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Supports Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Mass, Increased Metabolism and Appetite Control*

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Hatxmom75's Rating

I started taking this because I am cycling off a thermogenic with caffeine, but trying to avoid the weight gain I had when I cycled off before. This product is great!! I haven't gained back any weight and I like the fact that I can drink coffee now since I don't like going overboard with caffeine and avoided extra caffeine while on the other thermogenic. It has given me some extra energy and I all around live the fact there are no side effects, other than losing fat!!! I feel like I sweat a lot more during high intensity training. If I was more strict with my diet, I'd probably be loosing more weight, but I'd rather loose the weight slower and enjoy my occasional glass of wine and tasting of deserts!

Aug 12, 2017 |