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Extreme Vaso/Volumizing Solution!*

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kconnell's Rating

Took 1 & 1/2 "doses" before my arm workout which is a good gauge to judge pre-workouts. Taste was interesting, but then waned: 9 Pump: 6 (hardly there and what I had dissipated quickly) Focus: 8 (Better than some) Strength: 7

arieldavis's Rating

This product is effective and deliverers what is promised, perhaps more at times. I never crashed and consistently threw around the weights amped. I feel that using this product during a low-carb/energy diet will deliver endurance and big pumps to those who may use it! The vascularity complex was amazing and made me confident during my workouts. Improvements that this product could make would be the focus category, but I feel that I am a stim-junkie; so on that note, it may be my high tolerance that prevented the holistic weight focus, I don’t know, but it was just my experience. If you haven’t heard or used cyroshock, I would recommend it. It delivers and satisfies the hardworking lifter, you just gotta lift!

tacticalreload's Rating

The details: Mixability 9/10 Mixed great with a spoon, and had very little left in the glass when finished. Smell 10/10 Smell after taking the lid off is fantastic. Taste 10/10 The flavor is Tropical Berry Ice, and as unique as the name is, the taste is as well, in a great way. It tasted so good that I drank it fast. There is a bit of an aftertaste, but not overpowering and goes away in a few minutes. Energy 9/10 The energy was just what I look for in a preworkout. I took less time in between sets, and just had that feeling that nothing can stop me. One scoop was enough for me, but I did two scoops often. Spot on. Focus 9/10 Again the focus was perfect with Cryoshock. Loved having this for the long work days and the days where I just felt like doo-doo. Overall 9/10 Cryoshock is a great preworkout. 45 servings for 42 bucks here at is very reasonable. I could make this last easily for over two months.

TOMaHULK's Rating

This stuff tastes **** good. I only had 2 servings, and the instructions said to take 2 servings if you're over 156lbs, which I obviously am, however to start off with 1 serving to access tolerance. I took 1 serving for 2 workouts and honestly didn't notice much of a pump. However, that may have been different if I had taken 2 servings as per weight instructed. It also mixed extremely well with only a few shakes of shaker bottle all residue was gone. My rating is based upon that.

komradwill's Rating

I have been using this stuff for the past two weeks and i really like how well it works. Gives me more pump and more drive then Jack3d; which is what i used before. The scoop size is twice as big as Jack3d but that doesn't change my opinion of it. The taste leaves something to be desired tho. I purchased the Tropical Berry Ice flavor and although it tastes good to start, the tastes it leaves in your mouth is very similar to the taste of pot...... but that minor thing aside, 9 out of 10. I'm buying this again!

tbell324's Rating

Good taste. Good energy, too, got through the workout fine. I noticed increased pump, felt a bit tired after the workout though.

King Jug's Rating

Neogenix sent me two sample packets of this about a year ago. This is a fantastic preworkout product. It provides some of the best focus I've experienced while training. Energy is powerful yet not overwhelming and best of all, sustained. Most other preworkouts hit you hard but leave you as fast as they came. This leaves you with half your workout still ahead of you while you've crashed and feel like crap. The fact that Cryoshock's high energy and focus stays with you at a longer amount of time (and with no crash) is what makes this product better than 98% of the other caffeine and maltodextrin cocktails out there. You can't go wrong with this product, it is worth buying.

Clewallen11's Rating

Overall pretty good product the tast was really good, it mixes well, and gives you great focus and endurance. However it does not help give a HUGE pump or significant strength gains.

mrericc69's Rating

very solid preworkout, very very pleased with it. definately would recommend it

Ted1122's Rating

I got a sample of this product a few days ago and tried it out. My first impression of the product was the great taste. I noticed a great pump and a ridiculous level of focus in the gym. The strength boost was above average but nothing incredible. Overall a solid product, I'll probably be buying a tub of this next.

bigkahunaman's Rating

Great pre-workout mix. Taste very good in comparison to others with minimal stomach discomfort. This reacts as Jack3d does with keeping you in the gym for at least another 30-60 minutes on those hard training days. My muscle mass has truly returned in roughly 3 weeks of using this product. If you are over 150lbs I would recommend 1.5-2 scoops for effectiveness. Pros: Great taste and product works very well! Cons: Slight rage issues but these have been controlled better with 5-htp.

intrusionzero's Rating

Great taste, great energy, no jitters. Overall a very quality pre workout.

JGents's Rating

Good pre-workout supp. I always feel energized, but sometimes the strength isn't there to sustain my workout.

HI-Meat's Rating

Dudes, sick pump.. Felt euphoric and energized. Less of a buzz or comedown than say jacked 3d but very consistent before and after the workout. More control during and after the set, muscles looked and felt FULL. Tasted like cranberry juice (doesnt sound good but tastes awesome/refreshing).

1-14 of 14 Reviews