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CLA To Support Increased Metabolism And Support Weight Management*

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DevilWearsRada's Rating

Definitely a must for me and my favorite CLA thus far. Helps with fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass... what more could you want?!

Carrie238's Rating

I must have RSP CLA while I'm on prep for show. It makes cutting so much easier. Along with a good diet of course. But when I start up CLA I notice the changes within 48 hours. Digestion becomes more efficient and body starts to tighten. There are other CLAs out there but trying a lot of them I keep going back to RSP. Quality is top and makes a huge difference when taking CLA.

bradmac43's Rating

I love this product from RSP! I have been using this for a few years and it has become a staple in my supplements. It helps in body composition and aids in fat loss when used correctly. I stack it with QuadraLean Thermo and after each meal. It has definitely helped with my definition. I strongly recommend RSP and this product.

sallyHealthy's Rating

You really get your money's worth here. I feel it lasts forever even taking 6000 mg a day. It has helped suppress my cravings at night and really seeing myself defined.

Dianduong's Rating

Super sweet deal on these (BOGO). Can't beat the price and has 2000mg!!

WillQ11's Rating

I heard very good things about cla from multiple people so I gave it a try to help my fat loss before the summer. I went through two 180 count bottles and consistency is everything with this from my experience. Stick with and results will come.

GabrieNash's Rating

I first started taking 2 with food 3 times a day. I noticed great results after the bottle was done with 4-6 grams a day.

blade42's Rating

Love it! I take 2000mg of CLA 2-3 times a day with/before meals. It's a solid addition to my regimen.

meghanbm's Rating

RSP's CLA's work so well. They assist me in weight loss and provide extra energy- I use these CLA's in unison with their thermos and this is a GREAT way to cut weight and get ready for summer. RSP's products are AWESOME and stand up to what they do to-love this product!

nicklee1992's Rating

The amount of energy i get out of this is amazing i live the feeling i get from this is amazing i would recommend this to anybody

bmg0222's Rating

This CLA has become a must have for my every day supplements along with the LeanOmega. Together they work wonders with providing me with all of the micronutrients I need and helping me to achieve and see the results I've been working to get for over a year now. Everyone should try at least one of these products, but if you can, purchase both of them together! You won't regret it!

ryancgarcia's Rating

Rsp is definently my go to supplement company. I use the cla along with a caloric deficit and I always get great results I definently recommend rsp

nspec15's Rating

Definitely one of my favorite RSP products. I've used it a couple times now and I've never been disappointment with my results. Each time I've used it, I've had a different workout routine and nutrition plan and it worked with all those variations. Highly recommed for that little assistance in weight management.

stphnemtclf's Rating

I really enjoy taking this product. I got the opportunity in December to try it and fell in love. This supplement helps with weight loss as it removes far from the body. It is important to follow the directions of intake to get the best results.

dk5bdubs's Rating

I love using CLA as a stimulant-free fat burning product. This allows me to use the product as various times throughout the day while watching my overall caffeine & stimulant intake. I simply take 1 softgel 3x per day with 1 gel at each of my 3 largest meals. The pills are easy to take & swallow and don't have an unpleasant taste whatsoever. I feel that when I use this product year-round that it helps me maintain my physique and keep my overall weight in check.

LudwigFitness's Rating

CLA awesome omega 6 I take 3 capsules a day each with one meal, I love how my body responds to it! Great product if you're trying to look good year around!

kcrollins4's Rating

During ketosis I was taking CLA three times a day with a meal. It helped with managing my target weight of 185 pounds, helping me keep off the fat I had lost. It was helpful for me.

GymGirlFitt's Rating

These are betty easy to take and easy to track with meals. I take 2 three times a day. I have slimmed add feel it in my loose clothes. This works great for me.

MelanieBlake's Rating

This cla helped suppress my appetite add lose a good chunk of fat. This has been a staple in daily supps everyday like protein.

264994854's Rating

I got constipation from it. Maybe it is not common but it does happen to me and I regretted I bought two...

1-20 of 331 Reviews