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Supports Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Mass, Increased Metabolism and Appetite Control*

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hardejes's Rating

This product curbs the appetite, however I have been taking this product for two months and have not noticed anything special. They only thing I noticed is overwhelming fatigue and tiredness. I’ve bulked up since this using Quadralean. I was hoping I would Lean out instead!

rogerbenton21's Rating

Hands down one of the best supps I’ve used. Along with a good diet and exercise plan, this helped me cut serious fat. I love all RSP products, especially for the price.

devinejonjr's Rating

Great product for fat loss. Gave me tons of energy without the jitters and never made my stomach hurt. Most of the other fat burners I've tried made me sick, but this being stimulant free helped a lot.

askirk321's Rating

Loved this product, will definitely be adding it back into my caffeine free line up.

kchamp89's Rating

This product is a great stimulant-free weight loss agent, that leads to great results when paired with regular diet and exercise. I used this consistently on a daily basis (3 capsules twice a day), and felt zero jitters and a decent amount of appetite suppression. Not to mention, I felt my mid-section tightening up especially on ab days. I would highly recommend this product!

rob0624's Rating

I love this product. I don’t have to worry about jitters and I’ve lost 17 lbs in a month and a half.

Harleyskull's Rating

Love this product in six months I lost 30 lbs on it!!!!! Love it!!!!

Athomas0237's Rating

Extremely happy with the results from adding this to my routine! No extra caffeine allows me to take this when ever I will be eating!

gcolling11's Rating

one of the best products i've ever tried. It does what it claims. It has helped me lose and maintain my weight.

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Leli22's Rating

Honestly, I really like this product. It does what it claims without feeling any jitters. It has helped me lose and maintain my weight.

twofastfouru85's Rating

I love the product it keeps me in check with my food intake/appetite and metabolism. I did not lose too much weight, but that’s because I was only needed to lose 5- 10 lb. One of my favorite thing about it is stimulant free no jiggers product. Which mean you can use it anytime of the day even a few hours before going to bed. Note: For most people you will not see results fast. IT is NOT a magic pill. Some of us might need a few months. Remember Rome was not built in 1 day it takes time! So be patient and you will see results. Overall, It is a great product I highly recommend but just remember take the recommended dosage, have good health meal plan, and train hard

ampelio's Rating

Fan of Quadra lean, great product. With the proper diet and training I have lost weight and abdominal fat the most, have recommended this product to all my friends at the gym and all of those are very happy with the results.

police21786's Rating

Great product. It's not going to do the work for you and you're not going to shave tons of weight off but when I consistently take it I definitely feel the effects and notice the difference. With a good exercise and nutrition routine this is a must to keep the results looking their best. Also... it's a great psychological booster when your cheat day the night before went a little too far!

gporcaro's Rating

This is literally the only product that doesn’t ever make me feel “weird” would definitely recommend.

jsmith68's Rating

I like this product but I think it's even better for my wife. She's sometimes caught off-guard with how it manages to control her appetite when she least expects it. I've become a fan of this company and will continue to buy.

Maegancodonnell's Rating

I have tried similar products in the past, and RSP QuadraLean works great at an even better price! You do have to stick to a caloric deficit (good nutrition and exercise as with any weight loss) but the results are sped up, plus I feel like knowing results are coming sooner gives me a better incentive to stay on track with my diet too!

rossglass's Rating

good stuff, i like it because it is stim free and gives results

lkgrimes's Rating

I would definitely recommend this product to others, especially if u want the fat lose effects without the jigggers

Firerake617's Rating

Suitable for use any time of the day, I have even used this at bedtime with no ill effects. Optimizes metabolism for enhanced fat loss Enhances exercise performance Helps preserve lean muscle

jasonebruner's Rating

Very effective and results come quickly. Would recommend this if you are not into thermogenic products as you don't feel the jitters or other side effects as some other fat burners.

1-20 of 684 Reviews