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metaflux's Rating

this is my "second" fat burning suplement that i have taken during my training.It does what it does IF it is paired up with exercise. i was a ble to shed off almost 9kg using this product and i have to say that it works wonders on working on that belly fat. despite all of that it doesnt have that "kick" like the other fat burning supplements such as magnum heat or hydroxycut which gives that ultra uber caffeine boost to wake up ur brain. that particular effect on this natrol supplement is kind of mild not to the extent that it will keep you awake for hours. i would not recommend this product to people who are in the shredding phase of their only because i feel that the ingredients in this supplement is not that suitable for those who want that extra energy boost to get to that extra mile. however if you are bad in shape(yes im saying if your bmi is close to 40) and do intend to lose a whole lot of pounds , this is the thing for you. i was able to lose alot of weight. but do take note it will only happen if you pair this supplement with the RIGHT types of excercise. this is no magic pill. you have been warned oh btw the pruduct also included a diet plan that i think really helpls those who want to get in shape. I suggest you follow it!

beignet's Rating

worked for me. the plan going with it is exactly the one given by my nutritionnist. lost 10 kgs in ? months

1-2 of 2 Reviews