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Compact, Low To The Ground Design For Easy Access And Comfort!

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likebeasts's Rating

I bought this bench december 2010. The materials were packed well and securely. The bench feels well made. The instruction manual leaves a lot to be desired, especially since some things are already attached or screwed in, eventhough it is listed on the inventory list. once figuring out the instructions, i built it in about an hour. I had read that some felt this bench to be wobbly. The base itself was stable, And although the back pad can be moved, when actually lying on the bench and benching (I've had 275 lbs. + me= 480) it felt sturdy and i felt no wobble whatsoever. The pads were also surprisingly comfortable, a feature i didn't care to consider, but which i am now grateful for. The only gripe I have is that when doing incline benching the seat pad ( which you sit on) doesn't come up high enough, causing you to slide forward. Other than that, this bench is excellent and quite an upgrade over my Xodus bench. Also, i used the leg extension with this as well, and the bench must be in the back position so that it doesn't fall forward.

jcfavela's Rating

The bench is pretty sturdy and the padding is great. The leg curl attachment works great too. I love that it has wheels so you can easily move it by lift the bottom half of the bench. However, the MAJOR problems I found with the bench is that when you make the back padding flat, it is not level with the padding you sit on. When you look at the bench from a side view, it kind of looks like this: ___- So when you want to bench press, your back is not going to be completely flat. Another thing I found wrong with the bench is that it is very hard to adjust the back padding. I have to step on the base so the bench won't move when I try to adjust it. In the end, I'd buy the powertec power rack system (great equipment) and get a bench from someone else.

jonathantkessler's Rating

surprisingly sturdy. i didnt expect much but got a lot. 10 times more sturdy than a hammerstrenght bench. I also got the leg attachment and love it as well. Im very satisfied with the bench

1-3 of 3 Reviews