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The product is fine, it is what it says it is, a decent quality protein. I hate to complain because I got this on clearance for next to nothing but the taste was bland. It wasn't awful just very very bland. I am a chocolate fanatic and that is generally the flavor I always go to on my various protein powders. Luckily I had previously won a 5 lb. tub of Syntha-6 from a contest. It was banana and not being my favorite flavor either I mixed the two together. The result was pretty dang good and in total I paid around $12 for 7 lbs. of quality protein. I would not have bought the protein had it not been so cheap and I may not buy it again even if it was again on clearance.

ebonilla76's Rating

I have been trying many flavors and brands of protein. First the mixing ability. It mixes easily and quickly. No clumping or chunks left in my shaker. 2nd the taste. Chocolate is great smooth and a treat. Finally the price. Its a great deal and inexpensive for the flavor and quality. Cant go wrong here!!

erobbins47's Rating

The chocolate ice cream flavor tastes wonder when mixed into oatmeal. In fact, people in my office almost always comment on how good the smell is! It also blends well (and is quite thick). My go-to whey is usually ON, but I think I might actually prefer this chocolate flavor.

Great taste and easy to mix

Aschriver's Rating

Great product great price and flavors. Mixes well. I will definitely order again.

zorinanataly's Rating

Both flavors are great! This is my fav protein ever. I heard that it has less scoops that it suppose to have, but the taste and texture is so great so nothing can spoil my opinion about it. I Add it all over in my pancakes, shakes and other stuff and it always tastes great!! I am not sure about the process of making and it how good are ingredients compared to other brands, but I just like it.

mduchesneau's Rating

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I was worried the taste wouldn't be good because the price was so good, but it is good. I am pleased with this protein powder!

raulitoparamo6's Rating

Great tasting protein, it's a very fine powder form so no clumps mixes easily and great overall for the price.

DvlDogg05's Rating

Okay so I want to start by letting EVERYONE know that you do NOT get 26 servings. I bought 3 2lb jugs after the first one went rather fast I decided to count the number of servings in my second tub. I only had 18 scoops in my second jug. THIS IS AWFUL. All over the label they tell you 26 servings yet they do not provide with the same amount once you open your tub. I challenge anyone who has bought this or does buy this to count your scoops and really decide if you are getting what you are told you are getting. Now outside of that little miscue it does mix fairly well. I do recommend using less water as for some reason it helps. Taste is fine not amazing but good enough. UPDATE: Reply from Ultimate Nutrition "Thanks for your email and expressing your concerns. I think I can explain what is happening. Did you notice a line on the scooper? One serving size is 35 g and that is measured up to the line. If you fill the scoop completely, it should be around 50g. So, if you are using a full scoop for 18 servings X the extra 15 g per serving would give you 270 g of protein. Divide that by the 35 g serving size and you get just short of 8 (7.7) servings which makes the total in the tub 26 servings. I hope that makes sense! Basically, the 2 lb protein does have 26 servings of 35g each and one serving is measured to the line on the scooper." Update 2: " Paul, It seems that you like TSN 100% whey other than the scoop issue. I would be happy to send you a free 2 lb tub of either flavor since because you used more than 35 g per serving and only got 18 servings out of the tub. Please send me your mailing address if you would like that. Thanks and have a great day, Jeanie, Customer Service" So they sent me a free 2lb tub because of the issue. I applaud customer service like this. Great tasting protein and as long as you are aware of your serving size its great.

emmaxoxolove's Rating

This product is pretty good for the price I paid for it. I think I got 2lbs for 15$ which I was totally fine with. The taste is a bit grainy, very thick milkshake-like but overall the flavor is good. I mixed it with a bit of coffee and heated it up and it tastes like a hot mocha cappuccino which is amazing :) Mixes fine and I didn't see any residues at the bottom of the cup.

nobouncecap's Rating

Okay, this is by far the cheapest protein power I have ever bought and it taste great! I drink this during my workout and one of the biggest things I notice is that it helps a great deal when having energy and feeding muscle exhaustion. The taste is great and the protein does what it should to help with feeding my muscles so I can do more reps/sets. Because of feeding my muscles while they are being used with fast protein supplements but more importantly with a fair amount of Aspartic Acid, Lysine and Leucine my body is not dead after I'm done because it is being feed well while its being used. I know I will order again and at this price it will be my main drink to use in yogurt and as I work out.

HuskerPower51's Rating

Great Value. Tastes great and mixes easily. They only drawback is the scoop size (MASSIVE).

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For the price it was hard to beat, but the taste is something to be desired. Almost had to hype myself up just to drink it.

geoffers12's Rating

Gave this stuff a try when it was on super sale, which I believe it is currently as well. I loved the taste, it has a real milk shake feel/taste to it as it is a bit thicker. It takes a bit more water than most to mix in with it but that didn't bother me. Give this stuff a try and you won't be disappointed.

Act1veDave's Rating

Good profile, nasty taste.

The best priced protein I have encountered so far. Tastes pretty good and mixes no problem. I can't say enough about the price, since it was a cheaper protein I bought it and it used it for cooking as well as post workout or during the day. Best bang for your buck protein, no complaints.

I got to try these through a TSN hosted challenge and got them for free, thank god. I thought Optimum Gold standard natural tasted bad, but this is pretty awful. The vanilla flavor was okayish but the mix was pretty thin and the texture kinda grainy. Chocolate doesn't even taste like chocolate (it needs more cocoa, come on) and it's the thickest whey I've ever had that wasn't casein. Takes about double the liquid ratio and it sticks to the shaker cup. Just overall nasty, and it doesn't even have that much protein per serving. Do yourself a favor and skip this.

Cannot beat the price paid $13 for this protein for that alone its 10 stars. Mixes easily and taste is fairly decent product has a good profile protein and tons of amino acids. I bought 4 tubs plus I have other proteim left should last a decent period of time

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