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stickoo's Rating

This is the first fat burner i have tried in my life and i didnt like it at all. Only took 1 pill and had to put the Box on second hand market. In the morning 1 took one capsule and it quickly raised my body temprature and felt little strange in the stomach. The training after was good but i felt strange taste in the mouth With fruity burps. After the post workout shake the strange feeling in the stomach and mouth stayed. I didnt enjoy any meal untill mid-day. I also felt bit jittery. I Guess it was too strong for me. With training i want to feel healthy, nice and satisfied. If you are one of those People then dont take this Product.But if you can bear the discomfort maybe it will deliver the reults.

NoRetreatNoSurrender's Rating

Since I'm a heavy set guy, I'm always on the look our for a supplement to aid in fat loss. I'm about half way through my 60 capsules and I'm down about 14lbs (mostly weightlifting/very little in gym cardio). I tried Ripped Freak, for the most part, because I was desperate for fat loss. I take 1 capsule first thing every morning and literally a couple minutes later it kicks in. My stomach is EMPTY and I get this extreme hunger feeling and I feel like I need to eat EVERYTHING. HOWEVER, I would make say slice of toast and 3 eggs scrambled and I can barely finish it. I get so full so fast. As for training, I've only taken the optional second serving twice for an afternoon gym session. And I did indeed feel energized and pump for my workout but the hunger feeling hindered my abilities a bit and made me feel a little sick afterwards. NOTE: Everybody has different experiences and different needs. This product works for me but may not work for you. Know your body and always do your research.

tylerchaamp's Rating

One of the best Fat burners on the market I did a 16 week on ripped freak. first 7 days i did a single pill upon waking up on a empty stomach. then boosted up to 2 pills a day. well worth the time and money, others rate this bad but the reason is, you need to put in the work and eat the right foods. ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN. anyways lost 51lbs in a 16 week cycle. forever a great fat burner, but be ready for that burning stomach sensation!!!

aczarnow's Rating

I first used Ripped Freak back in 2011 and had amazing results. It was potent, raised my body temperature so much that I literally saw that fat crying puddles around me. I wish I kept the packaging then so I could possibly concoct a similar cocktail at home now, because I tried Ripped Freak again a few years later, and the ingredients are definitely different because I really felt no effect. It's probably government regulations that got in the way, so I'm pretty sad. I would love to get my hands on one of those older bottles! Main ingredients now seem to be things you can buy separately for cheaper (raspberry keytones, green coffee beans, etc.). The meal plan and workout is definitely good for a newbie, so that's worth following -- (women need to cut the lowest meal plan either by 1/2 or 2/3 for cutting).

JacobJ95's Rating

Ripped Freak is the real deal. I have tried many other thermogenics such as Animal Cuts and EVL, but Ripped Freak by far surpasses them with results. Since Thanksgiving, 11/24/2016, I have lost 17 LBS as of 12/7/2016, granted I am at a calorie deficit and my goal is to out-work every MF in the gym. Ripped Freak gives me the energy to get through the day and crush my workouts. When working out, I am by far the sweatiest person in the gym. The one downside I have seen with this product is that when I forget to take it I find myself wanting caffeine to counter my tiredness. That could be attributed to my poor sleeping schedule being a college student and holding a part-time job. On a different note, I also agree with the review mentioning a weird yet satisfying 'fruity burp'. I do not eat breakfast every day but I try to take (1) pill a day around 10AM or noon. I feel that my best workouts/results occur when I get to the gym within 4 hours following consumpton.

DomWKG's Rating

DomWKG did not leave a written review for this product.

kimberleythoms's Rating

I have been taking ripped freak for a week now. This has some seriously amazing results so far. The level of this pill is so great, you only have to take one a day. It's a smooth up and keeps me consistent with energy all day. I have struggled to lose the last 30lbs since losing 100 for a long time. I decided to try ripped freak as a boost in my fat but I g. I work out 6 days a week and already in one week I have lost a inch of fat. I am excited to see what happens after 12 weeks! I would totally recommend this, especially if your fat burning needs a good kick! Love the pharmafreak line!

themahdy's Rating

themahdy did not leave a written review for this product.

yoda007's Rating

Great product! I felt like it curbed my appetite, gave me a bit of energy in the morning, and I felt like I got a little skinnier by using it. The only downfall is that some mornings after taking it my stomach would get a little sick, but after eating breakfast that feeling went away. I may use it again in the future.

Ahmet06's Rating

i've been on this for 4 days.. i take this first thing in the AM about 20-25 mins before i have breakfast. I havent had coffee this whole week ( i usually have 2 cups a day) and have sustained energy throughout the day. I also dont find the need for a pre workout... energy and appetite suppression is 10/10... only thing that makes this an overall 9/10 for me is the burps i have, odd fruity? flavored burps until i have my shake around 1130am.. its a bit uncomfortable but it is what it is

lowroller21212's Rating

My first incursion into a fat loss product so I was able to take mental notes on my progress following what's been almost 2 years over the 199 lb, coming from a guy whose used to being 160-175 it took me a long time for my mind to understand how much I grew. Needless to say I began to see real results doing 20 mins cardio with weights, and looking more after my calories plus eating leaner meals with less fat. I lost about 9 lbs, so I am sure Ripped Freak was a boost. I am not exact on the caffeine level but it felt no more than 300 mg, so to get the additional pump (that I tend to get using solo pre workouts) I went with agmatine or similar pump-only products and stacked it with Ripped Freak.

dalefredricks's Rating

I was given the opportunity to log Ripped Freak on the forum. Over all, I really liked it. In the 45 day supply, I lost 8-9lbs. And I will say my diet was not always on point. Cutting over summer is always hard, especially with my birthday and 4th of July mixed in. Always got a good energy boost in the morning from this. No jitters, no headaches when I stopped taking it. Always took 2nd serving about an hour before lunch. For the first 2 weeks or so the appetite control was excellent, but that slowly faded, especially by the end othe bottle. One thing I did notice was a slight change in my attitude towards lifting/working out. Some days I just felt very put off and no interested in lifting. I have been off Ripped Freak for a little over a week now and I have not experienced that since stopping. Not sure if that is related or not, but it is something I noticed and did not experience before I started taking it. Considering this is a supplement you would cycle and not take for long periods of time, this is a not a deal breaker for me. Overall, really enjoyed it! Huge thanks again guys!!

Lana359's Rating

Doesn't give me the jitters, I can get through my heavy leg days, it gives me a boost during my cardio & I have lost 10 pounds! I've only been taking for about a month, so I'll update my review, if anything changes.

krankphreak's Rating

This is the 3rd thermo fat burner I've tried (that was not a 3 pill sample pack or something that you can't get a good idea of) and so will compare it with the other two. First off, easy to swallow pills. I took one in the morning upon waking per the instructions, and never needed a 2nd dose, even 9 hours later before the gym. Sometimes I would do early morning workouts right after taking my dose, which I would recommend, especially if you are trying to burn fat. My energy levels rose gradually with no jitters whatsoever. The ingredients in this do not hit you all at once for an energy smackdown, but as designed they work gradually. The heat thermo seems to kick in about 3-4 hours after dosing, which is great since it is usually after my early workout. My stomach, although already somewhat defined, reaped the benefits of this. It's not hard chisled, but it is a little bit more defined, perfect for the rest of summer. definitely recommend this product. No stomach cramps or GI issues with this either. I gave it a 9 only because I like to really feel things kick in instead of a gradual build. Just a preference.

Jdot5's Rating

I took Ripped freak 6 weeks into my prep with another 6 weeks to go. While on it, I was able to burn fat and it help with appetite suppression as I was cutting back on calories while hitting the weights 6 days a week and doing cardio twice a day. Also the energy was consistent and wasnt something that kept you wired all night (I was able to still get to sleep on time even though I was taking an evening serving. I would use again for sure and definitely recommend to a friend

oconns28's Rating

I was given the opportunity to try this RippedFreak from PharmaFreak by TeamBarbarian. I want to say I love it!! I just finished the bottle and for me personally I feel like a RippedFreak now. Seeing my abs for the first time in my life! This definitely helped me lose weight faster. It gives you an amazing energy boost. I am up at 5:00 Am hitting the gym by 5:30 and just ready to tackle the world! I would highly recommend this product to people that need that extra energy boost and kick in the butt to lose weight! Helped cut my appetite as well! Give it a try! You won't regret it! Only reason I gave it a 9 is because nearing the end of the bottle it didn't give me the same boost...but that's not really a fault of the product. Just the way the body works!

Mekkaaa's Rating

I bought this product about 3 weeks ago , I started to notice an increase in energy , and increase in my weight training I now lift heavier than before ,but in order for the product to work you must be on a proper diet , result in weight loss is some what limited but I did see some weight loss , I would defiantly recommend this product

Ralfsteel's Rating

Hello there , i have been reading about this product and reviews for a long time a i thought to give it a try and i ordered it i have been using it for around 4 days and literally speaking i don't understand that it didn't work on me i am not saying that this product is bad may be it doesn't suit me, may be. i feel nothing after taking the pill in the morning , no energy , no focus nothing, before that i was using RIPPED HARDCORE from Chained Nutrition and believe me it was so dam good that it give me boost, , a hell of energy the whole day and focus with a lot of fat loss i live in Sweden and majority people uses this product here and i am going back to this fat burner again and leaving Ripped freak and as i said may be this product does not suit me as it suits every other .........

joeyzac45's Rating

Energy for workout is good, not too intense however the appetite suppression was gone after about a week, and I rely on that to help curb cravings....I DO NOT recommend

JackieBean's Rating

My Boyfriend and I just started using Ripped Freak. We read the reviews before purchasing it and now we see what everyone is talking about. We started off with only taking one pill in the morning with breakfast and drinking lots of water. We had no negative side effects. I started to feel more energized and active within 30 minutes! I didn't do any workouts but stuck to my healthy eating. I weighed myself on our Fitbit scale in the morning, then again in the evening before bed. In one day I had lost 2 lbs! I have been needing this extra boost to help me with my weight loss goal and I have finally found it. All it takes is one pill to give you that push and it keeps you going all day long.

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