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kalvasc's Rating

Best fat burner I've tried. I am sensitive to these types of products and so take only 3 in the morning. Helps with food cravings, energy level and focused work outs throughout the day without negative impact. Some jitters if I consume caffinated products while using.

natural1234's Rating

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kellysmith79's Rating

I started the product not knowing whether or not it was like all the rest and wouldn't work. But for me30 minutes after taking three pills I felt my energy level skyrocket. I am very sensitive to medicine so all I need is three pills in the morning. By nighttime I am still full of energy. It has only been two days.

kkissio's Rating

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dubsteptilly's Rating

My FAVORITE fat burner!!

missrachelc's Rating

Strong and effective! Helped me immensely with hunger cravings!

kaseyrn's Rating

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GotdatPow's Rating

I lost over 20 pound with these pills. They make me a little shaky sometimes but not too bad.

allenkn's Rating

I started taking this product 1 July and so far so good in terms of energy and no side effects (well, not really). By that, I mean I started the first 3 days taking only 2 capsules in the a.m. (NLT 0630) and 2 capsules in the p.m. (NLT 1600). This is not my first fat burner, so I'm used to taking supplements but took many reviews to heart. Anyway, I ensured that I had plenty of water on hand to prevent cotton mouth, headaches, and any other side effects some reviewers may have experienced. However, the 3rd day I didn't drink as much water that a.m. and started feeling a slight headache. That immediately triggered me to drink more water and the headache went away. Since then, so far so good at 3x in a.m. and 3x in p.m. I don't weigh myself until the end of the week but I can see a difference or my eyes may be deceiving me. I'll also take measurements over the 8 weeks and comment again. P.S. if you follow the directions and take your second dose at least 6-8 hrs prior to going to bed, you should be able to fall asleep. But also drink some Sleepytime or chamomille tea, to help you. Exercise, eat right (give yourself one cheat meal/dessert a week), and limit intake of caffeinated products while on this supplement and you should be good to go.

kristinag24's Rating

This is my first week on this product and so far it's been good. No side effects, that I have noticed. Well, I don't feel like snacking as much. It doesn't keep me awake either. I took one around 6 in the evening and went to bed at 12, slept like a baby. I did my first morning workout today using this product prior to a quick cardio session. I felt like I could continue runnin, and my body warmed up rather quickly. I am going to give it a few more weeks and then update my review, but so far, it's not so bad. By the way...I have tried Oxylite Pro and Heat Accelerated, both products made me sick, and I had severe side effects such as temper issues, irregular cycle, headaches, and jitters. The only other fat burner that I have found works well (for me) is Jet Fuel but I had to cycle off.

swratni's Rating

I've been taking this product for 4 weeks now and have had mixed results. I do not have a lot of weight to loose; I am 5'1" and was 115 pounds. I work out with a trainer 3-4 days a week but wanted something to help me get rid of the extra fat that I haven't been able to lose at the gym. 4 weeks in and I am down to 109, so it does work. The bottle recommends taking 3 capsules in the morning, and 3 in the afternoon. I started with 1 to make sure I didn't have side effects, and then worked my way up to 2, then 3. When I got to 3 I did get very shaky, nauseous, hot, and sweating and my heart felt like I was on speed. Because I did get results with taking 2 twice per day I am reducing back down to that. Everyone is different as to how it will affect them so some people might be fine with taking the 3 per day; I just am not one of them. It might be because I am smaller so if you have more weight to lose you should be ok. I recommend working your way up in the dosage like I did so you know how it will affect you. Overall, it does work. Like I mentioned I do work out 3-4 days per week while taking it, but so far I am down 6 pounds so I am very pleased!

abshendrix's Rating

I really enjoy using this product! I take 2 capsules(it's recommended to take 3 but they're too powerful for me) when I first wake up in the morning and when they kick in I jump out of bed! I've not experienced additional weight loss from using Lipo but I love it because it gets me workout when I least desire it.

lovelyjules's Rating

I have used this for almost a week. I cant tell a difference in weight loss yet but my appetite is really low and I have a bunch of energy. I think the weight loss will come.

russel61's Rating

My favorite out of 4 thermogenics i've tried. I used the ultra concentrate & only taking 1 pill a serving is nice, but boy they hit you hard in the beginning since you can't gradually up the dosage. When I started taking these I intensified my workouts to include a decent amount of running. These helped give me the energy I needed to go for my runs. And within the 2 month cycle I took these I lost almost 14 pounds. I've been cycled off them for a couple of months now and can't wait to try them again soon and see the results a new bottle with bring.

Cathylonis's Rating

My appetite gets out of control sometimes and Lipo black hers has helped me a lot. I don't get the crazy cravings like I normally would and I have a lot more energy during the day. I weight myself every Saturday and I have lost at least 2lb of week while using this and I only am able to workout out a couple times a week.

KDean143's Rating

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muslces67's Rating

Following the directions to the T along with working out... I've lost 40 lbs within 90 days.

lbacon4's Rating

I have been taking this for about 3 weeks, I like it so far. I don't think I have been on it long enough to speak about the fat burning yet. It does give me energy! If I take it on an empty stomach I get an orange taste in my mouth, nothing bad though.

dbouch1's Rating

I used this product for the very first time today and absolutely HATED it!! It left me with a dry mouth I still cannot get rid of and a stomache. Also no energy with this supplement. I usually use Atro-Phex by BSN which is great for energy and to give me that extra omph I need at the gym. I will be returning my Nutex Lipo 6 hers and going back to Atro-Phex.

1-20 of 88 Reviews