train RIGHT , sleep good and then come here and post reviews. REMEMBER these are just supplements. Okay, now with this one : THIS is a very good supplement. It definitely works for me. I do cycling this 2 months than rest for 6 months and then again. I got this with a COMBO from the same Brand, Fish Oil and CLA and here it goes your MAGIC again .

Hoyal910's Rating

I just finished a bottle of the natural T, and I was impressed with it. My mood was stable with it, energy was great, and my mental focus was great in the gym with this product. I would recommend it to my friends to use. My sleep was also good and relaxing on this product which was a plus.

lowroller21212's Rating

I got a 24 cap (12 day) tub coming off a pair of hand injuries, I can say it worked however I did not notice additional aggression. Can't speak on strength because grip was still something I was working on with physio. Sleep was ok but it was not a deep restful sleep, since I was in that condition I was expecting more of the side effects they were alright, but I've used 2 other test boosters and had quicker effects such as leaning me out, giving me a dry look, stronger libido etc. I might have to run a full tub to give a better assessment however.

danlebeau's Rating

I think the product does work but to tell you the truth have a i noticed any difference im not sure so too each there own. I will not buy this product anymore

Apollok2010's Rating

I absolutely love Natural-T!! I have tried many test boosters that claim to make a difference, this is the only one I actually noticed a difference with in my mood, my training, my stamina. This is now a permeant staple in my supplements!

Vamp826's Rating

This product is ****ght, it is offered at a good price in comparison to other t-boosters, but that is because (within my use) it's effects are not as strong. It does not give me the same feeling I am use to, it is a more subtle feeling, and not as potent.This might be a plus for others, but if you wanna big boost, go for something like Force Factors Test X180 or MuscleTechs TestHD.

MDTim's Rating

I'm about to order my second bottle. I've tried quite a few test boosters, mainly for reasons pertaining to the bedroom, and this one works the best for me. In my case, it also boosts confidence and aggressiveness. It also works better if I don't take it for more than a few days at a time.

agodong's Rating

Took 2 bottles and never felt or seen anything.

geoffers12's Rating

Loved taking this stuff every morning. Helped me stay lean, more balanced in the gym, and I slept AMAZING while on it. Definitely worth a try!, you won't regret it.

BigAndSeXXXy's Rating

I tried the 24 count bottle to see if it was something that I would like. I wouldn't waste me time on this product. I didn't see any signs that it worked. Stick to the all natural way of increasing your testosterone levels.....meal plan and exercise.

firsthawk4x4's Rating

I have not noticed any sexual or energy effects from using this product. I have however been able to lose bodyfat and seem to be retaining muscle. Definitely not a high power test booster, but it works a little.

whildchild54's Rating

This is a great combination of herbs that do there job if you put fort the effort , They will not build mussel by them selves. I suggest Cycling off of these after 2 weeks may 1 it depends on you and how your body reacts to them but all supplements have to be cycled or your body will get ust to them and they will no longer work ,the same as any other supplement . The think I like about Top Secrete Natural T is it's low cost and that it is controls Estrogen production like chrysin that would normally take if you saw the sign's of estrogen production which something a man does not want.

chesmeikle's Rating

I have been using Top Secret Nutrition Supplements for over two weeks now. I use the following: Energizing Whey, Creavar, N.O 370, and Natural T. After the first week in which i lost weight and bodyfat and gained energy, I decided to step it up. I Joined boxing went 3 times this previous week started riding my mountain bike 13 kilometers x 4 days and worked out at the gym 5 days hard. Well i fully expected to have lost at least 2 pounds but instead gained 3 pounds while decreasing my body fat another percentage (muscles are starting to show and strengh is increasing.) I have found so far that the Energizing whey really helps with the energy required to have a great work-out, the N.O 370 (Nitric Oxide Pre-workout) Gives you the pump in the gym that makes you focused on having a great work-out and want to come back the next day. The Creavar and Natural T have really helped to encourage protein synthesis and to keep a energy storage to allow my muscles feed from and train hard. I am excited to be able to reach my goal and set new ones, to see how far I can come on this transformation journey. Last year at this time i weighed 267 pounds with roughly 35 % body fat. I am currently 192 pounds with 13 % body fat.

1-20 of 48 Reviews