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Supports The Body In Promoting Muscle Instead Of Fat Gain!*

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theCliff's Rating

I take these to stack with my fat burners to reach my daily amount of cla. They're easy to swallow and no bad aftertaste.

fitnthickmaria's Rating

Use to add as a stack. Helped drop some body fat.

raghuasr29's Rating

raghuasr29 did not leave a written review for this product.

scottpelkfit's Rating

I've been stacking this with QuadraLean the past few weeks now and it has been tremendous! I've already seen gains along with fat loss. The studies on CLA have proven true for me and I highly recommend it! Not to mention the insane vascularity that comes with it!

Sowarmas's Rating

The best of CLA i ever tried ....if you want a good result combine with L-CARNITINE ..

martinarcher's Rating

Taking CLA was recommended to me by a friend who is a personal trainer. I have noticed some differences in my appearance but I am not certain how this product has worked for me so that's why I'm giving it a 5 rating for now. I will follow-up in a month or so.

Flabulous76's Rating

Flabulous76 did not leave a written review for this product.

Brainiacc's Rating

Supporting my fat loss, muscle is not going away rapidly, its good

JohnnyTri's Rating

So far so good. Can't tell much difference in taking this product after 3 days but easy to swallow gel caps and no after taste.

cgj212's Rating

helps metabolism and is easy to take

davisjaron's Rating

I've gone through 2 x 90cap bottles of the NOW CLA and am very dissatisfied. I take 1-2 pills before every single meal... and regardless of the conditions and my working out, I've not lost a single pound. I will be using different products from now on.

boggs.aaron's Rating

I have been a loyal NOW customer for approximately 7-8 years now and have been a HUGE fan of their high-quality CLA capsules. It took one full bottle (about one month) before I started to see any results, but using NOW CLA in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise has been an unbelievable experience. I've lost 35lbs since my junior year of college and CLA (in my opinion) has played one of the largest roles in helping me achieve that goal. I didn't take the unhealthy route in achieving my weight-loss goal, either. I made a few keys changes: 01. Introduced my body to the wonderful benefits of CLA supplementation, 02. Stopped drinking all soda (even diet), 03. Limited my intake of sweets, and most importantly, 04. Started to exercise each and everyday (as opposed to once every 2-3 days). Granted, I don't have concrete evidence that CLA has been one of the primary reasons of my weight loss, but when you know, you know...take it for what it's worth. Hopefully this review will provide SOME sort of help to others wondering about this supplement. If you'd like to chat about this, feel free to send me a private message! -- AA

VIPSTYL's Rating

I didn't notice any results from this product. If anything, it may have caused an allergic reaction resulting in minor rashes on the legs. I used this with hopes to burn fat, but will rather stick to NOW L-Carnitine pills as they have proven to work for me.

aerocomp84's Rating

aerocomp84 did not leave a written review for this product.

figueroa10's Rating

figueroa10 did not leave a written review for this product.

tombull's Rating

tombull did not leave a written review for this product.

dingus890's Rating

Great product! Dealing with weight problems my whole life, at 21 I wanted to take charge of my weight. I Have been taking CLA since April 2010. In six months I have lost 58 pounds! I took Now CLA before every meal and used it in conjunction with a low calorie wholegrain vegan type diet and light/moderate exercise. It really helped me drop the pounds even when I didn't diet or exercise for the first month. I have more muscle and strength then I have ever had! I can workout doing weight training and cardio past 30 minutes now and can keep going! I think CLA really did help as I have done diet and exercise in the past and never came close to the results I have achieved! My only complaint is they don't make larger bulk bottles. I am now at my goal weight of 184. Now I have a new goal of 170 and bulk up more. :D and I know I can achieve it NOW!

PinkPenguin's Rating

Bought this when I ran out of MAX CLA. Works just as well. CLA is a longterm supplement that works best when combined with a low carb diet and sesamin. I think it works great. Lose fat quickly even when I'm not on stims. A word to the wise. I double dose it and I've found better success this way. Be sure to check to see if the isomer content is shown on the bottle. This has 100 mgs more active isomers per 3 pill serving than MAX CLA. However, MAX CLA is cheaper in bulk. Either one does the job for me.

357MAGUNM's Rating

357MAGUNM did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 29 Reviews