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Portable Pull-Up Bar with Multiple Grip Positions!

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Bman31389's Rating

Easy to put together, strong, lots of options grip wise. no issues at all had it for 3 months

Rawrior15's Rating

This chin-up & pull-up bar is awesome! Pretty easy to assemble and feels sturdy while in use. Having the option to do pull-ups or chin-ups, even hanging abs with medicine balls whenever you want is a real game changer. It's even great for alternating push-up grips when taken down from the doorway and placed on the ground. The shipment time was amazing...2 days! Overall, I love this product and highly recommend!

rohaan66's Rating

I have been using these kind of door pull bars for many years, But This "Doorway Chin-Up & Pull-Up Bar" is the best till date, This is definitely stronger and is of better quality . Also has an inch extra on both the sides to fit better on all regular doorways with a better grip

Kathleen Tesori's Rating

--The delivery came in two days. It was well packaged in a long flat box. --Easy assembly. --It fit my door frame perfectly! I like doing pull-ups and abdominal raises in the privacy of my home instead of the gym especially since I am not really good at them. I really enjoy having this bar because I am doing a lot more pull ups and abdominal raises which are essentials to building muscle and endurance. I think it is a great idea for people to have workout accessories in their home.

butfucker's Rating

I gave this product a 7 because one og the bars was drilled incorrectly. I t works well without it. Delivery was excellent .

shayelled's Rating

Honestly, I have only had it set up for a day...but I LOVE IT. I was a little hesitant because I have seen so many funny videos of people falling while using them...but I have no fears with this one. It is sturdy, I didn't even use the jacks to put in the wall. It fits great with my door ways and I can't wait to be a beast when it comes to pull ups. One downside is that I'm about 6'0 and I can't really do any leg lifts on it, unless I do a hang pull up and hold myself there..but that's ok! I really just wanted to focus on pull ups with this thing anyway. Easy set up too!!

1-6 of 6 Reviews