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Supports Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Mass, Increased Metabolism and Appetite Control*

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jackdaniels40's Rating

Thanks to this Quadra Lean i have been able to sick with a diet for 3 months. That alone has helped me lose fat and lean for thi pool timbre around. The plus was my metabolism is moving much faster but i believe all of our factors together when doing it properly.

Deon25's Rating

When it comes to getting those last few pounds off with a Good diet. This is my choice for a fat burner. RSP really put together a good ingredient packed fat burner here. I highly recommend

Fectined1996's Rating

This product is fake. Doesnt work do not buy it not worth 1 cent!

Parturne20's Rating

Does not work at all. Do not purchase. Waste of money.

Pharcubletes's Rating

Did nothing for me.

Mard1991's Rating

have been taking for a week still have been eating everything in sight still. nasty after taste that lingers for hours after taking it.

Granties's Rating

Save your money it doesn't work!

Besided's Rating

really feel robbed, this product done little to curve my hunger and I'm not losing any weight

cappy924's Rating

I love this product when I am on prep , it helps to cut fat ! RSP MAKES THE BEST FAT BURNER !

Dreatenty91's Rating

Dreatenty91 did not leave a written review for this product.

RobertProspect's Rating

QuadraLean is quite the product. I have always been a bit "iffy" in regards to magic pills to lose weight. With proper nutrition and a fitness plan, you will work towards your goals no problem. With that said, adding QuadraLean into the mix gives me that extra WOW factor when I need energy and focus to maximize my workouts to the fullest. I have used this during all times of the day with great results. With that said, because it is a thermogenic, I would not recommend this near bedtime. Otherwise.....another RSP product for the win!

ProjectJuan's Rating

This product was just what I was looking for something that would help me slim down without the stimulant it helps knowing that it's natural and the company put great effort in their product this product really helps me since it is tough for me to cut down or wait sometimes I will always recommend this to anybody

foozfitness's Rating

I wanted a product that aided in fat loss but didn't have any stimulants or harmful ingredients. I came across Quadralean about 1 year ago and haven't switched to another product yet. Great stuff!

Itssmemarioo's Rating

Really great product to help lose weight and definitely tone up. I stack it with amino lean and it definitely helped! I feel leaner and I've told friends about it and they love it as well! Definitely results will come if u work hard

jlegg410's Rating

I love this product because not only does it work it's stimulant free. I drink coffee in the morning upon waking and also take a high caffeine preworkout. So having my fat burner without caffeine is a must. This product is easy to take as well as effective. I definitely would buy again .

Brandtw's Rating

This is a good choice if your looking to lose some weight but are also trying to cut back on stims. It's really easy to use just one serving twice a day with your biggest meals. My girlfriend uses this product during her cuts and she loves it. Another good thing about this product is that if your going on a really aggressive cut you can even stack it with a stimulant based fat burner such as quadra lean thermogenic for an even greater effect.

rawmatador's Rating

Coming up in competition and this has really helped me stay lean and cut. I am also able to get the proper sleep and rest for recovery. I highly recommend trying this for people that want to try sobering with no stimulants.

melaniedespina's Rating

One of my favorite products. It's perfect to take in the evening since there is no stimulants or caffeine contained in this product! I love to take it in the afternoons before a workout, and right before bed. Great product!

r01223241's Rating

This product was decent. I don't like thermogenic weight loss products so this was a must try! Talked to a rep from RSP after my first round and they recommended CLA oil which helped during my second cycle. RSP rules!

jreyn77's Rating

I started using this along with DyN.O. to get more out of my workouts while also leaning out. It has probably been my favorite combination of supplements I've ever used. And being stim free, you don't have to worry about any jittery feelings. I would highly recommend this product.

1-20 of 307 Reviews