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Amino Acids Are Essential To Support Lean Muscle Growth And Overall Health!*

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brosly22's Rating

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selffirst's Rating

This is a supplement a must The pills are large but if you drink a couple of gulps of water before swallowingthem it will reduce the chance of pills sticking in your throat...

yinonleshem76's Rating

amazing product love it and use it everyday!!

curtbeccue15's Rating

This is an awesome product. The arginine accentuated my veins, the BCAA's helped me gain lean mass all the while losing almost 5 pound sterling of fat. The full array of amino acids are absolutely worth it, and it's a rather cheap supplement.

whytyaborrygyny's Rating

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These are great but be warned - don't try to swallow them. They have a neutral taste so I chew them: the tabs are quite large.

sawiukas's Rating

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Justmajor's Rating

This is a must have for every post workout exercise. Whether I am on an on cycle or off cycle, 2 pills of this with my post workout protein shake is a must. You get what your body needs, fast. Some people have complained about the size of the pill, but I take 2 of these along with 4 capsules of my post workout supplements at the same time with my first gulp of protein.

robbiejoe7's Rating

This product is good. But the size of the "tablets" is a bit understated. Very difficult to swallow but better if you break them in half. I can tell the difference in recovery, especially after an eccentric work out.

great product, pills are a bit to big to swallow but worth the money.

I love the results - I feel like it positively impacts my mood, weight, appetite, energy, workouts, sleep, recovery and muscles! I definitely look and feel better. I do hate that I have to crush them up. It is literally the biggest pill I have ever seen/taken. It feels like a dam in my esophagus. I felt like I had to deep throat it and I literally needed an entire bottle of water to get it down and I still wasn't confident it went all the way down. I initiatially tried cutting them in half but they were super sharp and felt like I was swallowing really wide swords. I recommend crushing them. :) Positive outweighs the negative, for sure.

Ricman552's Rating

No matter the size, i love this pills cauze it give all the amino you need in a day, complete, cheep and it work.

Ecellent except the big size of pills that is somehow not easy to swollow without water or juice.

This product delivers on its main promise of faster recovery with its amino blend the one downside would be that the "smaller, EASIER to swallow" tablets are still quite difficult to get through. I break single tablets into two before downing them down.

JustinLynn23's Rating

Product works great, they do look like some horse pills.. But all that needs to be done is for them to tack on "chewable tablets" on the lable.. I don't know who would actually try to swallow these things.. They have a chalky taste, nothing crazy.

brandonpetkus's Rating

I have been using 2222 for years. I still do. I love this product. I know it works, I can feel it but the size is ridiculous. I would rather take double the pills if they were half the size. They use to make these in jell caps and capsules for about $2 more per bottle. For whatever reason they stopped doing that. It's too bad because if they did I would give it a 10. Still, price per serving is the best you can get. It's the cheapest, most complete amino acid you can buy. The size issue is a common complaint and I just hope ON will fix this for a 10 rating.

AdrianDucao's Rating

This maybe a very effective and very powerful Amino Acid Tablet ever but the thing is it's like i'm swallowing a pebble cause the tablet is too big for me as some reviews said "I choked up!" please make this a little bit or way smaller from this huge, big ***, tablet. I can't swallow this thing, i always chew these up in order for me to put up on my system. This is just a true and humble review.

tablets is very big to swallow, powder is better than this

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