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mattt455's Rating

Good bottle. A little smaller than expected. Ut it does the trick.

nebraska2014's Rating

I don't recommend it as a shaker bottle for protein powders..but I use it for mixing my Pre-workout drink which is creatine hcl and bcaas and creatine monohydrate....I ordered 2 bottles..I have no complaints with the lids leaking so far..I've noticed some reviews people have had problems with the lids leaking tho

goofydawgs's Rating

I don't recommend this bottle at all. The flip top does not stay shut and it's really cheaply made. I bought two f them and I'll be tossing them out.

PCHawaii's Rating

Very poor flip-top lid security. The bottle is good for mixing pre-workouts/BCAA's, etc. but you have to keep your thumb on the lid or else it will fly open and spill out contents.

mwjerson's Rating

I have bought these for about a year. They are great for preworkout, BCAA's. This is not a shaker for "shakes". As some reviews state. If one likes a brand, go with their accessories. Overall, this is compact, solid, and the lid snaps tight.

cnb06c's Rating

The product is misleading. It's really an $8 water bottle. The way the pictures are taken, it makes it look like there it's something in the bottle that would aid in mixing. There isn't. The only saving grace is the fact I only use BCAAS which dissolve without a mixer. I seriously doubt this would be much help with mixing protein powders. Also it was BOGO so it really was $4 so that made me feel a little better about the purchase. I wouldn't buy it again mostly because I feel misled.

Sarahfunaro's Rating

This WATER BOTTLE is fine. It's nothing spectacular but it does what it should (holds water). It's just disapping however that when I ordered I was expecting some type of ball or something because it is labeled as a shaker bottle.

Stripsky's Rating

As others have stated, this is really just a water bottle. There's nothing to assist in the mixing in of any powders. It's a fine water bottle, nothing special.

stanleyyang86's Rating

cheaply made, rubber that closes the opening of bottle deteriorates easily causing leaks and spill when shaking. you can see how bad this product is by its price from 20 so dollars to 8 dollar + get 1 free....

admiralbuddha's Rating

The bottle feels very cheaply made. More like water bottle more than anything else.

dumari's Rating

I would recommend to anybody looking for a great tasting intra workout drink. The fruit punch taste exactly like hawian punch. Even after lifting heavy i am not sore. I know that i am able to recover faster only thanks to this product.

gabylifts's Rating

I dropped it a few times and it never spills and it's super cute!

Revieant's Rating

so far so good. My only gripe is that is claims to be a shaker bottle when clearly its just a small water bottle. For the price of this bottle you could get a good shaker bottle instead that would be more durable. i received this product free during a promotion

mejunior's Rating

I feel mislead by the label "mixer." There is nothing inside that acts as a mixer. Unless I was shorted a part this is nothing more than a cheap water bottle.

klong3's Rating

I loved this bottle! I actually received two from a promotional and I instantly loved them. I was actually using them a lot for my 5 year old son. He dropped it twice the other day and it pretty much shattered. So my only complaint would be they are not as durable as I would like them to be. Like some of the other reviews the cap is not as sturdy as some other bottles as well, but it was enough for me. Even when my son dropped it twice the cap didn't come off, the meat of the bottle broke.

andyguy's Rating

I really enjoyed this bottle before I broke it!! Had a great seal that would not leak should it spill and fit perfectly in one's hand. However, it does not have a lot of volume which results into having to constantly refill it, but that didn't stop me from making it my primary bottle.

danielmott's Rating

Great for what it is. Holds about 18oz of liquid. Only complaint I have is that the top is easy to open, so to me personally I think it might open up when I wouldn't want it to. Other than that it's great. After all it's just a bottle, but it's small, holds enough liquid for any task, and easy to maintain.

Bobali's Rating

Shaker cap not tight enough and easily open by mistake, also the shaker has a nick and this make the fluid goes unsmooth.

tommyd121185's Rating

One of the best shakers out there. RSP does it again!

sarahyeager's Rating

Love this for my pre-workout! Super unique bottle, does its job!

1-20 of 54 Reviews