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Naturally Increase Energy Levels And Decrease Your Appetite!*

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rusul's Rating

Please correct the lable on your webite regarding this product it says gelatin capsule, while on the bottle itself it says cellulose capsule (vegeterian)

aubry177's Rating

I got this supplement based on a fitness coach's recommendation. It works great. I have tried many appetite supressants and this one actually helps curb my appetite between meals and my cravings. This doesn't have the side effects either of supressants like Hydroxycut, etc. I would recommend this to add to your stack. UPDATE* I did have to take a break and couldn't do two bottles back to back, it was almost like it lost it's efficiency. I had to give myself a break from it before starting again.

carriem5323's Rating

I've been taking these for almost a month now. Along with Green Tea extract, Tri-chromium, caffeine (black coffee) and Fish Oil. I don't have time to make it to the gym but work is fairly physical, although I'm looking for a decent used elliptical. Since starting these I've lost 17 lbs without much effort. I've carried a poor diet, and chosen poor times to eat for a long time- these helped me have the willpower to change that. They have helped me decrease my urge for "gnashing" immensely. I don't crave the fried foods anymore (which was my biggest problem) and have found healthy substitutes for the textures I crave. I think I've probably reduced my daily caloric intake to maybe around 700 without feeling hungry or "worn out." In fact, I notice no side affects except when I take it with the green tea on an empty stomach- I usually take the Citrimax before eating, and the green tea with my meal to avoid that. I definitely recommend this product- but it's not a miracle worker. You have to have the mindset to change habits. There is no magic pill that will allow weight loss with out some sacrifice- it just makes that sacrifice A LOT easier. **Update** I originally posted this review in early February, it's now mid-march. Still taking them, and they're still working great, however, over the weekend I developed kidney stones. Apparently calcium supplements are suspected to be a cause, and this contains calcium. I'm not going to stop taking this, and am not changing my rating on it, but I recommend that if you're taking this you also take a vitamin D-3 supplement as well to help prevent stones.

ToTalXS's Rating

I started taking this after doing some research on appetite suppressants. I was in need of help between meals and late at night. This has been very effective for me to resist the urge to grab chips, candy bars and other such foods late at night. I really enjoy not being driving by the desire for carbohydrates. I use this in conjunction with green tea extract and in my opinion this has been effective for me. I get no jitters. I get no over tired sensation after taking this for extended period of time. I would recommend this product. I take two pills 1 hour before meals. this has not effected my sleep pattern at all. Does not effect my moods and this wasn't the case for me with some other appetite suppressants.

xiozen's Rating

I'm taking this product as a stack I made based on Aevsil. I'm combining this with Greentea extract, tri-chrome pic., caffenie, and a multi-vitamin. I take these twice a day (morning and afternoon). I work out at the gym 3-4 times a week, with 3-4 hours of cardio per week. (Avg. is one hour per workout session). I've been doing this since Oct. 14th, it's now Nov. 3rd... so it's only a been 3 weeks (I've leaned out noticably; my clothes fit ALOT better, my appetite is pretty much gone)--but I give alot of this to my keto-diet. I've been on this diet at the same time I've taken this stack, with my work out routine... my results are significant. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for fast, effective routine to lose weight (fat) and build some lean muscle.

norarock's Rating

Taking for a month - absolutely no results! I am very sorry!

suzlynn77's Rating

This is the only supplement that helps control my appetite without giving me the jitters. I have a bad habit of wanting to eat before bedtime and taking this with dinner gives me the willpower that I need.

1-7 of 7 Reviews