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sgtsallas's Rating

The price is a little bit more expensive than a regular blend of proteins (due to the additional ingredients: betaine, bcaas, creatine, etc), but it is definitely worth paying for it. It tastes good and it delivers excellent results.

When mixed with water tastes like cardboard. Usually mix it with almond milk and a banana or strawberries.

IrvingAguilar's Rating

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ErickF19's Rating

Well this has to be the best, ive been with this protien for almost 1 year it is the best 10 out ot 10. The only thing i dnt like is that they are not going to keep selling this wich means i have buy from somewhere else. vanilla bean was good with fruits for a morning shake 10/10 (even though i usually dont favor vanilla) chocolate was the one i used for after workouts 10/10

joebeard69's Rating

WORST.PROTEIN.EVER. ON generally makes good products but this OMG. Not bashing the nutritional aspect of it, but the taste, it was literally bitter, sorry ON, stick to Gold Standard and Hydro Whey.

I have been drinking this for about a little more than a week now. I think that the taste is awesome but it is a little too sweet for me. I do have a question though. My aim is to burn fat, lose weight and gain muscles. Should i be worried that i am gaining weight after drinking the protein? Would really appreciate it if i am given some answer to my question. Thanks!

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MikeyD98's Rating

This is the best that's all I can say, I take 2scoops straight after training and it fills me up and Tastes great. I've only been using the Hydrobuilder for about 2weeks but I've been on gold standard for 6 months which helped me drop from 131kg down to 94kg. And I've seen a big difference in only 2weeks from switching over to the Hydrobuilder. Now I know somepeople might think it's expensive but at the end of the day it's your body, it's what you feed it so what is the extra few dollars. I will not only be continuing with this product for now but even years to come

fatelvis's Rating

This stuff mixes so wonderfully, it seems like it should be coming out of a shake machine from McDonalds! Both flavors mixed thick and smooth. Vanilla was good, but Chocolate was awesome, tastes exactly like chocolate Jello instant pudding! It's like drinking pudding, yum! With 30g protein (fast and slow) and all the other goodies in it, it truly is a complete needed blend to feed your hungry muscles after a hard workout. I'll be buying more....

ON killed it with this product. Yes, the flavor isn't the best. But, I don't remember the last time I bought protein because I wanted it to taste like candy canes and cookies. This is honestly the only protein that I can legitimately see it have an effect on my body. YOU WILL SEE RESULTS WITH THIS, if that is what you want.

I hadn't worked out in like 3 months so I ordered this and it was only 2 weeks and i noticed a difference. Not only did i notice a difference, but so did others. i got 8 compliments on the 16th day of taking it and working out. Get this Post workout!!!

tkelly260's Rating

Do me a big favor Bodybuilding.com and never stop carrying this again. Haha really though, the last few months haven't been the same without it, but glad it's back. I've been lifting 1.5 years now and I started taking a scoop of this post workout about 8 months into lifting and continued to use if for about 9 months until it was taken off of here. That's means I lifted 9 months with and 9 months without (taking 1.5 scoops of Standard). My results are that I've gained 28lbs overall and 23 came during the time I took this. Absolutely worth the money, this product has been a big game changer for me and the gains speak for themselves. Both flavors great but I like the chocolate a little more. Try a jug and see what you get!

RequiemX's Rating

Absolutely love using this post-workout! I credit the majority of my gains to Hydrobuilder. It has the proper blend of very crucial nutrients in a post-workout shake!!! A "must use" if you're seeking mass gains!

kevinlopez7's Rating

The best protein for people who are introducing to the suplementation world. It gives you all the basis to build muscle. At first it looks expensive, but it really worths. Gives you creatine 5g, so you do not have to worry about buy an extra portion, also aminods. Best product

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ismokybuild70's Rating

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dustinriedemann's Rating

Absolutely love this product! taste is amazing and results are just as good!! I hope this continues to be available through bodybuilding.com. I would hate to have to get it elsewhere.

jonesh529's Rating

I loved the taste and what this protein offered me. I doubt I will buy it again due to the cost of it and I can make this myself cheaper. I will stick with my Gold standard and add my creatine in the powder. I don't have the Betaine of the extra BCAA's but I drink BCAAs intraworkout so I am ok with that.

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Falvor: Vanilla Bean, It's horrible. Mix: Thick and hard to swallow. I give it 5 because of the quality but I would never buy it again. I recommend Platinum Hydrowhey Velocity Vanilla with milk. It's awesome.

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