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cwymer's Rating

I bought 4 servings of the Lemon Berry before buying the full size. Thankfully I did because the taste was awful. Usually if something such as a pre-workout or something tastes bad I can choke it down not this stuff. This surprised me because I really have never had a bad tasting BCAA. I really can't give a review of energy level or anything else as I was't able to finish the first drink.

pauliekat's Rating

I received the fruit punch flavor as a sample with a previous purchase. It was a little sweet for my liking, but I'd rather have it taste sweet than bland. Used as an intra workout, I felt great energy that helped get me through those last few reps.

mcgr0583's Rating

I think it is one of the best (if not the best) inter workouts you can buy for the money. Provides a nice pick-me-up (without caffeine) and tastes good. After experimenting with various inter workouts, I don't envision myself leaving this one anytime soon.

coltjohnson45's Rating

I got the lemon berry bcaa's and was very disappointed. After trying the watermelon bcaa's I was very pleased so I ordered the lemon berry bcaa's and it tastes horrible. Almost like vomit and I didn't even feel energized.

janeirombullard's Rating

This was awesome, kudos for neon's great taste and it gave me the extra boost of energy i needed

Cgreen47000's Rating

Kinetic was a great addition to my workout, the BCAA ratio is great for taking during a lift or later in the day with a meal, the flavor was good and actually made me more energized and excited for my workout, like a treat for lifting! I would recommend this to someone looking for a BCAA.

Terrell1965's Rating

I got the watermelon sample one serving, and well check out the workout from this evening.2/18/2016. The numbers speak for themselves.

Youngguns03's Rating

Pretty good! Watermelon is my favorite! Gave me the spike I needed for the gym! Made my face, hands, and legs itchy after about a week of drinking it. Still good stuff.

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JBMoy's Rating

Have used prior with success. Most recent order must have been a bad batch. Had zero flavor and had a totally different consistency than prior cans. Mixed poorly as well. Guess the quality contrarily with this brand is suspect so I'll never buy from them again

shortnsexy74's Rating

I actually had the watermelon as a free sample and they are pretty good. Not gritty, no nasty smell, easy to mix in water. A bit sweet so I wouldn't mix with juice.

whitneyyy2014's Rating

Horrible. It clumped, and doesn't mix well. I can barely scoop it out of the tub it's so hard.

torikampfer's Rating

Got a sample of the fruit punch, don't usually like fruit punch flavored drinks but this was tasty. Really felt the extra energy boost too, which was great after limited sleep prior to leg day.

Wafiki72's Rating

I actually have the fruit punch version of this, but it's such a good tasting product, to me tastes like sugared out kool aid. I've order two tubs of this for $36 not even kidding on a**zon. Anyway the point being is that I have used this product and it is very beneficial, I typically drink during the workout so i can have better recovery.

Bears7575's Rating

NEON sport kinetic BCAA is a pretty great product. I've been taking it for about a week now, I drink it while I'm lifting through the lift, I drink a scoop of it during dinner and a scoop during breakfast. I have 1-2 off days a week, during those days I consume about 2 servings of this. It has really improved strength, the building of my muscle and I know it's not a pre workout supplement, but while lifting and drinking this, it feels like my muscles are stronger and I can go the one extra rep. This product is made by cellucor though and they're obviously always a top 4 pwo with the C4. So there might be something to it. Had watermelon in 30 servings, really good stuff! Got a sample packet of the fruit punch, would've ordered that if it weren't sold out, it honestly taste like Hawaiian Punch. This is a great product, I recommend it completely!! Get SWOLL!!!

fade2green514's Rating

they keep sending me free samples of this when i order my protein. it tasted OK but i'd rather regular water. it also didn't seem to mix very quickly and easily. ultimately has kind of a chalky texture and i prefer flavor packets like crystal light or something else instead. if you need BCAA's and can't actually supplement protein itself (which contains BCAA's) then i can see where this would help.


I got this as a sample with my order, the Fruit Punch. I don't know how well it delivers the BCAA's not really sure how to know that, but the ad says it taste great and IT IS NOT LYING! The Fruit Punch is Awesome, I love it, only problem is it is not available right now, maybe it will be back in stock soon.

Fat2Fit175's Rating

WOW! I have had such bad experiences with BCAAs that I am usually very picky with them. I got a free one serving packet of this with some other BCAAs that I ordered, and decided to try this first. The taste IS AMAZING! No after taste! Great Energy! It is so tasty, I'm still in shock at how good this was! After I finish the canister of BCAAs I ordered, I'll be ordering 30 servings of this!! Highly Recommended!

alexnorfolk's Rating

I use this during my workout. I've tried others but this one works for me. It gives me the extra boost during my workout and it seems to give me a pump as well. I prefer neon sport kinetic over all the other ones that I've tried.

geishastitches's Rating

This is actually pretty good. I would suggest (as with my workouts) that you do the double scoop. I'll drink this throughout the day and during my workouts. As for the taste, it's very easy to drink. If you can add ice or chill it, do that. But it's so tasty that you'd want to drink it all the time. When I double it, I find that I am less sore the next day after my workout.

cre8jrof's Rating

taste is pretty sweet but overall my fave intra workout

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