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Primetime213 did not leave a written review for this product.

I no longer recommend this and have stopped taken it .. will mess up your metabolism and Throat swelling what works for some not for others ...

This is an amazing pairing of two awesome supplements to help you burn fat, I love using this year round to help me stay lean and keep my metabolism cranked up. If you want to get rid of those last couple pounds use this product and watch them melt away.

I've been taking 4 capsules a day for over a month and have not noticed any significant weight loss. I workout 5-6 days a week along with clean eating 5-6 days a week and drinking a gallon of water. Since I bought 3 bottles, I still have some more pills to take, but I probably will not be buying this again.

In its oral form, l-carnitine is a useless supplement. And raspberry ketones is just a scam, popularized by none other than Dr. Oz.

A truly solid L-Carnitine supplement! I take L-Carnitine everyday and I find it gives my diet that extra tweak. And Raspberry Ketones have been proven to work with regard to promoting fat loss. While there is no magic pill, as long as I keep my diet on point, I know I'm only doing more good by taking Top Secret L-Carnitine.

Lost 3 lbs in the first 3 days of taking this. Started taking it due to the fact that I hit a plateau. As soon as I started taking this along with my other supplements (CLA, fish oil, whey protein) the weight came right off and my BF% dropped by 1%.

Raspberry Ketones are also part of my fat burning stack from Top Secret Nutrition. I take these three times a day and my favortie experience is at bedtime. I wake up in the morning feeling light and less bloated. I have a recent knee injury and I am not able to complete my full weeks workout, but I can tell I am still loosing weight and slimming down as as result of my Top Secret Nutrition XAT 7 Fat Burning Stack and the Raspberry Ketones it containes. Thank you Top Secret Nutrition.

I have been using this product for about 3 months now and I absolutely love it! I usually take it 20 minutes before my cardio sessions. I don't feel a burst of energy like you would iwth a fat burner but though my cardio session I feel like I can push myself harder and get a very intense workout. Over time with consistent use, I have noticed that I am leaner overall. I also really love the liquid caps. Other L-carintine supplements I have tried have left me with a chalky feeling in my throat or a feeling like the capsule didn't dissolve all the way. I have never had that happen with these!! I really like this L-carintine supplement.

Great addition to a clean diet and regular exercise.

rower2006 did not leave a written review for this product.

I've used since it came out, since then I've made real changes in my ways of working out. I feel better and the results have come faster than expected and stayed.

This builds muscle while burning fat, and it works well overtime. Solid supplement that works really well.

Better than the two separately, great deal by combining an amino acid wiht a ketone!

Works well, I am happy to have discovered this. Works well with me since I can't workout as much as I wish.

Really easy capsule to swallow, I know I feel good, my workouts have been much more complex, I don't get tired as easy.

This is the supplement to the supplement. With this, I can make any workout, run, etc. work to the next level. Feels great.

Ive been taking this twice a day for about a month and have notice that stubborn fat going away. I can actually see my stomach muscles now! Its pretty awesome!!!

1-20 of 40 Reviews