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At first I didn't like it at all, I mix it with milk and it was very thick and a very strong vanilla flavor then I start mixing it with water and I could tolerate it after all it's protein and I wasn't going to waste it!!

keeps me filled up and taste great

This is a good protein to drink just before bed. As others have mentioned, the chocolate creme doesn't taste anything like chocolate. Keep with it, though, as it will grow on you. I mix mine in a shaker cup with unsweetened, plain almond milk. I add cinnamon and 1 packet of raw monk fruit (0 calories, natural...get at Target or WF), and I leave it in the fridge for the day. It won't be lumpy if you let it sit for a while. This is not one to mix and drink right away because it will have some lumps. Also can add PB2 for extra flavor. I have high metabolism and usually get hungry at night. This helps so I don't wake up starving.

I use a mix of casein and whey to mix my own blended protein shakes. While the taste of this protein is not as good as some of the others i have tried, it does not contain sucralose; which is the main reason i switched. I have a shake for breakfast and one post-workout. I blend almond milk, almond butter, protein blend I described above, oat mill, greek yogurt and fresh fruit. This serves as a meal/calorie supplement. I work out 5 days a week and run about 10-15 miles per week. Due to my high activity level, i have to increase my calorie intake to maintain my weight. This provides me with a clean protein supply that works perfect for me.

Kept me full during the night, great when mixed with a fast absorbing protein for a optimal release of protein!

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This was my first Casein I have ever taken, so I did not know what to expect. Overall, I would say this is not a bad product for those who don't mind a very subtle taste with not much flavor. The best way I could describe it is mixing cocoa powder with milk or water. I do not recall it being at all sweet or having much in the way of flavor. That being said though, I had no issue with it because it was not difficult to drink. If you do add milk though beware not to add too much powder because it will thicken up like yogurt. I added almost two scoops to a blender bottle along with all milk and it was like drinking a thick, powdery milk...ewww. All in all though, if you want something super simple and light on taste this may be just for you. Was a great starter powder for me

The flavor of this protein was absolutely horrible, and I am unable to use this product due to the poor taste. Either I got a bad batch or the flavor rating scale is flawed.

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I bought this product once thinking that I would explore supplements with more natural profiles to avoid so many artificial sweeteners and colors in my diet. While the performance was as expected, coupled with my diet/exercise plan, I wasn't overly impressed. The flavor profile of Vanilla was not at all something I looked forward to drinking on a nightly basis, with water or milk. Also, I think the sugars are a bit high for this type of product, even if avoiding artificial sweeteners.

I have had a 4 lb tub of this Casein for at least 8 months as I just can't get past the texture and flavor without mixing it with a better tasting powder. Still have about 1 lb left to go and will not be reordering. I love ON's Whey just not their Casein.

At first I opened up the tub and it smelled like... French Vanilla (pretty good). But, I tried this with just using it with the recommended amount of water (the basics) and I thought it tasted absolutely horrible. It tasted like some household cleaner. Then I tried it again with milk and tasted similar to the first taste test. Then, after I was about to give up with it and store it away for good or throw it out, I thought maybe I will try it with Almond Milk. It tasted 10X better than with water or milk! It completely fixed the taste. So, in conclusion: If you think French Vanilla flavor tastes bad, try it with Almond Milk before you dump it. Even Unsweetened Almond Milk does the trick!

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I was so happy to find a natural casein, and not at a jacked up price (which would not have been justified either). This casein is great for recovery just as any casein is. The version that isn't natural tastes slightly better I think, but the taste of this one isn't bad, and I don't buy it for the taste anyways.

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I have little experience with casein, the only other brand I tried was Dymatize Elite Casein (Cookies & Cream). My verdict is that ON Gold Standard Natural is much better by comparison. It tastes like _REAL_ cocoa, no chemicals, and is very-very mildly sweetened (you might even want to add your own sweetener). I mix it with almond milk and eat as pudding (or mix with hot milk, let cool and enjoy a chocolate panna cotta. Not joking, it really gains that texture). Drinking as a shake works too, of course. Will buy again. Same goes for vanilla - very mild natural flavour, not too sweet.

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