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Supports A Healthy Metabolism, Thermogenesis & Lipolysis!*

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mvd546's Rating

Taste/Mixability-10/10-I have tried both the mandarin and watermelon capsi blast flavors and both were great tasting. I really don't care about the taste when choosing supplements, but it's definitely a plus when they are great tasting. Mixability is also pretty good, but once in awhile you'll get a few particles and the red pepper burning after taste. Doesn't bother me though. Energy/Focus-9.5/10-Capsi Blast provided me with a good amount of sustained energy. Wasn't like a rush of energy, but constant energy through my long 2 hour days of training. Always had good focus and was in the zone with capsi-blast. Weight loss/Thermo effect- 9.5/10- Lost 5 lbs while using capsi-blast with a bad diet. Every day of training I was sweating with 10 minutes in the gym. Didn't even have to be doing much and I was soaked in sweat. It's also very affordable compared to other fat burning products on the market. Overall-10/10- Promera has many great supplements on the market and capsi is another one of them. I would recommend capsi-blast to anyone that wants a solid affordable supplement to lose weight and give you a extra boost in the gym.

Jul 5, 2014 |