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70 Active Ingredients and Essential Daily Nutrients in One Convenient Tablet*

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LanceBallardL42's Rating

The vitamin kept me stay active. I highly recommend this product.

PhillSwole's Rating

I love taking this product because it has made me healthier. Great product that has no side effects.

HarryRandall's Rating

Happy I was recommended to opti-men. It is a great product.

AlonzoBoydz477z's Rating

Great benefits. I would highly recommend all guys to take these multi vitamins !

EnriqueLeel596's Rating

Love that theres a multivitamin for men with so many benefits. I have been using this for a few weeks now and will continue to keep buying it. It has made me feel good.

ThomasWalker's Rating

Great multivitamin. Makes me feel more healthy and awake. Will be taking this all the time now.

theRyGuy77's Rating

I have been taking these and love it. It has essential vitamins and has a small dose of BCAAs that I like since I also drink Amin.o Energy before working out. Both together has been a good combo for me!

Joeman96's Rating

Been taking these multivitamins for about 2 years now and just now decided to review. I take these in the morning after I eat and they give me like a more refreshed feeling. I feel more myself and just a more healthy feeling! Can't beat the dosage of these multivitamins! Only giving a 9 because of the smell of the pills but what do you expect. No bad after taste or nothing. Goes down easy!!

JosePipe857's Rating

I feel good when I take this my body feels better and my energy is more stable.

AlexanderFitt's Rating

Awesome multivitamin that gives me everything I need. Will buy again!

cms24748's Rating

This is a great hardcore MV. I say hardcore because the vitamin dosage is doubled. Go to your local grocery store and check out the back label of any MV bottle. The dosage for one pills is barely HALF of one of these pills. I have been taking these for years and one day, I wanted to research and find a MV that had the most vitamins packed in. After going through 20 different brands, I was surprised to find it was the one I was already taking. Will stick with these.

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AHEFRI's Rating


furqanramey's Rating

using optimens for 2 months not good as animal pak price is good

rw68000's Rating

rw68000 did not leave a written review for this product.

ricaro9's Rating

i love this product, is perfect for what i need!

heyitsruss's Rating

Was taking GNC's Men Mega, saw this on sale and decided to try it out. It has quite the list of vitamins and minerals in it. Even has Aminos and Virility blends as well. You take 3 large sized pills with food and I have no suffered any stomach upset or discomfort. My only issue is that I am unsure if my body is absorbing all the ingredients since my pee is a LOT darker than when I was on Mega Men.

AMishra1431's Rating

This is a awesome product. Must have in your supplement stack.I usually take 1 cap per day and it works for me.

xxchas1975xx's Rating

Very solid and easy absorption. You don't necessarily need to take 3 a day but these are another quality product by ON.

hash32's Rating

great multi vitamin .. gives me all i need and more focus so good am buy it 2 times

alnassert's Rating

Good stuff

1-20 of 1,621 Reviews