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Strength And Muscle Building Formula!*

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codyhammer23's Rating

Hemotest is a good product especially if your nutrition is on. I feel like it gives me a slight boost of testosterone in the morning. Nothing spectacular but could be worth the price.

Lady012Lady's Rating

Very Good for Sex

Mrricco's Rating

I have found this product to be rather intense on helping produce mass building. I took it for a month, and saw good gains. It made me feel more pumped and energized from the extra hormones in the body.


hemotest 2xc is great it helps me increase my natural test levels in my body with fenugreek and that helps me with strength to the lifts the weights in the gym and in the end increase the size of my muscle bellies.And the added caffeine malate helps me stay focus in the gym which increases my intensity.

miketothesteve's Rating

Only been taking this product for a week, but have been experiencing strength gains lately, as well as more intense work outs. I will rate this again after the cycle is complete!

MiniJuggernaut's Rating

Great product with an awesome preice!!!! This is one of the best test products I've taken. Already seeing increases to my lifting and my recovery is pretty darn quick after a heavy session. I will definetly be buying this product again in the future

410n50's Rating

30 min before workout & prety good results strengh & performance

ibrahim-gamal's Rating

ibrahim-gamal did not leave a written review for this product.


GHADA-MAHMOUD did not leave a written review for this product.

ahmed-alaa's Rating

ahmed-alaa did not leave a written review for this product.

hanan-nagy-saad's Rating

It is good for males and i give it to my friend and he got more muscles by 1 month of using.

mohamednagy's Rating

mohamednagy did not leave a written review for this product.

usmcfury's Rating

great product for the price, greatly helped my energy levels. highly reccomend it to anybody looking for an extra boost, guranteed good testosterone.

mikecace's Rating

I have to say I was a bit skeptical about taking a natural supplement but I can say now this product has erased the skepticism should quiet most critics. Look in three days after taking this product my energy levels seemed to have doubled. I find I can go longer with less sleep. Now I'm waiting to see if my body adapts to hasn't yet but its been less than a mo. I can tell you that I have tried many types of boosters and this on shows the quickest results that I can feel....Only thing I can remember working like this is androstene but without the side effects of RR!....I stacked this product with some good vitamins and I'm off to the races....Not looking to blow up like a athlete or power house bodybuilder....Just get into shape, look good and be healthy.....this product is a winner....All Natural Winner.....

neverbackdown19's Rating

this is by far my favorite test booster! I love taking this along with my pre-workout! Great feeling of strength and power in the gym! I've gone through three cycles so far of it and will continue to keep it in my supplement program. Highly recommend this product.

joey22landry's Rating

Stacked this product with Hemotropin and did not see the results that i have seen with other test boosters.

UGAbouncer's Rating

For people expecting to look like you're on roids from this stuff, you might as well move on. What this does is thicken you up, gives you great pumps in the gym, and your strength will increase. This is not a legal steroid, all it does is boost your test level slightly, and your body does the rest. I notice big time when I am on it, and when I am off it, it's a 180. I have put on a solid 5 lbs since I started it, but I have also been hitting the cardio on a daily basis. That is one of the draw backs, while you see your muscles firm up, and your strength go upo there can be a bit of muscle bloating, so a small amount of cardio a day to sweat a little off helps keep you defined. If you have hit a plateau in your workout, I highly suggest this. It's great for getting you out of your funk. I also suggest tapering off of it the last few days. Drop to two, and then the last two days just take one.

tuesay's Rating

ok so if you would take the time to look up what is in this product, you will find that you are taking nothing but PLANTS!!!!!!!! oh and one mushroom, also known as the portabello mushroom!!! there is nothing in this "test" booster that actually boosts testosterone!!!! so all you suckers that bought this just payed about 50 bucks for plants that you could have got for a fraction of the price at the store.....

scorpio66's Rating

Didnt notice much muscle gain from this product.

dgoggil's Rating

I gotta say. This stuff is da bomb diggity! It gives me Great strength in the gym. Sometimes the heavier sets feel lighter then the lighter sets. Just makes me feel awesome and just...... Walk round like yeah.... I am da man MFs

1-20 of 32 Reviews