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Very good natural product.tried a lot of fat loss products and finally this one really worked.i ve lost 3 kg in 3 cuts your appetite,and it doesn t make you feel hyper.

Quite frankly, I am not sure that I really buy into the Green Coffee being an adequate fat burner. With that being said, this is a pretty good product. Not entirely sure this helped me shed weight but the quality to price ratio is very good. Get a little pep every time you take this.

u cant go wrong for 15$ 800mg in 2 capsules? AWESOME! take 2 serving at day to get some resultS!

Not a believer in this hyped up product took it like label said and really didn't notice if it did anything

I took this when I was on a semi stim break didn't take a fat burner with tons of caffeine. this somehow helped a little with appetite suppression and a tad bit of energy. I continued to lose weight while taking this product.

This GCBE worked great! It says to take 2 caps before meals but I only took 2 per day, before breakfast and saw amazing results. Over the past month I have lost over 10 pounds. I have changed my diet but I also think a lot of my success is due to this product.

CrucialLifting8's Rating

If you have hard to burn belly fat or abdominal fat this is a great product to use, I used a full container and I would recommend this to anyone looking to burn fat and my youtube subscribers! Plus, this is a %100 pure natural supplement, it doesn't get any safer than that!

I started taking this product recently. I've only noticed two changes. The first is my stomach feels like it is processing/working more. The second is a bit of appetite suppression when taken thirty minutes before a meal. The effects aren't going to make you instantly lose a ton of weight. No pill will do that. This will do what most of the better pills will. It will give you a slight edge in controlling your diet and getting things through your system. I wouldn't recommend it if you want something extreme. This is for those that just need a little edge and a bit of support.

I received a bottle to try out from a promo. Positives - never had any GI issues, or jitters. When I stacked this with raspberry ketones I was a little more successful at dropping a pound or two than without. To be fair, I've always had a hard time with 'fat burner' or dieting products, as I rarely change my eating habits. I would recommend this to be an addition to a stack for someone who doesn't want the super-caffeinated fat burners. It's not going to create magic, but may help get a little extra push.

1-9 of 9 Reviews