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Madtitan's Rating

Multi-vitamin done right. Its impossible to contain ALL the micronutrients in the correct amounts needed for athletes who train hard in one pill . Performance pack does it right.

too many pills, hurts my throat having to drink them everyday, will try the Optimun men next time, besides that they do the job

scream666's Rating

scream666 did not leave a written review for this product.

rrepsold's Rating

Love this product. Wasn't sure if this or Animal Pak was a better buy so I got both. I literally just felt better overall when using the Opti-Performance product. Gave me that nice tantalizing feeling right away and lasted most of the day. Simply great stuff. The other product is like putting rocks in your mouth (throwing it in the trash after taking maybe 10 packets)

Rocxylemmon's Rating

I was taking this product to help try to get what I needed for my muscle building and I stopped taking it all together because I was experiencing nerve problems due to these non-fda drugs interrupting the neuron receptors in my brain and causing my legs to just give out on me and my arms would loose muscle tone and I would drop a cup or anything that had some weight in my hand. I would be very carful to what you put in to your body and lucky me this was an eye opener to me and want to caution people that want to try something different to get muscle growth for you to look good or feel better about your self.

omidd did not leave a written review for this product.

5/10 rating. I'm sure this product is good but i notice a few side effects I've been having. 1. not long after taking this id have all kind of pins and needle sensations all over my body for maybe 30 min. I thought nothing of it and tried it again the next day and same thing happened. I switched back to my old multi vitamin and no problems. 2. It caused me sleeping trouble and i felt really paranoid. Again same thing happened next day. I switch back to my old multi vitamin and problems went away. Its a good product but something in it is causing these side effects. 5/10 because it didnt kill me...

Dortkardes's Rating

Dortkardes did not leave a written review for this product.

wolverine5150's Rating

wolverine5150 did not leave a written review for this product.

noexcusesleft's Rating

This multi has a decent profile and it works. One major concern which is the reason i gave the poor rating is as follows... the quality control is horrible! I'm on my 8th box of this stuff and in each box there has been at lest 5 packs that are missing the vitamin D capsule (one of the main reasons I buy this) and at least 5 other packs were missing one of the other capsules. I contacted ON directly and they did not reply to my concerns. I buy everything from ON but have since started to transition to other brands. If they can't count pills in a package I have my doubts about their quality control processes of their entire product line. Very dissapointing to this VERY loyal ON customer. I spend thousands a year on ON products which will now go to another brand. Thanks for the great customer service ON!!! When a customer emails or calls with a complaint, try to listen and reply. I didn't want anything for free, I just wanted a good product!

dramirez1's Rating

dramirez1 did not leave a written review for this product.

A little pricey, but then again, you pay for what you get. Compared this product with Gaspari, Bodybuilding packs (new) and Animal Mulit-Packs, and for the price and benefits, this beats them all.

breeding18's Rating

breeding18 did not leave a written review for this product.

awayoflife's Rating

awayoflife did not leave a written review for this product.

weasel_rj's Rating

Amazing multi-vitamin pack with every vitamins and joint comples i need i'll buy another pack.

BeckyFox's Rating

I love this vitamin pack! It has everything you needed in a vitamin and more. I was excited to see the Vitamin D and Digestive Enzymes. The best part is your vitamins are sealed in a tiny bag that makes it really easy to take them with you on the go!

MannyArruda's Rating

Solid vitamin pack. Contains everything I need and more.

Another overpriced crappy product by ON.

megatron85's Rating

Awesome. all in one. no need to waste on other supplements

I am used to puting together my own vitamin stacks. it took me about 5 minutes to do, easy right? but i found at times I would run out of certain vitamins and be running to get it and finish my prep. NEVER AGAIN! ON new performance pack replaced the headache and is so cost effective I was able to stock more items I needed Thanks ON!

1-20 of 25 Reviews