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Designed To Last Up To Five Times Longer Than Conventional Wraps!

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Corbin16mc's Rating

The first thing I noticed when I took these bad boys out of the package was that they are a very heavy duty, well produced set of wrist straps. I use wrist straps anywhere from the bench to the dumbbells and I needed something that was going to support my wrists during heavy lifting without falling apart on me like most straps do. The velcro is very reliable and stays tight on the wrists during work outs. The price is a little steep but I can assure you that you are paying for a QUALITY product.

drewjonn's Rating

drewjonn did not leave a written review for this product.

jakesheehan's Rating

I have never owned wrist support straps before these so I can't tell you how these can compare to others. But, I can tell you this these straps are my first pair and the only brandi will be using for the rest of my lifting life. These are phenomenal they have helped my wrists so much and the velcro strap feels like it would last forever. I highly recommend these to anybody new or old to wrist support straps.

Eillya's Rating

Excellent product. Amazing quality have it since 2 years

Realjulian's Rating

Realjulian did not leave a written review for this product.

weasel7945's Rating

First set up wraps I have ever used... I like them a lot. They provide excellent support while doing low position back squats, heavy bench, and over head press.


These straps have worked very well for me. They are sturdy and even after months of use have plenty of elasticity. The Velcro is well made and doesn't seem to be wearing out at all. Thumb loops haven't stretched out and there doesn't seem to be any fraying anywhere on them. I have used them for at least 3 workouts a week for the last 6 months. Worth every penny.

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ajt615's Rating

I was having some major wrist issues with pressing. This has fixed my wrist issue 100%. These are the best wrist wraps on the market.

jermbola's Rating

Thesee wraps are great!

boxerjeep's Rating

I recently switched from a thinner more flimsy wrist wrap to these. Having several previous injuries I needed something with far more support. I am extremely happy with these. Using them from standard weight days to strong(wo)man training.

tightend101's Rating

I loved these wrist wraps!! I'd definitely stick with the 12 inch ones as the larger ones are way too big though. They provide great support, are super comfortable, and easy to throw in the wash once they start smelling. I'd definitely plan on buying these again.

ironmanfifty's Rating

These wraps really helped me train through my wrist injury. They wrap snug and offer excellent support. I have some damage in the TFCC so I have to be cautious. I have their other type that offers a little stiffer support with the foam inside. But these give a fuller wrap. Excellent product.

kamrankhazraie's Rating

This is a really good product, For people with previous wrist engery, and if the users use it properly it can stop future engeries Overall I really like it

hectormartinez's Rating

Schiek Wrist Wraps is one of the best wrist wraps i've own .. is comfy & its heavy duty support !

Aleksin's Rating

Aleksin did not leave a written review for this product.

Acclaym's Rating

Purchased the red and black 12". Great support, strong velcro, great product.

steeveaukingso's Rating

One of my favorites... Red & Black

dominationderek's Rating

I honestly like the wraps, but the part that goes over your thumb is super loose, and not as tight as i would like.

carljohnsonrt's Rating

Excellent product. I will purchase again as needed. I have purchased both colors for myself and my son. Do not purchase the white, they look terrible after just a few workouts.

cmaddeaux's Rating

So far so good. Used the straps for a few workouts but have noticed the added support.

1-20 of 57 Reviews