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Great design, but unfortunately not very durable. I dropped my backpack, which had the half full bottle in it, from about 2 feet. It cracked and my bag was instantly flooded with a few inches of water. I ordered another one because in spite of this incident, it really is the best 1 gallon bottle that I could find. This thing would be perfect if the wall thickness was increased or a more rugged material was used, but perfection, it seems, is always just beyond attainable.

The New Wave Enviro is much more convenient than a normal water bottle or a milk jug. If your goal is to drink more water, this is the best way to keep track of your intake. You don't have to worry about counting how many times you've refilled it like you would with a smaller bottle. You can also pack it in a bag because you don't have to worry about the lid popping off like with a milk jug. CONS: I sometimes have to fight with it to get the lid to line up and ***** on correctly. It might sound kind of nit-picky, but if you aren't paying attention and the cap goes on crooked, you are going to leak. Also it isn't the easiest to clean. Because it is so deep and the mouth isn't that large, don't expect to be able to scrub the inside. NOTE: Do not use the strap to pick up the bottle. The strap is simply there to attach the lid when you unscrew it so you don't lose it or have to hold onto it while drinking. Use the sturdy handle built in for lifting and transporting it.

erikaoller's Rating

I am glad I bought this bottle, but the strap system is weak. Mine broke the first week. Don't pick it up by the strap, you must use the handle. Over all very good, but could be better if the strap assembly was stronger.

My go to water bottle. I gotta be honest, the cloth handle can definitely become annoying. Good news, you can actually pop it off! Perfect gallon jug after that improv!

Nice bottle, BPA free, convenient and easy to carry, but it started to leak on me after about a week of use, never dropped or anything. Don't know if I'd buy it again tho.

SpineShark's Rating

Excellent Product and looks cooler than a regular milk jug esp if you are carrying it into a gym. The bottom cracked on me one day when I slammed it down too hard on the counter. It was full of Detox that I just made so the weight of the liquid added to the force that the jug hit the counter with. I keep buying them though after I destroy them, good product.

bfontaine96's Rating

Very durable and isn't as bulky as you would think from the picture. I carry this thing everywhere with me. To work, the gym and anywhere I'm going.

WarStatue's Rating

Very happy with this bottle. Sturdy, great handle, and perfect size. It's exactly what I was looking for. If you need a gallon sized bottle get this one.

renzogrillo's Rating

excellent quality of thickness of plastic that allows it to be resistant to the use element , I would like to let me know if there are other sizes 2 liters or similar to buy . certainly would.

I ordered this weeks ago and have been using it everyday. It's strong, convenient, no need to keep buying gallons of water anymore, it's BPA free, and I like the fact that it has a large opening for conveniently adding ice or BCAA's.

Bonafidebreezzy's Rating

I have purchased this product twice. I love the concept of it being BPA free. However it does crack after 1-2 month use. The reason for this is that it is fragile since it is glass like based material. If there was some way to make this more durable that would be great. I will continue to purchase this product from the brand just because they have a great reputation.

I do not recommend this product. At first I really enjoyed it. It was much more convenient than having to clean out milk cartons, however the product's durability is poor. I must have placed the bottle 6 inches from the ground at the gym when water began gushing from the bottom. It broke that easily. Unfortunately it's kind of hard to find gallon water bottles online. All i know is milk cartons are more durable.

BrandonW340's Rating

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kagerawks's Rating

Wonderful product to help get the necessary intake throughout the day. Very solid container.

ThanhChampion's Rating

love it, had the half gallon, then upgraded to this one

Sith_Lord's Rating

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Pretty good for the price. I haven't had cracks in mine yet but it does seem to be dealing with some damage. For the price it's **** good. Most things that contain a gallon of water will crack if you drop it. I do not like the handle or the top. The handle isn't very comfortable to hold the bottle when walking around. This is much better if used for pouring water. Drinking from it is a pain because the top is sharp. I cut my mouth once while drinking.

It's a god sturdy bottle should get a year out of it that's using it 6 days a week. This is my second time getting one, it's worth it. Only worth buying a gallon at store if it's baby nursery water, that's it other than that distilled water, but this is the best way to get a gallon of regular tap water to the gym in a sturdy, safe non-leaking bottle. Can freeze it to for like an hour then the water is colder, plastic does not crack if frozen for short periods.

It does what its suppose to do except I had to duck tape the handle due to a hole a size of my thumb when I was drinking it.

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