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Jhr77's Rating

Great product, it took a few at least a month of taking it consistently to notice a difference, this has become a daily part of my supp regimen. Give it some time to work, and take it at the same time everyday.

hwancheechoon's Rating

Very good product with great result & reasonable price.

1TheViking1's Rating

There are a lot of really big benefits to taking MACA, but what it comes down to (and why we buy it) is it nureshis the Hypothalamus gland, which controls your ability to sleep, your emotional activity, your body's ability to regulate temperature and controls the Pituitary Gland which creates Hormones. I RECOMMEND MACA, especially if you have suffered any level of Head-Trauma from anything like too-much boxing (or physical abuse) all the way up to sevear crash-related injuries resulting in brain damage. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON THIS.


This is a must have product if you are looking to boost your sex drive, size, hardness and volume tremendously. The price can't be beat. I stack this with NOW's Men's Virility, Tribulus, Testojack, L-Arginine and Fenugreek. I cannot say enough how much this WORKS and will make you and your significant other VERY happy.

Turkwrx's Rating

Turkwrx did not leave a written review for this product.

cuelloga's Rating

I like it. I mean I think it works. I take it together with animal pak, and have noticed a difference of more "interest" and early woods lol. So yea its doing something.

moocow666's Rating

moocow666 did not leave a written review for this product.

tonis79's Rating

I took a different men's supplement for a couple of years before taking this. I decided to try this to see if it would increase the volume I produced. I've been very pleased with this product thus far. It not only continued to provide the health benefits I needed from the more expensive supplement I was taking before, but it also increased the volume I produced. I would highly recommend this product.

mszhao9's Rating

Fastest delivery ever! It took in total about 2 days to ship. Awesome! Love the product so far even though its been only 2 days of using it!

blacksword404's Rating

Nice product. Nice price.

DwayneCzzy's Rating

DwayneCzzy did not leave a written review for this product.

carlosrss1's Rating

OK !

lrakela's Rating

Good product, and good price

lstufkosky's Rating

This product has worked for me! I have noticed more focus, energy, and my endurance is much better. I have noticed an increase in weightlifting since I have started taking.

ketbuga's Rating

just good product...

Ryan900m's Rating

Great product and price, worked for me! Better moods and energy throughout the day, higher libido and definitely more volume!

bigrudolph's Rating

I can't take it , it gives me a headache ...

Grady4570's Rating

Works good

jaguer's Rating

jaguer did not leave a written review for this product.

mpettine's Rating

Ottimo prodotto sia a livello digestivo che di effetto. Consigliato.

1-20 of 32 Reviews