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justgotplayed67's Rating

This company just got closed down by the FDA. They have failed to comply with what is considered as good labeling practice in the industry. It just goes to show that many of the user of these products on the review boards are clueless when it comes to using products. They could of been just be using corn starch. Get a clue people know what your are putting into your bodies. Even EFX who patented Kre-Alkalyn sells the raws to Sci-Fit knows they are watering down the product before the capsule it. The challange is this users; use EFX's then use Sci-Fit's.

JakeDiesel's Rating

GREAT increase in strength, and so far seeing great results in my biceps and triceps, and especially in my chest. Gone up 25 pounds in 3 weeks on bench! AMAZING!

M1Strat's Rating

This is the only product I have ever rated because it is honestly worth it. I have taken different creatine products before and this one is better than any of the others. I have seen remarkable gains from this product after only a few weeks. With other products that I've taken I would only see minor improvements and I would wonder If the supplement I was taking really had anything to do with the improvement at all.

fitzdivx's Rating

Yes it worked for me.I got a lot more reps at the gym.When I needed to do my cardio I felt like I lasted a lot longer.

Renvas's Rating

Good Staple Product. Ive been using this for approximately 2 weeks now, and i haven't gotten any bloating digestive problems, or anything. Theres no flavor to this, and mixability is great. I take 2 scoops prior to workout and 2 scoops post workout. on non workout days i take in morning and night. would defiantly reorder this.

1-5 of 5 Reviews