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Supports Cognitive Function!*

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locpham's Rating

Good product.

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orival's Rating

orival did not leave a written review for this product.

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ernei's Rating

High concentration of DHA Lot TOP Product

Fireice2's Rating

Highest DHA content in a fish oil supplement in the market! Nothing else comes close.

Abrampeters's Rating

Best Fish Oil on the market. Like most Of NOW products very effective and high quality

tscinc's Rating

it's ok, I expected better.... average product!

drfisher64's Rating

drfisher64 did not leave a written review for this product.

maxim1975's Rating

The best fish oil ever made. High dosage of DHA which has much more value than EPA, enteric coated caps-no fish burps at all. 1 softgel is equal to 5 softgels of other brands in DHA content. Great price.

astarken's Rating

Excellent pill count for an excellent price.

slowman41's Rating

Best fish oil capsule bang for your buck.

jw1328's Rating

This product is the 1st product I have found that can compete with Biotest's Flameout which is a fish oil specifically designed for the male athlete with a concentrate level of DHA:EPA of 2.5:1. All other commercial fish oils are very low in DHA content and higher on EPA which is not as effective or beneficial. My only knock on DHA - 500 is that is does not have CLA in it which Flameout does, however, the difference in price is hugh. You get twice as much DHA-500 for a few buck less than the price of Biotest's Flameout! As much as I would like for DHA-500 to have CLA, I will go with it for the price. I like to take 6 a day, 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon.

BalloonKnot's Rating

Now DHA-500 is at the top of my list for price, quality and concentration per serving. This a great alternative to Carlson Labs DHA Gems! There are absolutely now fishy smells or burps from taking this product.

1-12 of 12 Reviews