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grizzywald's Rating

Three levels of power resistance.(20-50 lb) Owned for about 3 weeks now.Reliable,Durable,and Cost efficient. Great for Seated rows,Seated twists,Behind back Tri-extension,Dead lifts,Lateral Raises and Resistance push-ups...etc Also helps with punch power for karate and summer time outdoor workouts. Ps. Door anchor is also useful for a multitude of exercises not shown in Pro-source book.Remember to install door anchor near hinge on swing side.

these bands come in real handy for pumping up backstage at shows. Nice clips on the end let the handles atatch easily

janeirombullard's Rating

janeirombullard did not leave a written review for this product.

RootBeer0542's Rating

They seemed to be of very good quality, however after only a couple uses the heaviest band snapped and now only has one handle intact. I can still use the broken band with one handle for certain exercises, but I've been sure not to stretch the other two bands too far in fear of them breaking too. They work well if you don't try and stretch them too far.

Project89's Rating

love it, they're durable and worth the price

I bought to pump up at a recent studio photo shoot, since then I have incorporated them into my routine. Quality is great resistance is amazing! Will never travel without them! When traveling they are way better than most hotel gyms!

Comegitsum's Rating

These are kind of awkward at first but you get used to them.

Recon1505's Rating

This is my first time using a band system and I must admit I am liking the pump. The constant tension brings a whole new aspect to the effectiveness of my workouts. The ********* bands come as advertized, great quality and they appear to be made last. And as far as your guys service? Fantastic! You guys got me for life. You are my one stop source for all my fitness needs. I look forward to working with you guys for many years to come.

ColinJacob's Rating

I've been using this for about 3 weeks now. The door stopper is sturdy and I am not worried about it snapping out of place. These bands are an upgrade from my previous band. Sturdy and I definitely feel some resistance especially with arm routines.

1-9 of 9 Reviews