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Becruz15's Rating

For the price I love it! It does give a little tingling feeling around the lips. It gives me the extra boost I need to finish my workouts.

roybarnett's Rating

This product worked somewhat for me. I have been taking different products for a while, but this one did not work as well as I had hoped. I did not have the tingly feeling which was good. The flavor was great and it mixed well. Check out my instagram @freedom_nutrition or on Facebook at Freedom Nutrition.

01RedLightning's Rating

Overall a good pre-workout. No complaints other than your skin will tingle a little, but not itchy or anything annoying, just tingle.

jasoncarl83's Rating

For the price you CANNOT beat this. I'm on my 5th can and will won't change for a while. Although subjective, I get great focus / energy and a tremendous pump from Volt. You wanna get the job done well at a unbeatable price... give Volt a shot. I love this stuff.

jngabajr's Rating

Flavor: Great. Arguably one of the best tasting Pre-Workouts I have used. Mixability: Great This is the second time that I have purchased Neon Volt, and I continue to appreciate the boost that it gives me. I tend to use a little more than a single scoop, and don't get a "buzzy" feeling when exercising. I definitely suggest giving this a try.

Callmezizo's Rating

This pre-workout works pretty well. This is my first pre-workout product I buy and I like it. The flavor isn't bad at all, and it doesn't mess up my stomach (and I have a very sensitive stomach). It has a high level of Beta-Alanine, which gives you that tingling sensation in your whole body. It gives me a pump to go for the extra mile and what not. Don't take it after 7-8pm if you're planning to sleep early, if you do it you will have problems falling asleep.

sadoek's Rating

Flavor: Delicious. The watermelon flavor tastes like a jolly rancher. Effectiveness: Focus and energy is spot on. I've tried countless different pre workout supplements over the years, and this is it definitely top 5 I've ever tried. My tolerance isn't too high so all I need is 1 scoop. Very good product

gmathis84's Rating

Very good taste ,great product and does not give you the shakes .i actually think its better then c4

Ayeshariq's Rating

This is the worst pre work out I have ever taken. The only reason I bought it because I saw it at GNC for $40 so something that cost that much should be amazing. so I came here and bought it for 19.99 but its not even worth a $1. I have used C4 and n.o. xplode. I do not feel any energy nor do I feel any kind of pump even with the 2 scoops. I just take it to finish it because I hate wasting stuff. but I ll surely should be switching back to one of my regular pre work outs.

TommyTwoWheels's Rating

First off, best tasting pre-workout I've ever tried. Literally tastes like watermelon jolly ranchers. I have a big sweet tooth so this was a big plus for me. Second, I've never had something kick my *** into gear like this has. My first try was a 2-scoop trial packet. I remember feeling it but nothing crazy. When I got my first pack of it though I went ahead with the 3-scoop max just to see what it could do. I spent the next three hours after that in the gym killing every muscle I could. I've never had such a focused high before. My only complaint was how quickly I ran out of this stuff. Workouts aren't the same without it.

broleski's Rating

This is the best tasting pre-workout I ever had. I wish they could take this flavor and turn it into a drink I could have all day long. Thats how good it tastes! It does help push thru a workout but its not the strongest pre-workout I've tried.

kdalk22's Rating

The flavor tastes good - unfortunately the product made me feel very tingly and jittery. I took it consistently for about a month and was still feeling the tingling after weeks of taking it. Not to mention, the stuff clumps up and becomes hard after about two months. However, if you have never had a problem with too much caffeine then maybe this product will yield different results for you but this was just my experience! It's a good preworkout for the price but if you really want a GOOD preworkout I would spend the extra $10 and get something a little better. Amino + Energy is a good transition from this product as well if you're looking for a cheap(er) option!

xthe13thplaguex's Rating

i took c4 pre-workout before this. This one seems to work better. I was taking 2 scoops of c4, but I get the same results with 1 scoop of neon. The flavor is not the greatest. They should do a blue raspberry.

ukibria1's Rating

I've driven back home from the gym several times after forgetting my Volt. No workout is worth it without this pump. First decided to try it out because of's amazing BOGO Free promotion. Investment well spent! Flavor: Watermelon - 10/10, Electric Punch 6/10 Energy: Insert 100 Emoji Packaging: Ribbed top allows ease of opening if your hands are juggling shaker bottles Comparable Brands: GAT PMP The Beta Alanine in this mix definitely amps up the pre-workout happy dance, but the pump is real. Took me a while to adjust, but start with half a scoop then work up. Currently at 1 1/2 scoops! Probably time to cycle off for a week but I might as well take a rest week.

jnorthrup15's Rating

This is my first pre-workout supplement so I can't compare it to another, but I have a pretty high tolerance to caffeine so I started with a scoop and a half and I felt nothing. I bumped it up to 2 scoops and I didn't really get any extra pumps, but I felt I was able to work out longer than usual. I accidentally took it with coffee one day and it made me feel horrible. I don't know why, but it feels like it works more on leg day.

Djwoods23's Rating

I bought three 5 scoop "trial size" pouches to try. Claims were to help you sustain and prolong your work out and give you more energy. Directions said to take 30-45 mins before work out. I noticed zero difference in my work out length, or ability to do higher weights or longer sets or more reps. Positive: didn't taste bad. Kind of sour and taste didn't linger plus... It had A LOT of taste to it and I don't even like fruit punch (only option available at time in 5 scoop pouches). Negative: I didn't notice a difference in any aspect of which they claimed it would do something.

jhnrabon's Rating

This is one of two of my "go to" pre workout drinks.. It gives me the energy boost and focus for my long workouts that I'm looking for with a pre workout. It does not give me that buzzy uncomfortable feeling but just that nice added boost so I can quickly get into my workout and get totally focused on each rep and set.

tarnow14's Rating

tarnow14 did not leave a written review for this product.

smanzanares8's Rating

I got two samples in my last order from her. I got the watermelon flavor. Oh my goodness it is really sour, kind of like a jollyrancher. I enjoyed it though. Gave me a great pump and I did have a little tingles, but I like that. I was able to lift heavier than I was lifting previously. Great product. Might have to get an actual 30 day trial to use.

shootar11's Rating


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