Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil Softgels Reviews

Supports Healthy Heart Function, Joint Flexibility, and Cell Production*

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ronaldotokuno's Rating

Low dosages of EPA and DHA. Beacause of that, you're supposed to take 3 capsules per day. The supplement facts are not clear, so the correct information is: Total Omega-3: 320mg EPA: 160mg DHA: 120mg Mercury: 2PPB [limit: 100PPB] Information taken from labdoor

theRyGuy77's Rating

I've been taking this product now for over 3 months. I take one in the AM with my other vitamins and another when I take my post protein shake since I go to the gym in the early evenings. Along with another product - glucosamine, I feel less stiff and my joints do not ache. Regarding the pill itself, its very easy to swallow and I haven't yet experience a fishy after taste. Would of rated it a 10 if it just had a little more DHA / EPA.

AhmedFreeMan's Rating

A very straightforward product, can't say I have noticed a disruptive change, but at least I've been training six days a week for 4 weeks with Arnold's blueprint program + a basketball game every rest day as my cardio, coupled with a good BCAA. No soreness in joints (especially that I jump a lot on an ankle I sprained a year ago), normal resting heart rate... If you're not on a real tight budget I'd advise it

awnnitz's Rating

This product is horrible. You need at least 1000mg (1g) to have an actual clinical dose of fish oil. 300mg does absolutely nothing for your brain. joins. memory, inflammation, or anything. There are no fishy burps because there is hardly any fish oil.

SDiaz91's Rating

Great product, great price no fishy after taste

lindalara1017's Rating

lindalara1017 did not leave a written review for this product.

OtisDouglasZ921's Rating

I highly recommend this fish oil product. It works great.

MichelleHealthy's Rating

Perfect way to improve my health.

AvaHart's Rating

Great fish oil supplements. It makes me feel healthier just taking them. It has a lot of great benefits. I would defiantly recommend to others.

BenCollierd602d's Rating

Great supplements. Will continue to buy.

haseebaslamgym's Rating

Custom office bans supplements in Pakistan.

SallyMorgann's Rating

great fish oil! easy to swallow and no bad taste!

ConnorMathis's Rating

best that I have tried with no bad taste!

FelicityRoberts's Rating

was recommended to try this by a lot of people and I see why now. It has so many great benefits. I was really worried it would have a disgusting taste to it but its not bad at all.

UnaCarrS747S's Rating

I've been trying this fish oil for a few weeks not and I love it. It doesn't have a nasty fish taste to it at all and has many great benefits for taking it.

Jaquelyn Kay's Rating

I love this Fish Oil. There are so many benefits!

Prateek0's Rating

Great Fish oil. Soft gels are small and easy to swallow. No fishy after taste. Get many servings for the price. Highly recommend. There are no fishy "burps" after taking them either. Much better than brands you get at a drug store.

captainm05's Rating

These fish oil pills have a very harsh fishy after taste. I find the "fish burps" far worse with these than cheaper "box store" brands.

ronniecoma's Rating

What kind of Galatin is made with the fish one.

dballs09's Rating

I just like the way the pill feels vs. other fish oils I have tried

1-20 of 579 Reviews