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Supports Healthy Heart Function, Joint Flexibility, and Cell Production*

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Prateek0's Rating

Great Fish oil. Soft gels are small and easy to swallow. No fishy after taste. Get many servings for the price. Highly recommend. There are no fishy "burps" after taking them either. Much better than brands you get at a drug store.

captainm05's Rating

These fish oil pills have a very harsh fishy after taste. I find the "fish burps" far worse with these than cheaper "box store" brands.

ronniecoma's Rating

What kind of Galatin is made with the fish one.

dballs09's Rating

I just like the way the pill feels vs. other fish oils I have tried

djs21944's Rating

Great product! Does not have any fishy aftertaste, nor any of the occasional "fish burps". I always take them as directed after my meal. Overall a good product for a good price, by a reputable company.

corinner's Rating

I love this product! I don't get a fishy aftertaste and it doesn't smell when you open the bottle (unlike other fish oils I've tried). They must have some sort of flavored capsule, because you can't taste anything fishy on the way down, but it almost has a bit of sweetness to it. Highly recommend this if you're looking to add a high-quality fish oil to your diet.

LawrenceTD's Rating

The one thing that discourages me from fish oils is always the fishy after taste and/or burps. These "softgels" are easy to swallow and there were no fishy side effects! Of course, I eat before taking this which also helps,

bradmac43's Rating

No fishy aftertaste, good price and last a long time. It does what it's supposed to do at an excellent price from an excellent company. This should be a staple in every fitness athlete supplementation.

I have been using these Fish Oil softgels for about three weeks now. Compared to my experiences with other brands, there have only been three times that I have had fish burps after taking these. All three times, I hadn't eaten anything before taking my vitamins. The other several days that I took them and had something to eat first, I had no problems. Considering that's a really easy fix compared to the other brands I've tried where nothing works and I'm constantly tasting the pills, I think that they're great. I will be buying these again and plan to continue incorporating them in my vitamin routines.

rabigjr's Rating

Fish oil is geat and non taste very clear ON company is the best.

LittoRP's Rating

The main issue with fish oil is always the burp / burp taste. You get none. ON is delivering great product and this one is no exception. A normal person need to take at least 300mg of Omega-3 a day while this product deliver 300mg per pill. Seems like you got what you were searching for!

usmcper's Rating

Great Fish oil pill. very inexpensive and worth the price. no fishy taste, burps or acid reflux.. highly recommend.

flovephoto's Rating

I ordered these looking to move away from Prop 65 products, namely Jym line and especially after Stoppani extremely sketchy moves, but I found these underdosed, and I honestly don't know what else makes up the gap from the 300mg of the fish oil per capsule, to the 1G that is each capsule. While I know the coating is there to stop the 'fishy burps', the vanilla-ish flavoring of them is not a favorite to me. Also after hearing about ON 'dusting' their products anyway, I'm not looking to purchase again.

Mbaker00's Rating

This is by far the best fish oil I have had, no fishy taste or burps whatsoever. I would not buy any others.

Salherrera05's Rating

Important to get this in your diet!

Verbiage's Rating

Adequate distribution between EPA and DHA, and the price is unbeatable when compared to similar offerings from the other top brands. I consume two tablets daily, along with occasional fatty fish and other dietary components to receive enough, since the tablets alone will not do the trick. No fish taste, as others have also mentioned. Great stuff from ON, as usual!

Alc001's Rating

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Dropkickjoel's Rating

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