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Micro-Concentrated Pre-Workout Intensifier With Caffeine!*

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scream666's Rating

scream666 did not leave a written review for this product.

Nomaadic's Rating

Have the pineapple flavor which is very mild. I like that the taste is light as I can mix it with other stuff. Gives a nice lil pump. I've been using this with Rocket Science for a little extra boost. Not very strong on it's own though.

akcall01's Rating

akcall01 did not leave a written review for this product.

PurpleDrankNJ's Rating

Great energy and solid pumps with a good taste.

champ2685's Rating

good solid pumps. flavor was way to sweet

jwill44240's Rating

Mixes well with same concrete flavors and gives you that extra boosts when you mix them together. These flavors are some of the best I have had as I use for my pre workouts about 15 mins prior which improve focus while boosting and extending the energy effects during workouts.

Zasker's Rating

ok the taste is amazing, but price per serving isnt its strong point. I bought it as at the time it was buy one get one free, its a proprietary blend which im not keen on since i dont know exactly how much of everything is in there. at the end of taking these i am starting to go back onto my standard beta alanine which i buy 1kg for the price of two of these and only taking 10g a day (5g pre 5g post) it lasts alot longer!

Chunkx's Rating

The BetaCret lemon lime is purely amazing! I have the trial size and in one week my endurance/energy increased noticeably. The lemon lime flavor tastes like Lipton tea lemonade. great product!

nhansen87's Rating

Ok pre workout. Nothing special very average thats why I gave it a 5. Taste was good and you don't seem to see a lot of lemon lime so it was a nice change. Mixed well, gave mild energy and mild pumps. Wouldn't buy again, just wasn't my favorite.

Danielfp's Rating

A little disappointing to be honest. It probably is a good PWO for some that aren't overly tolerant to stimulants or are slightly sensitive. Its true that I never felt jittery (great), but I also never felt that pumped. I did get a little bit of extra focus which means the product is not useless but I guess if your not affected much by stimulants then this is a great choice! Btw Blue Raspberry is awesome.

Albudayr's Rating

This is what I need! Few phenomenal ingredients in a small container and I would have a great workout! This pre workout is so underrated, it tastes brilliant and works just fine! I always stack it with Con-Cret and since I run out of it quickly, there is no need to add Con-Cret to my pre workout shake as this one has it and it also has Beta Alanine, Taurine and of course Caffeine!

maxstark's Rating

maxstark did not leave a written review for this product.

Jamhour60's Rating

Good pre-workout that provides a somewhat decent pump

Ab1995's Rating

This Product by far is the best supplement that I've ever put down my throat! I've been using product to Energy for a long time and for some reason....Non of them worked and for the ones that worked.. Didn't last long. So I came across beta Cret and I've tried is and I'm absolutely in love! I'm more focused and Energized And now do to this product I am now able to lift more weights due to the fact that I have much more Energy! -TAST- I've got the Lemon Lime and the Blueberry flavor and it taste sooooo good! No weird after taste its pure enjoyment, And it smells good too! -MIXABILITY- This mixed really well, I was very please,it mixed in a matter of seconds! -STRENGTH- Before I would have a hard time lifting heavy weights due to the fact

Skaterboyroland's Rating

Beta-Cret is the "cleanest" pre-workout I have ever taken. It didn't give me as much energy as some of the other products I've taken, however, the focus it gave me made up for the lack of energy. I really like this pre-workout because it doesn't leave me jittery or give me headaches.

carguy123's Rating

Mixability- 10/10: No foam, no left over residue, and no issues getting Beta-Crete to mix using a shaker. Taste- 9/10 : I enjoyed the Lemon Lime a lot more than the pineapple. Just not a big pineapple guy I guess. I also used a little more water than suggested to dilute the flavor a bit Energy � 8.5/10 : Energy was consistent and jitter free with no real crash afterwards. The energy from Beta-Cret is nothing over the top but is rather a nice smooth, steady, lower stimmed preworkout. 1.5 scoops seemed to be my sweet spot. Focus/Motivation- 8.5/10 : Focus was on point and I was able to dial into my work out and get the job done. I was also motivated and ready to start each set with little rest in-between. Beta-Cret performed very well in this area for me! Pumps- 7.5/10 : The pump I got from Beta-Cret was noting over the top but I did notice a slight increase when performing higher rep workouts. Might want to stack with a pump product if that is what you are looking for. Overall: I was pretty impressed with Beta-Cret�s overall performance and I am a supporter of Promera products. Great company to deal with and excellent proven products. I would recommend Beta-Cret to anyone who is looking for a mild PWO that will assist with energy, focus, and motivation.

rubylowkz's Rating

I've tried beta-cret and it worked pretty good for me, TASTE: I have tried the lemon lime and pineapple flavors and they are really good and they don't have any bad after taste or anything, this is definitely one of the best tasting pre-workouts that I have tried! MIXIBILITY: no problems here , it mixed very smoothly with no foam or grittyness EFFECTS: I could definitely feel the energy and it gave me a bit more focus on my workout OVERALL: 9/10

ausamo2000's Rating

Nice energy and felt like i just wanted to hit the weights after about 15mins after taking it. Also it tasted really good. he has the pineapple one and i wouldent mind drinking that before my workouts at all! Solid pump, mixes great and no crash at all

viniciusgatto's Rating

Nothing special from this pre-workout.

salford1's Rating

The product mixed well, I used more water than suggested as it does have a strong flavor. I could feel the energy and pump throughout my entire workout.

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