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Individually Strengthens Each Finger For Maximum Power And Endurance!

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dogmanden1's Rating

This gripper is a quality device. Gives the hands/fingers an excellent workout.

kodaknix's Rating

Love it .Its the best one I have ever used

zachjob's Rating

Excellent build and quality. It has a very strong resistance setting to begin with, so I look forward to pushing myself with it to increase my grip and forearm strength.

corritaylor82's Rating

I have carpal tunnel and this really has helped me! Of course the carpal tunnel is not gone, but I can maintain work a little longer and can exercise a bit better!

SRTPT03's Rating

I bought the heavy and extra heavy and I love these things, I never realized how weak my pinky's were compared to my other fingers, after continuously using them I noticed different parts of my forearm were soar, obviously working some muscles that I don't use regularly. Also before using these I used to get forearm pains when doing curls, but after a week and a half with these I don't get those pains anymore, that alone made this purchase well worth it for me.

fojerbachas's Rating

esp. good for thumb training.

Rosendo23's Rating

The prohand exercisers work great, I do have smaller hands and had no difficulty using them. Even had one of my roommates mention to me that this product is great for the guitarist trying to get more control over their less agile fingers like the pinky.

ammnmfx1979's Rating

Great product for Increasing fingers and forearm strength and endurance .

bkow493's Rating

This product has definitely helped with the dexterity in my hands and the overall strength of my grip. Also, it has made stress balls pretty much obsolete for me! Just pull this out and go to town on it for a few minutes when theres some downtime at work or during a commercial break on TV.

Unerware's Rating

Product works great and feels solid. Works exactly as described. It's not too stiff for most of my fingers but I did notice that I can't squeeze all the way with my pinky and ring finger that I injured years ago. I wish I went with a lighter tension model but the product works great.

KetsMarina's Rating

KetsMarina did not leave a written review for this product.

SereousSem's Rating

Very nice and helpful with training and day-to-day stuff. Really solid and worth while product, i only wish there was a harder one+maybe the company would consider making it with a solid base instead of 2 sets of springs as it is now. And a nice gift to anyone who's interested in some hand strenght and stability

brianwu's Rating

I've been using this as a daily routine for 150-200 reps for about a month and I've noticed that my grip doesn't fatigue as quickly. My greatest surprise was when I was able to deadlift 315 lbs in my working sets strapless just by using (liquid) chalk (there was no way I could deadlift 300 lbs without straps before). Of course, my forearm exercises also contributed, but I believe that this device with its daily routine significantly helped improve my grip strength/endurance. My forearms are also getting that striated muscular look.

dukeofmetal05's Rating

Great product! Increased finger and forearm strength. Greater stability in the gym.

JohnM94's Rating

JohnM94 did not leave a written review for this product.

bones841's Rating

definantly helped with my grip strength

m101's Rating

Good product, helped increase my grip strength and overall strength in hands and forearms.

1-18 of 18 Reviews