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Enhanced with Prebiotics & Probiotics to Help Digest Lactose and Reduce Bloating*

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I love this product! Its the only digestive enzyme that works for me. When is it coming back? Please be soon!!

Sometimes certain foods just make me bloat beyond no other. This isn't a magic pill with all the solutions, but it does definitely make a difference with bloating for me.

Took two before eating a massive, double-serving Thanksgiving meal and no bloat! Perfect to break down the food for maximum nutrient pull, especially since I tore it up in the gym prior. Roommates who are lactose intolerant tried and now keep asking me for a capsule before their regular meals.

mr.symmetry's Rating

I have been using this product for a couple of months now and i really feel like it has helped to improve my digestion!

lowroller21212's Rating

I was really surprised at how effective it is at minimizing bloat and has the ability to lower indigestion as well. I have noticed my metabolic rate go up as a result as well. What I like the most is that it contains probiotics so it allows for better cleansing. Overall if you are looking for a full fledged nutritional support I would not hesitate in looking at TSN enzymes.

brazilianbadboy's Rating

Been using this product for a few weeks, I take it 20mins prior to having my meals. And I can say that it works well. Not perfectly but it works! When I say not perfectly I mean that after eating I still feel a bit bloated a few minutes later, I used a different one 2 months ago and it was really good never left me bloated. But its not really a problem because its helping me digest the food faster and im not having stomach issues like before when not taking anything so that is always a plus. Would def recommend it to others and will be buying in future.

Blake2732's Rating

This is a solid digestive enzyme product. It's ingredients list clearly illustrates a full spectrum of important enzymes to aid in digestion. I have been taking this product for about a week now and have been very pleased with it's effects. Without a doubt I have been experiencing far less bloat after consuming a big meal, and have been pooping far more regularly which to me indicates healthy digestion. If you are carb sensitive, feel bloated, or are sensitive to certain types of food this would be a great product to try out. After all, what good is all this food that we slam if your body can't absorb all of the nutrients in it? Stop wasting money on stupid supplements, and buy stuff that truly is going to benefit your body.

After taking these for a week now with every meal, I am pleased with Top Secret's Digestive Enzymes because it is helping with digestion and I found I had less gas and bloating which had been bothering me.I notice food digests much easier and I don't have as many gastrointestinal issues anymore.Also the added probiotics & prebiotics are a bonus. Enzyme are important since most our food supply does lack natural enzymes.If you have used enzymes in the past then do yourself a favor and buy this product. It is loaded with the right amount of everything to do it's job correctly. If you have shopped for this product in other stores you will see this is a steal, you won't regret it! Amylase – A digestive enzyme that is produced by the saliva gl

jeffjones1332's Rating

I have never used this type of product before and had just recently been reading a little about them and their contribution to overall health,so when I saw a giveaway for them I had to check it out.I have now been taking for a little over a week and have noticed a few differences with my body/functions.First off I have noticed a reduction in my lower gut bloat,which I thought was all fat and water weight,but in a little over a week of taking them I have lost some of it without any changes to my diet or exercise.Second thing I have noticed is that I poop a hell of a lot more than I was before,and have always went a lot now a lot more so I guess it is definitely aiding with digestion.Top Secret has a few supps. I have tried and will use again and this is another one.This will be a regular for me from now on.

intheayer55's Rating

Such a simple supplement but one that really helps me to absorb my nutrients to the fullest. I always want to ensure that I'm taking in everything that I eat and TSN's digestive enzymes certainly help me out. Plus when using this supplement with each of my meals, I don't have any indigestion. 1 pill per meal is all it takes and I've very pleased with adding this into my stack.

dk5bdubs's Rating

Thanks to the power of these digestive enzymes, I have been better able to get through each of my meals without any bloating or indigestion. I want to make sure that my body is taking in all of the nutrients from my food and these have helped make sure that is happening. A commonly passed over supplement but one that can yield some fantastic benefits.

RoadPigJohn's Rating

A solid product that deliver immediate results. I been feeling lighter and my meals digest faster and does not seat in my stomach for hours like it normally do. This is the kind of product that helps for overall health so you can get all the nutrients from your meals and supplements and less is wasted, because your body is able to assimilate it thanks to Top Secret Nutrition Digestive Enzymes. 10 out of 10 and everybody can use it.

weightsb4dates's Rating

i have been using this product for approximately 4 days now and i can definatly tell a difference, i am no where near as full and bloated as i was after meals previously. when i eat stuff like cottage cheese or yogurt i used to get a little distended and it would last for an hour or two, with these enzymes its digested within about an hour. it has also helped with remaining "regular" and keeping everything moving. great product. i definitely recommend it.

stad0203's Rating

Really liked how this helped me deal with lactose. Noticed dairy has been an increasing problem for me and this keeps it down and reducing bloating. Not something I see myself using everyday so a bottle is also very economical! Nice work TSN!

I have never used a digestive enzyme until this point. Right away I noticed the bloating in my stomach was diminished, my recovery was better, and my overall sense of well being increased with feeling less in my stomach. On a day to day basis I felt my digestion improved a ton, I also found my bowel movements increased to a more normal schedule which allowed myself proper digestion. the Top Secret Nutrition caps are very small, easy to swallow, and easy to digest. While these products are very overlooked, I was very pleased with my experience dosing a cap at each meal I ate throughout the day. If you are looking for something to help your health, your digestion, and a very affordable product. This is something I would highly reccomend and use. After trying a bottle I am assured this is something I will repurchase.

ibgready's Rating

I purchase these for my Wife. I have purchased other probiotics but she said to stop. This is the one that makes Her system feel its best. No bloating, no aches and no irregularity with this product.

fitnessnolimits's Rating

Was feeling bloated through my bulking phases eating so much food all the time, but when I started taking these I started to feel allot better & no problem eating the amount of food 👌👍 Amazing product, does its job

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Great for my slow digestive system and problems with lactose/dairy. I take one capsule with each meal or any milk products. T.S. works better for me than other products I've taken which some required a minimum of two capsules each meal. The price is affordable and I recently ordered two more bottles. I highly recommend this product. for those with digestive or dairy problems.

pilarsteele's Rating

Worked great for me! Take it right before you eat or with food.


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