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CLA To Support Increased Metabolism And Support Weight Management*

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Krastoff's Rating

I've been using this CLA for about two months now. I've noticed I have gotten leaner while cutting a lot of cardio out of my workouts. I would recommend to anyone to try it and see. It's worth experimenting, as it works for me I think.

AshleyRamos's Rating

I highly recommend CLA becasue It has helped me with my metabolism. As well as, It has helped me lose extra weight.

WalshSwole's Rating

I walk 30 minutes a day using this product and I have been taking it for a week now and I weighed myself and saw that I lost 7 pounds. It is really a good product!

MamieArnold's Rating

CLA is my favorite product out there because it has helped me get lean and also gain muscle!

GwendolynFraz's Rating

Using CLA has helped me get leaner quicker then any other product. I am very happy with it!

DevilWearsRada's Rating

This product works... I could honestly leave it at that but let me go into detail... I've tried a few others and they just never really did much for me... once I started using all RSP products, changes occurred... I started to lean out dramatically (and achieved the leanest physique I've ever had, coincidence that this happened after switching to RSP? I think not!) Just trust me when I say you have to add CLA to your supplement stack... it'll dramatically expedite your progress especially if you're trying to achieve a lean/toned physique!

JennFitLife's Rating

If you really want results CLA works amazing! it helped me a lot to lose weight and makes me feel more energy

NeilYoungFit's Rating

I have lost more then 3 pounds in a week! I love CLA!!

LelaJenkins's Rating

CLA has been great to me. It has helped me shred down my weight and make me look more cut.

MelindaFoster's Rating

I have lost inches on my waist and I'm very happy...I love cla

FitGirlChung's Rating

CLA has helped me a lot with my metabolism, losing weigh,t and gaining my muscles.

ThelmaWillis's Rating

Great product to lose fat. I am losing body fat and weight but gaining muscle and I am absolutely happy about that.

carmengonzales's Rating

One of my favorite supplements! It works really good!

JamesWallacet's Rating

perfect for losing weight! I love it!!

ChrisPowel's Rating

I have lost 10 pounds in almost 3 weeks. I have never lost this much weight so quick because it is hard for me. I recommend this product.

ShaunGuerrero's Rating

Absolutely love this product form RSP. I was recommended to try it from a friend because they love it. I can totally see why they loved this product because so do I now. It works great!

CecilColemany's Rating

Very satisfied and happy! This product works and doesn’t stop working. It keeps me going and keeps me burning my fat!

VictoriaGriffin's Rating

I am very satisfied with this company! They have made a great product that actually does what it is supposed to do. I am going to continue to use it.

JoannaBarton's Rating

Great product with no side effects. It doesn’t make me feel weird and actually works.

RyanWelchn's Rating

I would recommend this product for everyone to try. It has helped me gain my energy back and has helped me gain my confidence back.

1-20 of 493 Reviews