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Gluten Free, Kosher, and Vegetarian with No Artificial Colors or Flavors*

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adamhyesfitness's Rating

So far, I have tried 5 different flavors of these Promax bars, and they have all been amazing. Definetly will be buying more of them. Great macros, but a higher sugar content, but in the end, if, for example, me, I dont eat candy and drink soda everyday, so the sugar amount isnt neccessary to stress over. I mean, thats what 30g of added sugar compared to most people who might eat 100g of sugar aswell as loads of saturated fat and carbs without caring.. also, sugar isnt gonna hurt you, train right, and you wont gain weight, its just extra calories really. So, i'd give these bars an honest 10/10 because they've all been amazing. The brownie fudge bar was the best I'd have to say and it really tasted like a genuine brownie which was awesome. Texture is perfect and I cant taste the whey in the bars (see but not taste) so that is a good thing. Really happy overall with their bars.

sethgallen's Rating

I absolutely love these bars. The thing about the taste is it doesnt taste bad it just isnt that strong. They more or less dont have a taste its kind of weird. The flavor isnt very potent but thats okay with me because it isnt overpowering or anything. I have braces right now and after getting them tightened these are SO easy to eat. My absolute favorite thing about these is how soft they are. They are the softest and easiest to eat protein bars I have ever had and I have tried dozens. I highly recommend these for people who dont really mind the lack of flavor. They go down really easy anyway so the flavor doesnt matter to me.

Tyler2106's Rating

This is an amazing tasting protein bar! I absolutely love the flavors. I have tried both fudge brownie and cookies and cream and both are on point with their flavors. Cookies and cream is the perfect mix of cookies and cream and the fudge brownie tastes just like you'd expect from a fudge brownie. I highly recommend you try these bars! Great for snack, meals, pre or post workout!

Jdot5's Rating

Promax has a winner with their Lemon flavored Promax bars. The texture is just right and the flavor is very delicious. The price point is 12 bars for $15.79 which is a steal, much lower than most 12 box bars. The macros of the bar is where my only critique is. It does have 20 grams of protein and 6g of fat which is friendly. Although it has 39grams of carbs which isn't too bad, 28grams of sugar is pretty high. Because of it having that amount of sugar, for myself I would use the bar solely for preworkout and postworkout where fast digesting carbs are preferred. Otherwise, Promax did a great job with the Lemon bar and I would use again as well as try out other flavors to see if the flavors are as good as the lemon. I would recommend to a friend especially for a solid preworkout and postworkout bar full review here:

cale10's Rating

Don't normally write bad review but I think these deserve one. I bought two boxes one Greek Yogurt and the other Nutty Butter Crisp. The Greek Yogurt one is the worst bar I have ever had both consistency wise and taste (I would compare it to sawdust). I would pick a cheap bulk Costco protein bar over these which says a lot. Also I was really hoping with what the macros are that they would be really tasty since they were quite a bit higher in Carbs and Fat but they did not deliver.

courtneytrisha1's Rating

I've only tried Cookies n Cream, and it was okay. Kind of a lot of carbs and sugar compared to other bars. It was nice and thick, but you could really taste the whey protein. I like how inexpensive it is though. Will definitely try other flavours

RoadPigJohn's Rating

Flavoring is one of a kind. Promax Greek Yogurt Honey Nut is totally different than other flavors I tried before. It is indeed very tasty and easy to digest in the stomach. It kept me on the right track to wait for my next meal during the day. I would defiantly recommend it for people already on a diet and for the ones looking for the right start.

avionsuelp's Rating

These are the bars are awesome. 30g of protein, 40g carbs does a meal or post workout right, The only down fall is that it is loaded with sugar so defiantly watch your sugar count for the day. But with them being so loaded makes it even better compared to general cookies with creme. They also fill me up during class!

trishri's Rating

I have tried 3 different brands of protein bars and these are by far my favorite. The Chocolate Peanut Crunch tastes like a candy bar because they are chewy with a bit of crunch. I also like this flavor because it had the least amount of sugar. I didn't care for the Lemon Bar flavor. It was very grainy, tart but also sweet. Cookies 'N Cream was just okay but probably because I'm not a big fan of Oreos. I didn't care for the Nutty Butter Crunch. It was too grainy and lacked flavor.

jtspeidel's Rating

The flavor and texture of the chocolate chip cookie dough was amazingly similar to that of real cookie dough. The protein content of these bars was good, the only major problem I had with them is that they contained too much sugar as the ratio 20:7:37 of protein:fat:carbs demonstrates (25g of of the 37 are sugar). If the bars dropped the sugar down to 5-10 and kept mostly the same flavor, I would likely buy again.

snowman08's Rating

these bars have way too much sugar in them nutty butter crisp was very delicious but cookie dough was so disgusting i gave the rest of the box away

jcmelton's Rating

Great tasting product that does not weigh you down. Great ratio of protein to carbs for that extra energy that you may need on the go.

Mforant8's Rating

Tastes great, good protein bar.

bking315's Rating

Good for a protein bar.

Mochamiles's Rating

My favorite protein bar! Delicious, soft and chewy. Pretty good nutritional stats.

flipskills25's Rating

flipskills25 did not leave a written review for this product.

vlopez's Rating

My overall favorite protein bar. Have been using these for the past year exclusively. Great ingredient profile. Great taste (Lemon Bar and Nutty Butter are my favs). 20g of protein. This is my go-to mid morning snack and also satisfies my sweet-tooth cravings.

arencz4's Rating

Great tasting! Loved the lemon flavor

kmartell84's Rating

kmartell84 did not leave a written review for this product.

jwill44240's Rating

Promax bars are some of the best tasting bars on the market. I picked these up because I was looking for a protein bar that contained at least 20g of protein, and were relatively affordable. Promax bars fit all the criteria, and are one of my favorite protein bar to date. The flavor is outstanding, I have tried the lemon, chocolate Peanut crunch, and Nutter Butter crisp all of them taste great. They contain a suitable amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and potassium but contain a lot of sugar in some of them anywhere from 20 to 30 grams depending on what flavor you get. It makes them a good choice for a good pre-workout or mid day snack, breakfast supplement bar as you will burn thru the sugar content during your workouts. The value of these bars is very good as well as compared to others. Promax bars are a cheap, effective, great tasting and convenient way to get a little extra protein in your diet throughout the day, and a good pre-workout snack choice with the carbs and protein they provide. They are good for anyone on a bulk, meal replacement, or if you want one of the best tasting bars on the market. I would definitely recommend these.

1-20 of 150 Reviews