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The worst preworkout!! Tastes like **** and gives you nothing related to pump or energy!! Actually I felt sleepy after taking it!! DEFINITELY OVERRATED!!

AgneKrupin's Rating

One of the strongest preworkouts I've tried. Gives tons of energy, great pump and maximum concentration. But it also has some minuses, gives a crash after workout, also leaves you drained.

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Love this per workout! Doesn't give you that itchy tingling feeling like others do. Plenty of mental focus. Gives you that extra pump you need to get one more set! Kickes in about 10 minutes after taking and last after your last set. No hard crash or rapid heart. Would buy agin.

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HadenBell123's Rating

To start off I was a HUGE fan of the old HemoRage with the 1-3DMAA in it. The flavor of this is incredible, Citrus Burst tastes like a mix of a orange and yellow starburst put together, very enjoyable and easy to put down. The energy is very very very good, kicks in within 15 minutes, no jitters or shakes but you definitely feel amped up. The best part about this is the focus and intensity, this dials me in for my workouts and really gives me the intensity I need for hardcore sessions. The pump is decent, not too extreme but it's definitely there, I stack it with non stim pump products so I'd recommend you doing so, maybe Nutrex's Vitrix or N-Vein. Overall I'd give it a 9/10, not the best pre workout in the world but it's very effective and I will be purchasing again. Two thumbs up to Nutrex!

superhuman67's Rating

I had a sample of this sitting in my sample box for a while and I pulled it out today and put it to the test for a Chest/Abs workout. Energy- 8/10 - Kicks in within 15 min and no jitters Focus- 8/10 - Got me pretty much in the zone on my heavy lifts Intensity -8/10- Did a couple of strip sets at the end of my last 2 sets of my heaviest sets and was relentless on my dumbbell presses until I hit all the reps that I had planned using rest pause. Taste- 8/10- Blue Raspberry not to sweet and kind of tart. Pump- 7/10- Nothing special but 1 gm of agmatine will do the trick Overall- 8/10- A decent PW that will help with having a very good workout. I received a container of the new version Hemo Rage Black in the Citrus Burst flavor and this is my review of the new version. Mixes up VERY WELL and clear with no artificial coloring and virtually no foam or particles floating so that gets a 10/10. The flavor was Citrus so it tasted like a combination of a tart orange/tangerine with a tangy finish to it and I liked it mixed in 16 oz of cold water. 9/10 for taste- The energy and focus is what makes this PW stand out and it does have a multi blend of energy and focus stimulants but it doesn't hit you hard where you feel uncomfortable but it HITS and when it does your focused and energized for the task at hand which is having a good workout where the the effects lasted right through your workout and somewhat beyond. The pump blend was OK but nothing to go crazy about so I recommend throwing 4 gm of L-Citrulline in with a scoop of Hemo for a more pronounced pump but again if your looking for focus and energy this one delivered but again it's more of a TAMED focus and energy without being over the top so I definitely recommend giving this one a try and you'll get 30 servings per container cause there is no need to double scoop this one.

Big thanks to Nutrex for letting me try this out. Great energy and focus from this product. I have to say was laser like when I got into the gym. Clear mind and ready to hit the weights. Increase in body temp and was sweating like crazy about 15 mins into the workout. Kinda of disappointed my the lack of pump for me. I was hoping for all around product. But the benefits are there with this. If I could get a better pump would be perfect for me. This is a product to have as a staple in your pre workout arsenal.

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The "fruit punch" flavor as they would call it, is not fruit punch. If there is one flavor I hate, it's artificial pineapple and this is exactly what it tasted like. It is disgusting beyond belief and I would never use this product again. The actual pump it gave me was minimal, but I was not very jittery. It was a pretty clean boost, but the flavor just had me so thrown off from the beginning, that I could do nothing but lament that fact that I tried this. It should be called something like hemorrhoid instead of hemo-rage because the only thing it reminded me of was ***.

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I'd definitely recommend this product guys! It will give you the necessary energy and focus you need for a great workout. I will miss this pwo. I would suggest using just 6oz of water when taking it pwo. About 15-30 minutes later you will feel it kick in. I love it. The taste was awesome as well. I actually enjoyed drinking it. The mixibility was great as well and the ingredient profile was spot. Thanks again nutrex.

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It is effective. I would like to know the amounts of the ingredients in it, and as far as taste it is very good, I can put a scoop right on my tongue and chase it down with a little water. I do like it!

First, the taste was very good, but it wasn't fruit punch in my opinion. This is why the product is a 9/10 and not a 10/10. If taste was a little better, I would of gave this product a 10/10. The performance aspect of this, is AMAZING. It gives you energy throughout your whole workout and you really feel the effect of it. I only took .5 scoops for the first couple of weeks because it was so strong. I really liked that it didn't have beta alanine!

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Ok it's my first day and this is giving me an effect. First day first pwo though. But it's really good I can say

I had the Bruisin' Berry flavor. Flavor was pretty horrible. Didn't really give me the pre-workout feeling I like.

This is by far my go to pre workout when I want to throw around some weights, it never leaves me hanging mid workout tired, I always get my energy the whole time and get it done I'd recommend it if you want some mean energy

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provides good and steady energy....good strength n all.... Tastes like a cough cyrup though

All delicious! I feel it! Energy to go hard and finish my work out strong! This was part of my nutrex stack. (Muscle Infusion, creatine, glutamine, cla, lipo 6 unlimited, amino, Carnitine, t-up)

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