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GisselleOrtiz's Rating

I ve been using this product for few years now. I am a regular consumer. It helps me a lot with my recovery and for having a restful nigth. I highly recommend it!

Elang2144's Rating

Had a sample pack (3 Pills) took one a night, 3 nights in a row. I normally don't remember dreams but I could remember multiple vivid dreams per night on the nights I took this. The first night I could remember at least 4, 2 of them more vivid and were really strange and violent dreams which is unusual for me. The second night I also had multiple dreams, but they were all cheerful. Tonights the 3rd night and I'm definitely expecting more crazy dreams. Other than that it really did seem to help me fall asleep!

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wesrodz's Rating

Knocks me out with just two pills, but if you are looking for a ZMA supplement, this isn't it...Yes, there is magnesium and zinc in this product, but they are not dosed or compounded appropriately, and you will not see ZMA listed anywhere on this bottle. You may be better off taking a melatonin pill and ZMA if you need help sleeping and nighttime recovery.

Droro's Rating

Did absolutely nothing for me... Simple GABA was much more effective then this little cocktail

Bvong's Rating

1st time taking it I did feel a bit more sleepy before I knocked out.. maybe it was my mind doing the placebo affect.. because now, it dose nothing for me. Even taking 3 pills and it really has no affect on me. I agree with another review who said he was still wide awake after taking it. I've recently switched to intermitting fasting where my last meal is no later that 7pm and after that, all i'll have is water if anything. I'll pop the pills at 10:30-11pm and I don't feel any different. I've taken it on days where I wasn't fasting and with a small meal in my stomach and no difference, might as well just give me some sugar pills in a bottle. I'm going to finish off the half bottle I have left and go from there. I personally won't be purchasing this again.

n8dog13's Rating

I've tried two or three different sleep supplements. Was excited to try this one. Very disappointed. Took it at 2300, was still wide awake at 0200. Taking it every night on training days and still not getting any different sleep than I was before. I'm actually jealous of all the high reviews on here. Wish I was one of them but, it just goes to show that not every supp works for everyone. Halfway through the bottle and I want my money back.

gonzalesrl's Rating

2 pills and lights out. Follow the instructions as far as assessment goes. I used to take other PM stuff. Based off my experience, I took my old dose and was super tired in the morning when I tried Hybern8 for the first time. By far, this works the best for me.

RayDBeast86's Rating

This product is awesome. I use to take regular sleeping pills on night I couldnt sleep but, then I heard this product not only helps you sleep but aids in muscle recovery I was all over it. Started off with one pill now im up to 2 a nite. Great stuff!

MassiveMelis's Rating

I've been taking this product for a little over a week now. I take it 30-40 minutes before I go to bed. I sleep like a baby, wake up feeling refreshed without a groggy feeling!

kyliejt's Rating

I was very excited to try this product as I have been in favor of pm supplements and was anxiously awaiting for companies to come out with more options. The only one I used to use was pretty much the only one available on the market, being MP's Bulletproof. Since I don't like to rely on one product as I feel my body easily adapts to formulas, I try to rotate my supplements. I have used Hibern8 for a few nights and find that I go to sleep fairly easily. I still wake up a few times throughout the night, which is typical for me I have yet to try a product that keeps me in bed for the night. However, due to drinking lots of water, this probably isn't an option anyways. I have been using this sup with the am Adipodex, which I am very impressed with. To date, it is my favorite, most effective fat-burner, thermogenic. I take it on an empty stomach and then do fasted cardio (1/2 hour session) and then go to work. The first day I took it with an additional Yohimbine pill, which I found was borderline too much. After reading the profile I saw Yohimbine was already in it, so I stopped taking the added dose. I found this alone was all I needed. It literally crushed my appetite, which usually nothing does. I had excellent focus and cognitive enhancement like never before. I have started recommending this to my co-workers who also are trying to improve their physical performance and health. Excellent AM once-a-day pill. I found it interesting that while you are active, it continues to work, but once you sit down to relax, it's almost like it stops and allows you to do so. Then once you get back up and start moving again, it kicks back in. No jitters. This really is a great supplement. Very impressed.

papi93's Rating

Melatonin is very effective at making me feel drowsy and that encourages me to go to bed earlier. A good night sleep is so underrated for recovering from workouts and life's stresses. As a high anxiety person, the GABA helps my racing mind to relax instead of laying in bed with all my worries keeping me awake. As a person who struggles with sleep, I was able to fall asleep after 5-15 minutes and have a much deeper sleep than I would normally have. After making a bathroom trip, during the night, I would fall back asleep quickly. In the past, I would hold off on getting up because I knew it would wake me up.

crunkjuice1's Rating

Bought this direct from Nutrex before available on it works! I'm on the heavy side and I take 3 pills and in about 45 minutes I'm dosing off good. I notice that once asleep I don't get up as much as I used to and when I lay back down I fall back to sleep easier. it takes 3 pills to get 5mg of melatonin I used to take 10mg of another brands melatonin without any of the other ingredients in HIBERN8 and this is definitely working. Does what it says give it a try!!!!

Beastmode169's Rating

Hibern8 by Nutrex is awesome!!! I've always had trouble sleeping, trying everything under the sun and even going to my doctor a prescription. With Hibern8 just recently coming out I've only taken it a few times, but the few times that I have it's really worked!! I will that I rolled over a few times but I woke up feeling really good and not tired like I usually do!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone that needs a good night sleep!! With Tryptophan & Melatonin how can you go wrong!!!

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