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Optimal Absorption Creatine for Optimal Results!*

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petriccj's Rating

Received the counterfeit pills so I can't give it an excellent review. I bought the product with hopes that it would give me the same results of con-cret at a cheeper price, but ended up getting mono pills.

rkeenan's Rating

Dont buy!!! Sci Fit is in a lot of legal trouble. There actually putting mono in the kre akyl caps. I sent an email and they know about this and are giving me a credit of 14.99 on my account.

Z3ROSignal's Rating

I love the capsules as they go down effortlessly, versus trying to down the typical gritty creatine powder I used to use. My workouts feels charged and I get a better pump than normal using this product.

Moderek's Rating

Switched from con-cret to this. WIth con-cret i BARELY had any results, with this...1 week in i can already see more than i did with a month's supply of con-cret.

SC_S13's Rating

Awesome creatine product. Definitely saw improvements in size, strength and some stamina and ability to push out a couple more reps. This buffered formula is easy to take and is easy on my sensitive digestive system. Still up to you to put in work at the gym, but will definitely give you a noticeable boost in your results and aid in upping your weight.

AundreaDiane's Rating

Since taking SciFit Kre-Alkalyn, my overall strength has improved in a big way! I have been taking it now for the past month and a half and have noticed size, strength, and stamina in the gym. It's a great product for anyone looking to put on lean mass as well as improve their overall training experience.

Thetrillest's Rating

Thetrillest did not leave a written review for this product.

jim829's Rating

Great product! I never have been able to take creatine in any other form because of major GI problems, but none with this product. I can feel my muscles getting primed for a pump within a half hour of taking it, and have had great pumps and increases in strenght since taking this.

jncar's Rating

Great product, fast results, no bloat, easy to take. On my 3rd cycle of it and love it.

georgemekhaiel's Rating

Great product...I have recommened this kre-alk to many people. Everyone has loved it. I'm currently finishing off my second bottle (240 caps) and then I'm switiching over to con-crete.

ddevereaux22's Rating

I love this product. From the size of my arms to my stamina in the gym, it's unbeatable. What also makes this product so great is the fact that it doesn't have any water retention. As good as it is to include a great amount of water in your diet, you don't have to worry about it as much as you would when taking a standard creatine powder. My results are incredible as im sure many of yall who have tried it, as well, can agree. I stack this with several other Scifit products, such as BCAA-Lyn 1500 and Gluta-Lyn 1500.

faber5647's Rating

Great product, does everything it says. It is kre-alkalyn, i live right next to sci fit and know a lot of those guys, and if it isn't, still works great!


THIS STUFF WORKS! Creatine mono doesnt even compare to this, with in 3 weeks my bench, squat, and deadlift went up! I have also gained about 5 pounds of weight and leaned out! This stuff gives me a pump all day long, if you are looking to get a creatine that works, well look no further! I totally recommend this product!

natedizel69's Rating

This product is a scam i called all american efx and they said there in court right now with scifit they are using mono in there products if you dont belive me call them, and read this on there website

antp1212's Rating

Awesome product and definitely helps build size during the recovery process if you use it appropriately. Stores the water and doesn't cause any problems such as headaches as long as you stay hydrated.

iantrottier's Rating

No bloating. Great effects

SwolePatrol69's Rating

This was a great investment!!. I have been one this for about 2 months and have seen consitent gains. I have gained about 5 pounds of muscle from 120 to about 125 pounds. My workouts have skyrocketed and i add about 20 more pounds every time i come back to the weight room. I play baseball for my highschool and this has also increased my running endurance and sprints. I have much more energy to push out that extra set and run that extra lap. Thanks sci-fit!

hamm989's Rating

hamm989 did not leave a written review for this product.

kipmclaughlin's Rating

I love this stuff. Definitely love the price!

papermasterboy's Rating

i give it a 1 because i didnt feel nothing at all, when i mean nothing i mean litterally nothing. Do not buy this!!!you think that 1.5 grams of krealkalyn is gonna cut it? man dont buy this!! go for beast nutrition better,

1-20 of 211 Reviews