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Natural Growth Factor Formulated With New Zealand Deer Antler Extract!*

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jfrog5982's Rating

I have only been using this product for about a week now, so I can't really speak for how well it's going to help me cut fat and add muscle. I bought it for these reasons, but I can already tell you I'm sold on it for another reason. I remember reading before buying it that it can help with joint strength. I have had some mild chronic soreness in my left elbow for the last six years that I have learned to accept and work around, and I didn't figure this would do much for it. I never went to the doc for it because I have been fortunate enough not to reach the out-of-pocket expense limit on my insurance, and I never felt the discomfort was bad enough to warrant its own visit otherwise. At worst, I take a week off of upper body workouts and it's back to its normal, mild discomfort. I woke up yesterday and realized that the discomfort was no longer there. I was scheduled to do arms, and tricep workouts are always hardest on the problem. To my surprise, I felt great all the way through and feel great today - no soreness. This could be a coincidence, but I don't think so. I wouldn't have dreamed it would work so quickly either. I fully expected to use the one month supply and stop taking it for a lack of results, but I am sold on this now. This is the only thing I have changed in my supplementation in the last six months, so I have no other explanation.

Aug 14, 2011 |