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I've been on SS protein for a few years now, strictly Isolate during the day and the regular whey at night before bed. I have absolutely zero complaints about SS protein, this newer flavor just widens the ability to change things up for me. It mixes fine whether manual in a shaker or even my weaker Farberware Blender. It's a great base to additives such as peanut powder, various milks and milk substitutes, even snack bars (try half of a Nutri-Grain or even the softer Nature Valley Granola bars in the blender with it). It has everything I've needed, presently need and will continue to need. I was regularly getting deferred back in mid-2014 for low protein counts whenever I hit my local plasma donation center. It was about a month after I started taking SS that I was hitting my numbers easily. This could be a meal replacement, I'd go 10oz+ and go a full 2 scoops if you're going that route. Early April 2017 Update: This continues to be my pre-bed protein, 2 nights every week I cut it with an 8 hour sustained release protein since I donate plasma the next morning. Late April 2017 Update: I have absolutely nothing but immensely positive things to say about this. It's not a rant or rave, it's a protein that just plain works for me. I have zero issues and complaints.

Apr 18, 2017 |