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Krysteezie's Rating

I do not recommend this product to anybody! After following a clean diet, exercise everyday, and taking the recommended dosage, I did not see any results from this product. I didnt feel an extra energy or any appetite suppression. There are way better fat burner products out there, so I recommend not wasting your money on this one!

Emaleesdad's Rating

Simply put, HORRIBLE! What a waste of money! it's buy one get one when it should be buy one and we give you 50 bux for tryin this crap! Nice of the paid people to hype this nonsense with a laughable rating of 7 something. I want my money back. If I can't, I'll use this other worthless bottle as a paper weight

gmichaelzz's Rating

I saw absolutely no result from this product at all, even with limited calorie intake, exercise and a clean diet. (things that would normally be enough) There was no energy, appetite control, focus, fat loss.. anything. It claims no jitters but I think I would have preferred them.. just to get something. TS is shaping up to be no good all around. Save you money, or go with something else... 1

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bunot's Rating

Used for about 2 weeks. Found it to be rather mild. I felt the effects when taking, but didn't really see much overall improvement from just taking the supplement. Compared to other fat burners I have used, this is on the very weak end of the spectrum. I wouldn't buy this again.

WilshireWarren's Rating

WilshireWarren did not leave a written review for this product.

Wolfman261's Rating

After trying a 12-week program in addition to taking this, I personaly did not see a energy rise nor a reduction in my appetite. I did however loose fat, but am pretty sure it was from following a proper diet/exercise regiment. I rated it a 6 mainly at the time it was a buy 1 get 2 free.

Cedric2107's Rating

It is a very mild fat-burner. It does not give you an energy boost.I gave it a go and 3 weeks later, I realized that I got slightly leaner but not by much. Lastly,I affirm that the product for me suppresses hunger a little.

sman165's Rating

not to bad, kept my cravings under control.

KfayeJ's Rating

KfayeJ did not leave a written review for this product.

trrsmi29's Rating

This is one of my favorite fat burners mostly due to the fact that I do not have crazy side effects that are sometimes caused by fat burners. I feel nothing but energy after taking my top secret fat burners, especially at 5am! To get an extra burst of energy I stack my top secret fat burner with top secret astravar.

gitananb0076's Rating

This prodict does not work at all!!!

kristensilva's Rating

I noticed nothing at all. No energy boost, no fat burning, no muscle increase. Nothing. At least I didn't gain weight on it, I don't think, so two stars.

CaptHowdy5150's Rating

Does what it says. Clean energy with no jitters and no crash. I only had the sample pack so can't comment on effectiveness of fat loss, but plan on buying a couple bottles.

thebizkitman's Rating

I have used 2 bottles so far but I have another two, I used it 3 months ago on my cycle off stimulants. I have to say that I did see some visible improvements at that time, but however I do not know how much the supplement contributed to my physique. I really like TSN products and I 'know' they work so I'll hand it a 9 (without being bias as I am a big fan ON,Scivation,USPLabs and Gaspari as well). I am currently off diet and off the weight room due to a minor back injury and packing pounds.. So I may edit the review after my next cycle, and be more precise about this supplement

Dogsled's Rating

I like it so far. It lves up to everything it claims. I take 2 in the morning and two during w/o and it seems to have cut some fat thats been lingering and hard to get rid of. I think from trial with other products, it works well with Astravar. Now i'm adding a pre W/O booster, we'll see where this takes me. I will say this, i'm quite sure as with any fat loss product, you have to modify your training to be 75% fat loss to 25% muscle building excercise. Hard work sometimes needs a push, that's what I feel Top secret is offering.

teresaew's Rating

I love the Fat Burner jitter free. I am very sensitive to stimulants and this one is top notch. I never feel jittery and I get an incredible boost of energy during my workouts and throughout the day. I so glad to have found such an exceptional fat burner.

yotty7's Rating

Great product! Works fast. No noticable side effects. Doesn't require extensive cardio to activate. I do my regular weekly routine and I've shed the couple extra pounds.

boggs.aaron's Rating

I have never been a believer in appetite suppressant supplements simply because they all accomplish appetite suppression via stimulants (caffeine, guarana, green tea leaf extract, etc.). Unfortunately, the alternative are psychostimulant drugs that actually affect the hypothalamus area of your brain and stimulate the release of norepinephrine, seratonin and dopamine...NO THANKS! I decided to deal with the possibility of withdrawal headaches by trying this product. It took a couple of weeks, but I have to admit, it definitely suppresses my appetite and gives me that "boost" that I need to keep on going throughout the day! I noticed that I still eat 5-6 times each day, but my portions are much smaller (as they should be) and, according to my doctor's scale, I've already lost 5 lbs. I would recommend this product and in high-quality Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in addition to a balanced diet and exercise to increase weight loss and help you shed those unwanted pounds before starting a serious weightlifting regimine. As we all know (but I'll reiterate again), please keep in mind that supplements are processed differently in each and every person's body. Those that work for me may not work for you, but I wanted to share this quick run-down of my experience with my fellow BodySpace members! Best of luck! -- AA

mulder75's Rating

've have never really like "fat burners", because I always felt like the altered my moods and ruined my sleep. BUT, this products does nothing of the sort. I feel good and can have my usual coffee in the morning, no cream! My workouts are more focused, and I'm feeling lighter. What else can you ask for?

pkilcarr's Rating

i love the small amount of caffeine that gives a good boost and the appetite control helps curb some that hunger too so i can stay away from big meals

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