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RazoChamp's Rating

This was the first time I supplemented daa. I was a little skeptical at first cuz didn't want to lose my sex drive or have any of the negative effect of steroids or pro hormones. But a wise man once told me go big or go home! Best decision I ever made. I got all the positive results from having the right test levels. (increase sex drive, strength, better sleep, higher metabolism, increased muscle mass, more mental focus, more energy all day!) I noticed results after 3 or 4 days some people are around seven. The only down falls are it doesnt taste the best but if you mix it with a pre work out or crystal light it goes down good. And you have to cycle it. 2 weeks on 1 week off works the best for me, or 3 on 2 off.

flex 2006's Rating

out of all the DAA products i have used Primaforce DAA is at the top!

advertiser's Rating

advertiser did not leave a written review for this product.

abidiaz's Rating

Did not feel it did anything for me when taken as directed. i did feel it worked better for me when taken with my pre-workout NO creatine supplement before working out. did not notice any testosterone boosting effects.

FaceThePain's Rating

I have been using this off and on for 9 months now. I use a little higher dosage than some would suggest at 3 scoops a day for 3 weeks, then 1.5 scoops for 2 weeks, and stay off for a month. Sex drive is UP like nothing I've ever seen. My member hangs thicker when limp and I'm able to get a hard-on at the drop of a dime. Strength wise I haven't seen too much. Confidence is up sky high, however it's more of a very smooth, level, you simply "know" you're the Alpha male type of confidence. No short fuse syndrome here. I plan on stacking this with a test booster, say Test2 and seeing what happens. I HIGHLY suggest this.

muhde98's Rating

D-Aspartic acid has been great. It is not the type of stimulant doused reactions that most people think they are going to get out of everything they take. What it does is work. After taking it for three weeks I really noticed that I gradually gained strength. I did not change my workout habits from before I started to take it. I felt more energy and stamina throughout the day also. As well as libido. This product claims to increase testosterone production in your body by 30-40%; I don't know how much increase I got because of do not test my blood, but I know I felt better. No bs.

thelemac's Rating

I have just finished my first bottle of this. I have been cutting for a while so I really can not comment on DAA's ability to help put on muscle mass. I am trying at the least to maintain what I have. For that this has done very well. I have increased my lifts with a very strict diet and program. What contribution DAA has idk. Where it really is working is that my sex drive is thru the roof. I hope this means that my test levels are up. No noticeable sides. I will take again it is cheap and I think it may have helped.

courtneycasey's Rating

Well it works great, but the acne i got was a dealbreaker. I used it 25 days then stopped because of acne. Im 30 now and had acne when I was 17-23ish. I went away the last 6-7 years with good deit and lots of water. After 5 days I noticed big difference in strengh and all the other good stuff, my boys got larger and I had to shave every day instead of 3 days so I know it works well, very well. At day 5 I had acne start to appear and got bad about day 20, then I started to get a large boil on back of my neck, I never had one before and dont know if it was the DAA or not, but I quit at day 25, the strenghs didnt out weight the acne and very oily skin. I wish it didnt happen that way because I really liked my T levels up, what a great feeling.

wood950's Rating

Works great for me

cadillacula's Rating

This is a really great bang for the buck. I really feel the difference especially in strength, which is the first and most important indication of T levels rising. It usually WRECKS my stomach and digestive track. But if I eat a medium to slow digesting carb with it; eg. rice, toast, etc. My stomach seems to be fine. My friend is taken it too and he has no problem with the stomach but hates the sour tartness it causes.

banditrace's Rating

This would have to be the best test booster I ve used next to 6 oxo. You have to get used to the taste , but you only need to take it once a day witch is also great. After a week you will notice the effects aggression feeling pumped and just general strength gains. I suggest 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off , but in those 4 weeks on hit the gym hard and make the most of it. Have used this product three times now ,also works well stacked with tribulus, that has a high protodioscin and arginine content.

climberchris's Rating

Overall a 9/10 so far. I ordered this on the advice of a friend - it is supposed to increase testosterone, so far - I think it might be, I've been a bit more randy than usual - so maybe it's working. Anyway I ordered DAA again when I saw another brand on sale at so far so good. I really liked that it also came in a small jar and was also a powder (like powdered sugar) and not granular (think table sugar) like some creatine that you can buy - mixed well and no real taste. Rating this a 8/10 and will update it to a 9/10 if I really feel a boost.

SLP47's Rating

Bang for the buck, this is hands down the best test booster or to put it differently it is the polar opposite of Pink Magic.


With all the research done on this I would think more people would use it. On the 2 or 3 day point you feel a difference, strength increase is there, you can def tell. The only problem you have to take about 6 grams a day which makes it like a 15 day supply. And once you stop taking it your test levels go back to what they use to be at, within 3 days of stopping.

adamrochester's Rating

Before taking this product i had my test levels checked at february last year they came back with a level of 6.4 i went back for a 2nd test in september they came back even lower at 4.3 i couldn't believe they were that low in my age group they should be between - 8.0 - 26.0 so i gave this product a shot for 3 weeks on the 2nd week i got my testosterone levels checked in december my levels had tripled ! from the previous test the results came back with 12.3 , the D aspartic acid has proven to me its benefits ! I will be using the D aspartic acid as one of my staple supplements . I will be using the D aspartic acid cycling it with 6 weeks on 6 weeks off.

jomvdb's Rating

Stacking this with T-Up and using it in my preworkout and I am having some of my greatest workouts ever. It's a little tart by itself but in the preworkout you can't even tell it's there.

Hunt13's Rating

Disolves well in water. Seems to get the other supplements into the right places at the right times. Works well with Arginine ethyl ester, Citrulline, and Vitrix...

1-17 of 17 Reviews